Battlefield 4 to run at 900p on PS4

According to an industry insider, Battlefield 4 will run at 900p on the PlayStation 4.

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Majin Uchiha1392d ago

Damn, after so much shit slinging smh, still doesn't matter though, gameplay >>> everything else

Fireseed1392d ago

Agreed brotha! The feel and fun of a game is more important than number of pixels anyday!

MajorJackHoff1392d ago

Lazy developers aren't my friend.

zeal0us1392d ago

Some people honestly have turn this resolution thing into something silly and not really worth arguing over.

MajorJackHoff1392d ago

I agree it's not worth arguing over, but the differences between 720p, 900p and 1080p are very noticeable.

I don't understand the logic some of you have. If you buy a machine with the ability to do something, and someone doesn't make use of that because they're lazy, you think it's all good gravy? lol that's some silly goose logic right there.

colonel1791392d ago

Consoles are just going to launch. We are talking about cross-generation games (not even a real launch game), and people are demanding 1080p?

Get real, developers haven't had proper time with either console. If this was 2020 and still couldn't get 1080p, then by all means get upset. Since when a launch game is considered to make great technological accomplishments?

It's like people were demanding The Last of Us performance in Resistance Fall of Man. It's absurd!

Muerte24941392d ago

According to the same leaker. COD is 1080p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox One. Both are experiencing frame rate issues.

GiggMan1392d ago

I'm sick of this 900P crap. I know my TV has a 720P setting and a 1080P setting. I hope this doesn't become the standard.

AndrewLB1392d ago

I don't understand why many of you guys have given BOTH Microsoft and Sony a pass on this. I am still amazed that these companies in conjunction with AMD were not able to build a Console that could play ALL GAMES at 1080p/60. Heck... at the very least they should do 1080p/30 because thats the industry standard for HDTV.

I was going to buy a PS4 after it's been out to make sure there were no bugs but now it's looking like i'm going to pass on both systems unless a game comes along that I absolutely must have.

PoSTedUP1392d ago

it should be 1080p. i mean cmon yall had 7 years, SEVEN YEARS. i bought a 1080p tv for a reason SEVEN YEARS ago... we saw a bunch of 1080p games This gen. yeah gameplay>resolution but our stuff costs a lot of money AND THESE HIGH-END DEVS MAKE PLENTY OF MONEY. i can see smaller devs not hitting 1080 but Come On....

GiggMan1392d ago

@Andrew, exactly. If we are okay and settle for this 900p standard companies will be happy to keep it coming.

Kingthrash3601392d ago

so sick of this...
just launch already! this war is worse than reality tv... so glad when its over.
in real gameing new me and a few of my n4g homies are starting a bf4/cod/nba2k/kz squad up on ps4. all can join we will all friend up and roll out if any gamer on n4g wanna squad up pm me.

MMOBytes1392d ago

I kind of agree. 720p really is awful resolution to enjoy anything at, but the 900p is just fine. And I doubt that we will see a huge dif. between the two. But 720 is dead imo.

NewMonday1392d ago

Another resolution disparity

The good thing is one year from now the console wars will cool down because by then the PS4 will settle the issue of console power and sales, and the arguments will shift to discussing individual games

Braid1392d ago

I can't understand why it had to be (if true) 900p, I mean Killzone Shadowfall is a much better looking game and it's running at 1080p with a solid ~40-45 frame rate.

From the looks of it, this generation will be the generation of exclusive titles once again when it comes to impressive visuals.

FamilyGuy1392d ago

900p at 60fps is definitely acceptable, pixels may not be everything but it's nice to not have the image stretched as far. I'm okay with 900p-1080p but seeing any game release on PS4 at 720p would be somewhat disappointing considering the plethora of other titles that are all 1080p already.

YoungPlex1392d ago

I can't believe that people are such fanboys trying to downplay resolution. For those that think it isn't a big deal take a look at digitalfoundry BF4 beta comparisons, they also have some nice shots of the game running at 720/900/1080p resolutions. If you can't see a big difference between 900p and 1080p then your fine but I sure as hell can. I'll be getting this on my PS4 but it is a damn shame if it isn't in 1080p a damn shame indeed...

snipab8t1392d ago

Seriously guys, this news in regards to xbox wit Ryse received so much hate. Now it is gameplay>graphics. You guys need help seriously.

kickerz1392d ago

All this resolution rumor crap lately is getting annoying but come on guys. You can't give Crytek sh_t about Ryse 900p but let BF4 @900p slide cause its Sony. Admitedly it's prolly a false rumor and it prolly will be hard to see the difference on your tv anyway but come on..
All in all both consoles are gonna be great can we leave it at that.

boing11392d ago

^^ Dude, Ryse is an exclusive. It should showcase what platform is capable of.

Chrischi19881392d ago

This is hilarious^^

You people really are the drones, sorry, but this is unbelieveable, what I am hearing right now. Bashing the Wii U for being bad hardware, bashing the Xbox1 for being bad hardware, why? Because they didnt run every game on 1080p. Now your precious PS4 isnt even able, even though you guys said, that every single game on PS4 at launch will be 1080p. I dont know what to think anymore.

With games becoming even more resource hungry in the near future, I dont see them performing with higher resolutions then now. Wii U got mere ports of third party games, but I thought, that the PS4 will get no port, it will get a fully optimized version... what a disappointment.

Shame on all of you haters, for bashing everything and now we all know, that PS4 doesnt perform like the godmaschine, you all acted it is like.

Bashing Wii U for gamplay>graphics, now you do the same thing, sad, really sad.

Just like everyone is saying, Nintendo should get rid of the Gamepad, because it stinks, but on the article on how well the Vita is implemented as second screen gaming controller for PS4, you all went nuts over it, like Sony were innovating the whole industry.

I dont have any respect anymore for you guys, sorry, but that was it.

DeadlyFire1392d ago

Dude. These are launch games. I don't expect flawless 1080p graphics on day one from every developer right out of the gate. Considering new game engines. Lack of optimization, Lots of code not fully entangled into the extra compute power. There are lots of reasons. In a year or so 1080p will get a big boast.

Considering most of them had 6-9 months at most to build and optimize before launch.

I_am_Batman1392d ago

@snipab8t: Ryse is an exclusive game against BF4 not only being multiplatform but also cross gen (developing for 1 platform vs. developing for 5). Also Ryse isn't running at 60fps right?

nukeitall1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )


What is hilarious is the hypocrisy!

When Xbox One or Wii U has low resolution, it is PS4 is the best thing since slice bread and graphcis really matter guys!

When the PS4 isn't up to snuff, rumor is false, lazy developers or graphics no longer matter!

Go figure!

I'm just going to enjoy these consoles for what they are, not up to par with PC graphics, because that isn't as important to me as features and ease of access!

Army_of_Darkness1392d ago

It's EA 's fault that bf4 is 900p on ps4, not Sony.

ambientFLIER1392d ago

"I agree it's not worth arguing over, but the differences between 720p, 900p and 1080p are very noticeable."

Yes, without any further processing they are. However the upscalers in these consoles will minimize the difference. That's why MS says the xbox one has the best upscaler ever made.

decrypt1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Poor console gamers still no 1080p. Meanwhile PC gamers move on to 4k gaming rofl.

So they lose BC from previous gen, pay more per game and they seem happy about it. Console gaming is so expensive rofl.

Wonder where all the PS4 = high end PCz chanting went lol. Oh yes down the gutter just where it belongs.

Ju1392d ago

I give Dice the benefit of the doubt and say their primary goal is 60fps. We'll see. I'd rather prefer the higher resolution - at least in the way KZ handles it for the campaign. MP I could probably understand. Eventually Dice will hit full resolution - which is the first for a PS4 game which doesn't, isn't it? Not really a milestone you want to be first at now. w/e. Can't get a PS4 at launch, might as well get this for the PS3 and upgrade later.

pixelsword1392d ago

This may be developer inexperience, but also I wonder if one version is holding back the other; one has a bunch of 1080p games, the other, not so much.

I think everyone who puts out a sub-1080p game needs to explain themselves because they can't achieve something on new consoles that has been done on old consoles.

loulou1392d ago

wtf ?? every shit site getting their hit leeches from neogaf.

next week we will see. and if the ps4 version is 1080p like another rumour and xb1 version is 720p, then f'ck it, i will be passing a generation without halo/forza etc

this is disgrace if true.

Chrischi19881392d ago


1.They use X86 Architecture, which makes it a lot easier to develop for.

2.The use of GDDR5 gives the console pretty much raw power, raw power means, it should work well, even without the special optimizations.

3.Unlike Wii U, it doesnt get a bad ports of a Xbox360 game.

4.The way things are now, I do not see, how they will make games a lot better in the future, this is not like the PS3 with a Cell processor, which people need to first figure out as much, they need to figure out, but there wont be a difference, like the beginning of PS3 and the end of PS3, thats more a thing, one could expect from the Wii U, because of their PowerPC Design.

5. On PCs, everyone has a different Hardware setup, still they managed it to run 1080p on midrange graphicscard. PS4s setup is pretty obvious, on what to do, to make a game actually work well.

I dont know what to tell you, but this is pretty disappointing, especially, after what I got to hear from all the PS4 fans, on how much of a serotonin boost the console will give you...

andrewsqual1392d ago

@snipab8t Okay then, Ryse has abysmally boring gameplay too. 900p with small closed off levels/areas with slow moving events/action pieces. So meh graphics and gameplay is good then?

frostypants1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )


The new consoles CAN run games at 1080P/60fps, but saying they should be able to run ALL games at that is naive. Texture detail and effects play a's a balancing act. There are 3 areas to balance: detail/effects, resolution, and frame rate. Increasing one means the others take a hit.

That said, BF4 shouldn't have a problem based on what I've seen...the PS4 GPU is more than sufficient to crush this game (again, based on what I've seen of it).

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Alexious1392d ago

Still better than the Xbox One's 720p. Getting it on PC, of course.