Miyamoto explains why there's no online mode for Super Mario 3D World

Creator of Mario has listened to the fans outcry and has finally given a reason why 3D world lacks online co-op/multiplayer

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Yep1876d ago

I think his reason sucks, but I'm still going to enjoy the game as a single player experience.

wishingW3L1876d ago

Nintendo's explanations to every single of their archaic design choices are always very silly.

The_Truth_24_71876d ago

"Prease understand" - Iwata.

LOL_WUT1876d ago

I don't understand why you're getting disagrees ;)

truechainz1876d ago

I have some Japanese friends who can explain it to you if you like.

donman11876d ago

There is no logical reason for this. 1st party games like this SCREAM for online play. Nintendo is just being lazy or cheap. No excuse can justify this. Nintendo get your damn act together.

imXify1876d ago

Invalid reason, online or not there's still people who brings their friends to play on the couch.

On BO2 on WiiU, many many times I see Player and Player(1) in a lobby playing together either on multi or zombies.

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The story is too old to be commented.