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Dark Souls 2 Beta Cancelled For The Americas, Will Be Rescheduled

Namco Bandai - "We thoroughly apologize for all of the confusion and issues. We will be rescheduling the Network Test for another date."
"Attention Dark Souls II Testers! It seems that North and South American players will not be able to log into the servers for this test." (Dark Souls 2, PS3)

TheFutureIsBlue  +   553d ago
Bummer. Hope it gets worked out so everyone can make it a bug free balanced launch.
Neixus  +   553d ago
Actually glad this happened, then they can adress it and fix it by launch.

Feel sorry for the people that stayed awake mid-night to play though :(
thejigisup  +   553d ago
I'm glad I lost some sleep and didn't get to play. In support busy today and I'll make sure I'm available to check it out on the reschedule
BiggCMan  +   552d ago
I was fucking LIVID. I'm normally in bed by 10 or 11 or so, eastern time. Beta went live at 2am and was meant to last till 5am. I stayed up for the entire time, because they didn't announce the cancellation till about 4am eastern. I was so damn tired that I couldn't think straight, and it was all for nothing. The hell with them.
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brish  +   552d ago
The worst part is I think it was sony's fault not from software.

I was in the beta and it kept saying incorrect version. It turns out beta worked in EU but they had a new patch (1.03) while NA didn't get it. There was no patch in NA so it appears sony didn't put the patch on psn!
Master-H  +   553d ago
What a damn waste of time..i demand free horse armor dlc !
Reverent  +   553d ago
T_T and a damn wheat sword.
xwiips3  +   553d ago
Yea this sucks
YoungPlex  +   553d ago
I am so pissed I tried for over an hour! Shit happens but an email or PSN message would've been nice. Oh well, at least it'll be rescheduled, can't wait to wait ha ha... Thank goodness for N4G and our great community that keeps us informed.
ghostrider32  +   553d ago
That sucks.
RedSoakedSponge  +   553d ago
oh so people in the UK/Europe will be able to play fine?

a link with more information would be grand.
helghast102  +   553d ago
Not really, the online stuff didn't work, but we did get to play solo.
Another session will be scheduled according to the ingame bulletins.
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RedSoakedSponge  +   553d ago
hmmmm... i wonder why this time the network messed up? i thought i heard the first test went pretty smoothly?
RBlue_Desire  +   553d ago
First and second both went smooth.
Third, not so much.
But hey fourth test. I get to play it third time, hopefully not solo again.
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RedSoakedSponge  +   552d ago
strange. ida thought it would have got progressively better rather than worse. guess thats why im not a game dev lol.
monkey602  +   552d ago
Ireland here and I got up to play it at 7 this morning. I already defeated both bosses and all paths seems to be closed from here on so the network play is the only thing left for me and that didn't happen today. So it wasn't all rosy but hey s#!+ happens ay?
GutZ31  +   553d ago
TiberusX87  +   553d ago
Fortunately, I got to play this afternoon for around 2 hours, but the online components only worked for the first 30 minutes or so. The beta test then ended an hour earlier than expected and we were told it would be re-scheduled. Single player worked fine though.
ALARM-clock  +   553d ago
Well this is a relief, I thought maybe I had the wrong beta client.
Summons75  +   553d ago
Well I suppose its good there doing a beta so they can work out the kinks. Sucks that it was cancelled though :/
Evil_Ghosty  +   553d ago
I got to play about 20 minutes (Australia) but yes they're rescheduling another time slot in November? I think? Hopefully you guys and gals in the States get a decent session in then!
Inception  +   553d ago
What the F :/

They cancel it and they don't give us any new date, so in the mean time why not they let us play offline?
Daves  +   553d ago
I forgot about the EU test this morning, was asleep!

Sorry about the Americas though, least I had the chance and blew it.
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prettyboy12  +   553d ago
Rynocirator  +   553d ago
I know they don't owe us americans anything, but I think they should be considerate about a few things. I stayed up for this, and quite frankly am appalled at how they handled it. It wasn't until 4:30am EST that they said something about rescheduling, there was no word from them otherwise and let's be honest...why in the hell would you schedule a stress test at 2 am EST? I would say that 90% of people are asleep by then and need to work in the morning. Then they go and reschedule the test at 2am again in november. Who cares if it is at a decent time in the UK and Japan, find a happy medium, 2am is not happy. They could do it at 7pm tokyo time, that's 5am est, and like 10 am UK and run it for 3 hours and it would be easier for everyone to be involved.
Rust999  +   552d ago
They actually said that it was cancelled about an hour earlier than 4:30. I'm central and they said it about 2-2:30, which means that EDT would have had it at about 3-3:30.

Obviously there was not an issue with people being asleep, because there were enough people trying to get on that it failed. It's a saturday, thats all the consideration that they should have to give.

You also forget that there are more than one timezones in the U.S, 5AM for you is 2 AM for the west coast.
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sigfredod  +   552d ago
I stayed awake and lost over 1 hour to access due to the error, but i was able to play and was great
Swiggins  +   552d ago
From what I hear, this was actually Sony's fault.

Nobody was around at 11:00 at night to put out the 1.02 update that allowed access to the beta.

Though that's more poor planning on Bamco's part.

Oh well....somebody had to get the shaft time wise, I guess it was just NA's turn.

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