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Nvidia's ShadowPlay Got Leaked - Record Your Playthroughs The Nvidia Way

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia’s ShadowPlay service is planned for a worldwide beta launch tomorrow, however it seems that the application got leaked a day prior to that date." (NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

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imXify  +   173d ago
You just have to upscale your video to 1440p so youtube can give you a higher bitrate.
sovietsoldier  +   173d ago
i know its leaked because i installed it an hour ago!
Feralkitsune  +   173d ago
Oh my goodness this works much much better than FRAPS/DXtory. I didn't notice any lost frames while recording with this, and this will always be on. :D
GentlemenRUs  +   173d ago
Ok I guess... Though OBS is FREE and perfect for everything!


Though there is a new version coming in the future which will offer a lot more features!

EDIT: Nvidia will put this into BETA which then at the end of it will make people pay for it like the 3DTV software...
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Neixus  +   173d ago
Well, as far as i know, no other recording programs will allways record without performance hit. You can then later hit a button and save the last 10 min.

Think of it like the share feature on ps4.
Feralkitsune  +   172d ago
1. OBS is for broadcasting, this is for strictly recording gameplay. It runs in the background and if something happens in your game you press Alt+F10 and it saves the last 5-10 minutes of gameplay to a specified destination.

2. It's a free service, it's part of the graphics drivers for Nvidia's 600+ series cards. It's here to stay.
LeoDDestroyer  +   172d ago
But you can just record with OBS as well. You don't have to broadcast with it.
Feralkitsune  +   172d ago
Sure, but that doesn't mean it's any good. It is too much of a resource hog.

Source: Caster on JTV/TTV for 4 years, and using OBS since launch.
Jovanian  +   173d ago
Very interesting. This could potentially drastically increase the capacity of lets players to output high resolution high setting gameplay, which is always nice
Dasteru  +   173d ago
Just installed it, unfortunately it requires a Geforce 600 series or higher GPU.
ATi_Elite  +   173d ago
Ha Nvidia

I use Action or DXtory 5 fps drop MAximum plus it has ALL the options you could ever want and works with whatever GPU you got.

I'm all ready tired of Nvidia this year. Everything they released requires you to OWN a Specific GPU even though I own GTX660ti SLI i'm good

BUT anyone owning a GTX500 series is out of luck although that was a good series of cards.
kingduqc  +   172d ago
Nvidia is trying to add value to their cards and incite you to buy new one...



they suck

lol, freaking retards here..
Feralkitsune  +   172d ago
Yea, damn them for making their modern products better. HOW DARE THEY!?
ATi_Elite  +   172d ago
SO to all the IDIOTS who disagreed

I'm sure someone is out there with a GTX590, most likely paid $900 for it with the thought of using this card for like 5 years or more EASY for Ultra gameplay

Now ALL of a sudden everything Nvidia releases requires a GTX600 to use thus NO LOVE or support for anyone who bought a GTX500 series card.

It's one thing to bring value to a new product BUT it's another thing to just say Tough LUCK to anyone who bought a GTX500 which Nvidia has.
kmanmx  +   172d ago
You don't know what you're talking about.

The ShadowStream game recording relies on a hardware based video encoder chip only found on Nvidia Kepler GPU's and up, thats the GTX 600 and 700 series.

Even if they wanted to put it on the 500 series, they couldn't.

Go and educate yourself.
ATi_Elite  +   172d ago
OK my last post about this because Obviously ZI'm talking to a bunch of Nvidia Fanboys.

Nvidia Knew they were making this CRAP


Yes I said CRAP because no one is buying shield no one will waste an extra $100 to $150 on a Gsync monitor when LAG stutter and tear can be eliminated FOR FREE and Shadowplay is NOT as good as DXtory or Action

ANYWAY, Nvidia were making this CRAP when they released the GTX590 so you think they could at least put this in the GTX590 design.

Funny thing is AMD put GCN in HD7970 even though GCN takes off for the R9 series.

I guess AMD thinks if you bought our High end card then you should get a taste of Next Series technology unlike Nvidia who gave it's GTX590 owners a BIG F U.

Funny thing is so many disagrees and smart mouth comments BUT NONE of you guys have bought Shield, G-sync can be fixed for FREE if you are PC savvy and Shadowplay is STUPID because Dxtory and Action work on ALL GPU's.
Xristo  +   172d ago
Honestly, you can say the same thing about AMD and Mantle. Only GCN cards (7300 and beyond made in 2012 until now). Why are they leaving the other cards 2011 and before out? They must of been making Mantle and knew what they were doing (I'm saying that, I'm just doing what you did with an assumption.)

I will not disagree that it's a ploy to sell cards. But you cannot act like its just nVidia doing this shit. The 6990 (released in 2011 at $1000) does not use Mantle as it's not based on the GCN architecture. I guess AMD gave them buyers a big f u, too.
ATi_Elite  +   172d ago
Funny thing is AMD put GCN in HD7970 even though GCN takes off for the R9 series.

GCN is really meant for the R9 series but it was placed in AMD flagship HD7970

I understand your point now and maybe I'm WRONG or just have a warp view on this.

but I still think it's wrong.

I still believe this tech could have been planted in Fermi as well as Kepler if ready. I think Nvidia realized Fermi sucked and just wanted to move away from it quickly

GTX400 series was a mess

where as Mantle takes hold in GCN tech that was a whole NEW design on AMD GPU's.

HD7970 is not the same design as the rest of teh HD7000 series.

anyway Im not trying to argue this for winning purposes if Im wrong Im wrong I just feel GTX590 owners got the short end of the stick
Dasteru  +   172d ago
You are completely clueless.

There is nothing that can do all of what G-Sync can do, free or otherwise.

"NVIDIA's G-Sync is a combination of software and hardware technologies that allows a modern GeForce GPU to control a variable display refresh rate on a monitor equipped with a G-Sync module. In traditional setups a display will refresh the screen at a fixed interval, but in a G-Sync enabled setup the display won't refresh the screen until it's given a new frame from the GPU."

Show me anything else that can prevent the screen from refreshing out of sync with the GPU.

"If the frame rate drops below 30 fps, the display will present duplicates of each frame."

Show me anything else that can allow smooth gameplay at 20fps.

Also neither DXtory or Action are half as good as Shadowplay. Action costs money for starters, and neither of them provide post event recording, so unless you are recording at all times and taking up HDD space, you can miss things. They both are also resource hogs and cause lag. Shadowplay is run entirely from a dedicated encoder chip on GTX600/700 series GPUs and so does not reduce frame rates at all.

BTW, Calling others fanboys while having a name like ATi_Elite? Seriously? It is clear who the real fanboy here is.
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