PS3 GTA IV presales outpace 360 version down under

When Microsoft announced its multi-million deal with Rockstar for exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, many predicted that this would provide a significant incentive for gamers to choose the 360 version of the game over the PlayStation 3 version. But Australian presale figures seem to be telling a different story, with major retailers contacted by GameSpot AU today saying the PS3 version was currently in the lead.

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Real gamer 4 life3887d ago

oh god and that with a smaller install base. Microsoft is probably thinking, What gives what would it take we went as far as and invested 50 mill and we still cant get a good lead over the ps3. iguess gta is branded as a playstation game.

sammy_mantra3887d ago

GTA4 is something synonymous with PS3.

I am not surprised

I wont be surprised if many PS2 owners convert to PS3 with GTA4.

next phase of conversion will occur with MGS4

fanboi hater3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

i believe many ps2 owners will now make the jump with the new ps3 bundle and that isn't' even factored into the preorders. So we'll so how it turns our overall not just outside of the U.S.

LastDance3887d ago

Thats strange. im from AU and i see more xbox fans all over the place compared to ps3. I would have thought xbox would be thrashing the presales here.

cmrbe3886d ago

That is true. Last time i was in Australia it just seemed the x360 is more popular there but GTA is traditionally considered a PS game like Halo is to the xbox fans. I expected the sales to be neck and neck with the x360 just selling a bit more. I was in Australia 4 months ago so alot could have changed since then.

sammy_mantra3886d ago

x360 is not popular in AU anymore

yes it was popular when PS3 cost 1000 AUD

Now things have totally changed

Plus AUSSIES have serious PS bias just like the rest of EUROPE

PS3 will sell more than PS2 in ASUTRALIA in its lifetime

I think PS3 might have already surpassed x360's total base there.

PS3 at 1000 AUD went on to outsell x360 in 2007 by 20,000 units

as for 2008 the difference will be VERY MASSIVE

sonarus3886d ago

I am surprised to be honest. Microsoft put in a pretty good effort but to no avail. If GTA4 had launched as scheduled last yr, this would have been a completely different story.

So it looks like PS3 will win the hardware battle in EU and AU as well as software despite the install base. Still pretty much an hypothesis but that is the way its looking.

The last battlefront for MSoft is NA. If they fail to at least tie PS3 hardware sales, it is going to be a pretty rough yr for them. Sony will be looking to ride GTA4 momentum all the way to their gamers day and into MGS4.

ANZAC_Legend3886d ago

im also from aus mate, and would say the PS3 is more popular here than the 360. half the people i know with a 360 have moved onto the ps3 after the 360 kept failing. PS3 is consistently outselling the 360 here.

yanikins1113886d ago

I'm one of those people who splurged on a 360, and as a result about a handful of people i know have gotten PS3's instead.
Thats 360 1- PS3 4, with the one 360 console no longer selling peripherals or software due to the fact it's a brick. If thats a widespread situation, or becomes a widespread situation MS are screwed.

Who's gettin up early to get wasted this weekend?

LastDance3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I wish i hung out with your friends hehe :P.

p0s. i dont are who sells more. as long as its enough for T2 to say F Off to EA.

chaosatom3333886d ago

I am wishing that ps3 and 360 sales would be same or ps3 would sale a little more, so Microsoft doesn't claim that they stole Gta from sony.

Bzone243886d ago

So the console war is over? A few stores in Australia are saying the ps3 is outpacing the 360 version in presales and it's all over? Wow. Australia?

It's amazing what some fanboys will grasp onto.

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toughNAME3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

"Who cares? There are as many people in Australia as there are in California!"

p.s I love you Australia

sammy_mantra3886d ago

In europe PS3 version will outsell competition by atleast 3:1

no doubt there

in AU and UK it could be 2:1 in PS3's favour but as for the rest of europe PS3 version will murder competition . everybody knows that

In USA initially X360 version might sell more. However thats not waranteed since DMC4 went neck and neck on both consoles

with GTA being synonymous with PS brand i wont be surprised if the PS3 version outsells competition in USA as well

ANZAC_Legend3886d ago

really. you telling me california has more than 21 million people. damn we have alot of room here.....

yanikins1113886d ago

We just dont live in the desert part of our country. Which is pretty much all of it.

deeznuts3886d ago

On top of that, AU is almost as big as the continental US. But yeah, approximately 36M people in California.

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SUP3R3887d ago

If PS3's sales either match or surpass the 360 with its' smaller install base, Microsoft will have good cause for concern and consider restructuring their marketing strategy.

thereapersson3887d ago

It must be a slow news day on N4G...

Hagaf223887d ago

most people whether you own a 360 or ps3 know how the game plays, and its going to just feel right on the ps3, not that the 360 version wont feel good, but think of where the game originates, on playstation so even though this game isnt a ps3 exclusive it still going to have a special feeling on the ps3, theres alot of patronage for playstation owners and this game. but like ive said before- it doesnt matter what system you buy this for its going to be an enjoyable game. next week kids, next week.