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Xbox One Kinect Uses Screw Thread For Mounts Unlike Xbox 360 Kinect's Snap On Method

Online Retailer Amazon has the Xbox One Kinect TV mount from PDP up for pre-order. It shows that it uses a screw thread rather than the snap on connection that is used on the Xbox 360 Kinect. (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

AirHype  +   553d ago
Well if it blocks both the RGB and IR camera why would I buy it?... lol
HolyDuck  +   553d ago
Looks like you don't read into anything. It states on the product page that it comes with something to block the RGB & IR Cameras if you're one of those tinfoil hat guys.

Edit - In all fairness to you, the article should probably mentioned that it "Can block Cameras - But is optional" Alas, game journalism at it's finest.
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UltimateMaster  +   553d ago
Who would want to mount that thing on a TV?
That thing is huge.
My TV would feel like it's wearing a Baseball cap.
Only backwards.
4Sh0w  +   553d ago
Not sure what you are talking about it looks fine mounted above your TV, not necessary though.

On a side note it looks like X1 after re-stocking supply is picking up some momentum its been in the top ten on Amazon for a few days now.
I'm sure ps4 would be right there or better but it seems they've been sold out on Amazon forever.
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Volkama  +   552d ago
I want mine TV-mounted. Keeps it out of reach from small hands.

Is a mounting kit necessary then? Every demo kit I've seen pictured had the kinect mounting on the TV, so I kind of assumed it was designed to clip onto a TV frame.
Bigpappy  +   553d ago
Looks mostly like the first. Guess I'll have to pick this up.
mooseo21  +   553d ago
I definitely would prefer the Kinect to be on top of my tv so that it doesn't have to sit in front of my soundbar. I will wait for some reviews on this product then consider picking this up.
Supermax  +   553d ago
I will Velcro mine to the bottom of my wall mounted tv problem solved.
KillerByte23  +   553d ago
I would rather have the kinect and get the full functionality that it brings
NeoTribe  +   552d ago
Broken games and poorly thought out gimmicks?
PawnSacrifice  +   553d ago
I use bluetac :)
urwifeminder  +   553d ago
Nice I got the last one it worked great will get another for sure it was the perfect place for it.
PsylentKiller  +   553d ago
They say that the kinect should be placed between 2-6 feet above the floor. The top of my TV is nearly 7 feet from the floor and there is not a good place to put it below. With that said, my kinect right now is Velcro'd to the top of my TV. I molded a Styrofoam block around the wall mount, used gorilla tape to cover the block, placed Velcro on top of the block, put Velcro on the the bottom of the Kinect and stuck it on too of my TV. Best part is, it looks like part of the wall mount.

Foam block $2
Velcro $2
Gorilla Tape $4

$8 for a Kinect mount = Better than $30 for this crap
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hazelamy  +   552d ago
looks like a standard camera mount connection, the kind most cameras have.

you may not be able to use the old Kinect mounts, but i reckon you can probably find mounts pretty cheap that would do the job.

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