Analyst: PS3 to lead Blu-ray installed base until 2013

One of the primary challenges facing Blu-ray, says principal analyst Steve Wilson, is that many consumers are not fundamentally dissatisfied with the quality delivered by their conventional DVD players, when "upconverted" to play on high-definition TVs. "We are starting to see an increase in the number of DVD players with built-in upconverters, and the video processing is getting better with each new generation," he says. "Today about 35% of all DVD players sold include upconversion. ABI Research expects that figure to climb to about 60% by 2013."

Further, the state of the Blu-ray player market is not all that encouraging. The Blu-ray installed base today is heavily tilted towards Sony's Playstation 3. Says Wilson, "The studios better hope that people are playing movies on their Playstations. Otherwise there's very little installed base. In 2008 about 85% of the Blu-ray players in the market will be found in PS3s; the dedicated consumer electronics and PC-based types of Blu-ray players won't catch up in terms of market share until about 2013."

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jwatt3835d ago

Well when I get my HD tv I will purchase a few Blu Ray movies. There are alot of big titles coming out this year that will be great on Blu Ray. I'm really pushing to get my Hd tv before MGS4 but I'm also going on vacation which is going to cost me a little.

ruibing3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I think the Blu Ray should help push the PS3 as a console for casual gamers, by doing everything that the Wii can't. And it should help establish the PS3 as the console of choice for making the living room an entertainment center for those who don't play much games.

Sev3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I am a Sony fan, but nothing you just said makes any sense.
What the hell does this mean "the living or get console that that does everything their Wiis doesn't"

Also 2013 Sony wont be nearing its 10 year plan. In fact by then it will only be 6-7 years old.

killer_trap3835d ago

just cause the ps3 will be seven years old doesn't mean the ps4 won't be in the market. ps2 is 8 years old and we already have ps3. when sony says ten year life it means it'll have support for that amount of time not there won't be another system for ten years.

Sev3835d ago

The fact of the matter is that the PS3 is the most functional, future proof Blu-Ray player on the market, and the AV crowd knows that.

If you look on the AVSforums there are a TON of Blu-Ray users who own PS3s as their primary Blu-Ray player.
And why wouldnt they. It has Profile 2.0, BD Live, an internet connection, DTS-MA, and PQ that matches standalone players.
Oh yeah, then its a FN PS3 on top of it, meaning it plays some of the best and most well known games on the market.

So even though the PS3 makes up 85% of Blu-Ray players on the market. Not all PS3s were sold as gaming machines, that was just an added bonus for some.

Me? Blu-Ray was an added bonus for me, when I bought my PS3 at launch. I also had just bought an HDTV, and was dying to try some Blu-Ray movies out.
So as more PS3 gamers, buy HDTVs, they will be more apt to pick up a Blu-Ray movie or a few.
Hopefully this works both ways and brings in people who usually strictly watch movies on it, to gaming...

cmrbe3835d ago

be good for the PS3 as the PS3 will still be the main blu player for longer.

Hagaf223835d ago

i own the ps3 and use it for blu rays and games. i also own a up converting dvd player and a 1080p up converted dvd doesnt even compare to the visuals and sound of a bluray. i think if more people were familiar with the difference then they would be on the bluray side too...

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The story is too old to be commented.