Game Revolution: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review - This ain't no Amateur Stick. This here is a Pro-logue

Game Revolution writes: ""Classy" and "video game" usually go together about as well as bottle of Pétrus and pre-sliced American cheese. But every couple of years, the folks at Polyphony Digital pull out their giant, oversized syringe, full of style and affluence, and inject it right into the gaming world's giant, oversized ass. And for a little while, we all get to feel like we're living out our virtual caviar dreams.

I like to think of the Gran Turismo games as the tuxedo shirts of the gaming world. They fit in with the black-tie set just as well as they do the beer-and-pretzels set. Playing the GT series gets everyone to feel like the prince of a small Mediterranean country, a prince who also keeps an old Camaro out back on cinder blocks.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Spec II follows the release of Gran Turismo HD: Concept on their slow way toward the final Gran Turismo 5 product. Apparently, Polyphony Digital doesn't believe in calling their preliminary games "demos." They've got too much class and pretension to stoop so low. No, they've got "concepts" and "prologues". I guess I should stop using my "front door" and start using my "grand entrance" instead."

+ Unrivaled recreations of cars and physics
+ New "professional" physics mode
+ Robust leaderboards
+ As beautiful to watch as it is to play
+ Adjustable difficulty
+ Does away with grinding for aftermarket parts
- Can't play with friends online

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