Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, First Look at

Conspiracy is the story of how Bourne became the man with no memory, why he snapped. Though we get to play some of the more iconic scenes from The Bourne Identity (including the Mini Cooper car chase through Paris) it is the flashbacks that tell the story of the man that comes to be. Deadly force is what this man was trained to use on any target any time. The Instinct exists - he simply knows what is destructible or explosive; the skills are intact - he can switch sides to aim more accurately, he uses his environment to solve problems; but the compunction to avoid deadly force has not appeared. It is what happens in the 48 hours prior to waking up near death in the ocean - why does he never have the right support? Or the correct intel? Where is the necessary extraction? These are the questions and answers that bring Jason Bourne to the point we know him in the film trilogy today.

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