Nvidia's ShadowPlay Got Leaked - Record Your Playthroughs The Nvidia Way

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia’s ShadowPlay service is planned for a worldwide beta launch tomorrow, however it seems that the application got leaked a day prior to that date."

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imXify1849d ago

You just have to upscale your video to 1440p so youtube can give you a higher bitrate.

sovietsoldier1849d ago

i know its leaked because i installed it an hour ago!

Feralkitsune1849d ago

Oh my goodness this works much much better than FRAPS/DXtory. I didn't notice any lost frames while recording with this, and this will always be on. :D

GentlemenRUs1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Ok I guess... Though OBS is FREE and perfect for everything!

Though there is a new version coming in the future which will offer a lot more features!

EDIT: Nvidia will put this into BETA which then at the end of it will make people pay for it like the 3DTV software...

Neixus1849d ago

Well, as far as i know, no other recording programs will allways record without performance hit. You can then later hit a button and save the last 10 min.

Think of it like the share feature on ps4.

Feralkitsune1848d ago

1. OBS is for broadcasting, this is for strictly recording gameplay. It runs in the background and if something happens in your game you press Alt+F10 and it saves the last 5-10 minutes of gameplay to a specified destination.

2. It's a free service, it's part of the graphics drivers for Nvidia's 600+ series cards. It's here to stay.

LeoDDestroyer1848d ago

But you can just record with OBS as well. You don't have to broadcast with it.

Feralkitsune1848d ago

Sure, but that doesn't mean it's any good. It is too much of a resource hog.

Source: Caster on JTV/TTV for 4 years, and using OBS since launch.

Jovanian 1848d ago

Very interesting. This could potentially drastically increase the capacity of lets players to output high resolution high setting gameplay, which is always nice

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