Preview - Killzone: Shadow Fall is the most beautiful FPS you've ever seen [Video] | Baixaki Jogos

Prepare yourself: you're about to enter the war of their life best.

And this is the war that will symbolize the beginning of a new generation of consoles, showing everything the PS4 really has to offer.

No wonder that the booth Killzone: Shadow Fall was one of the most coveted during the first day of the Brazil Game Show 2013, which runs until next Tuesday (October 29).

All journalists wanted to test a little demonstration of its multiplayer shooter after attending a presentation of the singleplayer campaign behind closed doors.

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MethCupcakes1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I love how the FPS in the video i the video is 60FPS and you can see it.. lol KILLZONE FTW!

Too bad I won’t be playing anymore games till next year. School = Future
Games = distraction = bad grades =drop out = waste of money lol

Sanquine901850d ago

Or like me: First do your studies. After you are finished you can play in the evening ( like 10 PM till 12 PM).

pedrof931850d ago

He is praising the controller a lot.

pixelsword1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Dear Brazil:

Wannabeards are never in style.



P.S. (O.T)

Game looks great.

MethCupcakes1850d ago

I can’t do that... I’d end up playing the whole time..Attention disability.. lol I had to cancel my PS4 preorder.. :(

Elimin81850d ago

@ Sanquine90 .. Yeah really. I'm in college and while it could be a bit distracting it doesn't hinder my learning ability or grades.. I do find it helps with my stress. I play a little less come finals but give up gaming for no reason whatsoever? Pfffft!

MethCupcakes1849d ago

Who said I was giving up? I've been gaming since I was like 2. I'm only putting it on hold while I get a hold on my education. I'd rather invest my time in something that'd get me somewhere in the real world rather than the next level.

nitrogav1850d ago

' The single player mode constantly runs at 60 fps, while the multiplayer usually drops to a maximum of 24 fps '. Thought it was the other way around? .

finbars751850d ago

No sorry its 60fps for the MP and 30fps and above for the SP.

finbars751850d ago

I wacthed the interview with GG and they said the SP will float between 30fps and 60fps.I thought they said around 45fps which is an odd number but thats what they said.At least its staying above the 30fps at 1080p.No complaints from this guy cant wait.

nitrogav1850d ago

Thanks for clearing that up . Really looking forward to this game and all the amazing videos of it so far as convinced me to pass on Battlefield 4 . Killzone SF is the best graphically looking game to be released for the new gen .

Skate-AK1850d ago

It is. It's a google translate article.

jhoward5851850d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on MY PS4 so I can play KZ.

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The story is too old to be commented.