GTAIV Heads to Japan - Capcom doing the honors overseas

Capcom Japan announced today that it will serve as publisher for the Japanese version of Grand Theft Auto IV. The game, both in its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 incarnations, will be released on the island nation some time this year.

Past Grand Theft Auto games have been published in Japan by Capcom to both critical and commercial success, with the games often selling over the 200,000 unit mark. Capcom tends to go all out, with promotional events and television commercials.

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NOTORIOUSzeke3885d ago

GTAIV characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Awesome.

Jim Crowslaw3885d ago

thanks Capcom for ur enthusiasm now if we can just get u to make MVC3 and bring back Clover Studios, thanks. wait! whats that? NO IDEA FOR CHARACTERS?!?! BOY THEN I GOT U COVERED!!!

Viewtiful Joe
guy from Dead Rising
Wayne (from Lost Planet)
guy from Chaos Legion
Gods Hand

Mr. Fantastic

Lord_Ash3884d ago

Same as always, not surprising seing they published all the other games.

poos33884d ago

at least japanese devs and consumer get to see how a real games plays lie unlike the cra they have made like dmc4, all those crap ps3 jap games,lost planet,rigde racer,gt5 p and many more half assed games that come from japans game devs plzx learn fromgame liks geas of wwar + halo 3 + gta 4+mass effect+ oblivion jap devs need to really learn a thing or two from these games as their games are lookign otu dated just look at the so called top japanese devs konami with mgs 4 the game loosk terrible gears of war 1 makes that game look like a joke graphically

CaliGamer3884d ago

What a crappy rant. Have you ever heard of grammar, spelling or just plain making sense?
I have to say that I have read some less than desirable comments in my time and your post is by far some of the worst.
And FYI, "JAP" is extremely offensive, try using the whole word "Japanese" or don't use it at all.

I hope you don't have any kids, lest they end up like you, racist and ignorant.

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