Project CARS - Spectacular New Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming racer, and we are presenting you below the ones that caught our attention."

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ATi_Elite1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

PC Alpha Build = playable NOW

Consoles = Sometime in late 2014

The Rain effects will ONLY get better as they implement Hydroplaning and splashing.

Pcars is a MONSTER Game and it's not even close to a finish product.

Shredmeijster1875d ago

4th down, then the right one.
I don't like the reflection of the tree in the puddle on that one, all pixelated and minecrafty.

Unless it's at high speed, then it won't be noticable ofcourse, but that just caught my attention.

Other than that it looks very sexy.

lsujester1875d ago

lol, yeah that is an ugly reflection. But look at that car!

R00bot1874d ago

Same thing is happening with the bottom right picture. In fact all the reflections off the puddles looks a bit dodgy.

But everything else looks so damn good! I doubt It'll matter when you're actually playing it though.

Shredmeijster1867d ago

Yeah for some reason the puddle reflections are just bad.
But i'm glad the real-time reflections on the cars are very good, because those ARE quite noticable in game, even at high speeds. :)

rinslowe1875d ago

Car models are looking really good. I want to support the Wii U on this one. Hopefully the final game is also representative of their hard efforts.
Performance being equally as important to my support on the U...

Knushwood Butt1874d ago

I'll need an old age person's driving licence by the time this comes out.