Battlefield 4 PS3 and Xbox360 Crashes, Freezes and Issues

Guide4GameS: Fix all Battlefield 4 PS3 and Xbox360 Crashes, Freezes and Issues

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MethCupcakes915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Damn, I wish this wasn’t so.

THC CELL915d ago

^Grow up, I'm getting ps4 version

THC CELL915d ago

Nice stealth edit, he started with first.

MethCupcakes914d ago

What? I only corrected my spelling. I misspelled "damn".

MethCupcakes914d ago

I would personally like to hire whom ever the disagree mafia is on here. Even though, I think you (Thc Cell) used multiple accounts just to disagree.

Battlefieldlover914d ago

I predict you will not have any bubbles by the end of the week :)

Hakoom914d ago

played the game for 10hours now.. not a single crash or freez..
there are loading hicups when it saves the games.. thats it

xJumpManx914d ago

I was between PC and either xbox one or PS4 for this game but PC is truly the best platform for this game. Also worked out well I found for 48 bucks on sale online.

ZombieStalker914d ago

Horribly written article! Still not sure what the writer is actually trying to say...

yarbie1000914d ago

I only saw Xbox 360 crashes and problems listed. But the title has PS3.

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