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JimmyLmao1002d ago

So it is alien's after all.

I was kind of hoping for dinosaurs lmao. imagine that!

but aliens is still very cool. exciting =)

looking forward to getting this game on PS4 =D

doritos1002d ago

Why couldnt trey be making this instead of iw?

JimmyLmao1002d ago

do you mean the alien survival mode, or the game itself?

because personally, I much prefer Infinity Ward =P

and tbh, not a fan of zombies at all =S

ZodTheRipper1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Treyarch messed up the Zombie Mode in BO2. Tranzit sucks and the City map is full of these annoying lava pits ...the DLC maps are better but I'm not bored enough to pay 15 bucks for a handful of maps... even the online mode wasn't as fun as it was in BO1. On the other hand, MW3 was also crap compared to MW2 so IW isn't that much better than Treyarch, lol.

I'm not even close to being excited for CoD: Ghosts ...but I might have to buy it for coop reasons if this mode turns out to be fun :/

Fil1011001d ago

I think treyarch are shit at level design compared to iw blops 2 sucked

irepbtown1001d ago

First Black Ops, zombie mode was bags of fun and was the only reason I played it. Hopefully this will be as good if not better.

Mikethejew1001d ago

Because trey sucks your mothers dick

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VaporCell1002d ago

we fighting Hydralisk now

SoulSercher6201002d ago

Lol get ready for the Zerg Rush.

BluEx6101002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Yup it's clearly a Starcraft reference. They use words like Hive, and Space Bugs lol. Activision and Blizzard are the same company, so it's possible for them to borrow some art assets etc... Hope they have us play as marines or something.

darksky1002d ago

imagine FPS Starcraft... :) can't wait.

Blachek1001d ago

I would love a FPS Starcraft, particularly if it had gameplay liken to that of the Fallout series.

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Neixus1002d ago

nah man, aliens for cod, dinosaurs for Bf.

TAURUS-5551002d ago

cant wait to play it on my ps4

AndrewLB1001d ago

If they used dinosaurs it would have been such a complete rip-off of Farcry 3 Blood Dragon.

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Septic1002d ago

With a name like extinction mode, they should have featured dinosaurs.

Grave1002d ago

That genre is still underdone imho.

HammadTheBeast1002d ago

There's plenty of dinosaur horde games, they're just complete trash.

Eyeco1002d ago

Dino Crisis 1-2, and Turok (n64) were promising entries for the concept, what happened why was it abandoned ?

Aliens and Zombies have been done to death.

Campy da Camper1001d ago

Grave, I've been preaching this for ever man. Can you imagine a fallout style open world with crysis jungle and filled with dinosaurs? Add RPG elements, crazy weapons and raptors, brontosauresus, trex, god just give me dinosaurs!!!!

End rant plus bub for grave.

Grave1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

@Campy Thanks, ya I couldn't imagine how scary it would be trekking through a thick jungle at night knowing a velociraptor could attack at any time.

Also, adding coop like Dead Island would make it perfect for me. Maybe give ya a fighting chance against a T-Rex hehe.

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torchic1002d ago

I think dinasours require more advanced textures as you'd have to simulate reptile skin. Aliens can be anything you want them to be.

easier work for IW

ANIALATOR1361002d ago

i'm intrigued but I need to see more

PixelNinja1002d ago

Really, you can tell a military shooter is running out of ideas when they result to this .__.

Why don't they just go and do a call of duty alien shooter?

HolyDuck1002d ago

How is it running out of ideas? I'm the last person that would defend CoD, but I don't think anyone liked what MW3 offered as an alternative to Zombies so they're trying something new.

SirBradders1002d ago

You just basically agreed with what he said.

HolyDuck1002d ago

Yes, of course I did, trying something new is exactly the same as "Running out of ideas".

BX811002d ago

Sweet! Finally. I didn't care too much for the horde mode from before. I forgot the name.