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Battlefield 4 to run at 900p on PS4

According to an industry insider, Battlefield 4 will run at 900p on the PlayStation 4. (Battlefield 4, PS4)

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Majin Uchiha  +   760d ago
Damn, after so much shit slinging smh, still doesn't matter though, gameplay >>> everything else
Fireseed  +   760d ago
Agreed brotha! The feel and fun of a game is more important than number of pixels anyday!
MajorJackHoff  +   760d ago
Lazy developers aren't my friend.
zeal0us  +   760d ago
Some people honestly have turn this resolution thing into something silly and not really worth arguing over.
MajorJackHoff  +   760d ago
I agree it's not worth arguing over, but the differences between 720p, 900p and 1080p are very noticeable.

I don't understand the logic some of you have. If you buy a machine with the ability to do something, and someone doesn't make use of that because they're lazy, you think it's all good gravy? lol that's some silly goose logic right there.
colonel179  +   760d ago
Consoles are just going to launch. We are talking about cross-generation games (not even a real launch game), and people are demanding 1080p?

Get real, developers haven't had proper time with either console. If this was 2020 and still couldn't get 1080p, then by all means get upset. Since when a launch game is considered to make great technological accomplishments?

It's like people were demanding The Last of Us performance in Resistance Fall of Man. It's absurd!
Muerte2494  +   760d ago
According to the same leaker. COD is 1080p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox One. Both are experiencing frame rate issues.
GiggMan  +   760d ago
I'm sick of this 900P crap. I know my TV has a 720P setting and a 1080P setting. I hope this doesn't become the standard.
AndrewLB  +   760d ago
I don't understand why many of you guys have given BOTH Microsoft and Sony a pass on this. I am still amazed that these companies in conjunction with AMD were not able to build a Console that could play ALL GAMES at 1080p/60. Heck... at the very least they should do 1080p/30 because thats the industry standard for HDTV.

I was going to buy a PS4 after it's been out to make sure there were no bugs but now it's looking like i'm going to pass on both systems unless a game comes along that I absolutely must have.
PoSTedUP  +   760d ago
it should be 1080p. i mean cmon yall had 7 years, SEVEN YEARS. i bought a 1080p tv for a reason SEVEN YEARS ago... we saw a bunch of 1080p games This gen. yeah gameplay>resolution but our stuff costs a lot of money AND THESE HIGH-END DEVS MAKE PLENTY OF MONEY. i can see smaller devs not hitting 1080 but Come On....
GiggMan  +   760d ago
@Andrew, exactly. If we are okay and settle for this 900p standard companies will be happy to keep it coming.
Kingthrash360  +   760d ago
so sick of this...
just launch already! this war is worse than reality tv... so glad when its over.
in real gameing new me and a few of my n4g homies are starting a bf4/cod/nba2k/kz squad up on ps4. all can join we will all friend up and roll out if any gamer on n4g wanna squad up pm me.
MMOBytes  +   760d ago
I kind of agree. 720p really is awful resolution to enjoy anything at, but the 900p is just fine. And I doubt that we will see a huge dif. between the two. But 720 is dead imo.
NewMonday  +   760d ago
Another resolution disparity

The good thing is one year from now the console wars will cool down because by then the PS4 will settle the issue of console power and sales, and the arguments will shift to discussing individual games
Braid  +   760d ago
I can't understand why it had to be (if true) 900p, I mean Killzone Shadowfall is a much better looking game and it's running at 1080p with a solid ~40-45 frame rate.

From the looks of it, this generation will be the generation of exclusive titles once again when it comes to impressive visuals.
FamilyGuy  +   760d ago
900p at 60fps is definitely acceptable, pixels may not be everything but it's nice to not have the image stretched as far. I'm okay with 900p-1080p but seeing any game release on PS4 at 720p would be somewhat disappointing considering the plethora of other titles that are all 1080p already.
YoungPlex  +   760d ago
I can't believe that people are such fanboys trying to downplay resolution. For those that think it isn't a big deal take a look at digitalfoundry BF4 beta comparisons, they also have some nice shots of the game running at 720/900/1080p resolutions. If you can't see a big difference between 900p and 1080p then your fine but I sure as hell can. I'll be getting this on my PS4 but it is a damn shame if it isn't in 1080p a damn shame indeed...

snipab8t  +   760d ago
Seriously guys, this news in regards to xbox wit Ryse received so much hate. Now it is gameplay>graphics. You guys need help seriously.
kickerz  +   760d ago
All this resolution rumor crap lately is getting annoying but come on guys. You can't give Crytek sh_t about Ryse 900p but let BF4 @900p slide cause its Sony. Admitedly it's prolly a false rumor and it prolly will be hard to see the difference on your tv anyway but come on..
All in all both consoles are gonna be great can we leave it at that.
boing1  +   760d ago
^^ Dude, Ryse is an exclusive. It should showcase what platform is capable of.
Chrischi1988  +   760d ago | Well said
This is hilarious^^

You people really are the drones, sorry, but this is unbelieveable, what I am hearing right now. Bashing the Wii U for being bad hardware, bashing the Xbox1 for being bad hardware, why? Because they didnt run every game on 1080p. Now your precious PS4 isnt even able, even though you guys said, that every single game on PS4 at launch will be 1080p. I dont know what to think anymore.

With games becoming even more resource hungry in the near future, I dont see them performing with higher resolutions then now. Wii U got mere ports of third party games, but I thought, that the PS4 will get no port, it will get a fully optimized version... what a disappointment.

Shame on all of you haters, for bashing everything and now we all know, that PS4 doesnt perform like the godmaschine, you all acted it is like.

Bashing Wii U for gamplay>graphics, now you do the same thing, sad, really sad.

Just like everyone is saying, Nintendo should get rid of the Gamepad, because it stinks, but on the article on how well the Vita is implemented as second screen gaming controller for PS4, you all went nuts over it, like Sony were innovating the whole industry.

I dont have any respect anymore for you guys, sorry, but that was it.
DeadlyFire  +   760d ago
Dude. These are launch games. I don't expect flawless 1080p graphics on day one from every developer right out of the gate. Considering new game engines. Lack of optimization, Lots of code not fully entangled into the extra compute power. There are lots of reasons. In a year or so 1080p will get a big boast.

Considering most of them had 6-9 months at most to build and optimize before launch.
I_am_Batman  +   760d ago
@snipab8t: Ryse is an exclusive game against BF4 not only being multiplatform but also cross gen (developing for 1 platform vs. developing for 5). Also Ryse isn't running at 60fps right?
nukeitall  +   760d ago

What is hilarious is the hypocrisy!

When Xbox One or Wii U has low resolution, it is PS4 is the best thing since slice bread and graphcis really matter guys!

When the PS4 isn't up to snuff, rumor is false, lazy developers or graphics no longer matter!

Go figure!

I'm just going to enjoy these consoles for what they are, not up to par with PC graphics, because that isn't as important to me as features and ease of access!
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Army_of_Darkness  +   760d ago
It's EA 's fault that bf4 is 900p on ps4, not Sony.
ambientFLIER  +   760d ago
"I agree it's not worth arguing over, but the differences between 720p, 900p and 1080p are very noticeable."

Yes, without any further processing they are. However the upscalers in these consoles will minimize the difference. That's why MS says the xbox one has the best upscaler ever made.
decrypt  +   760d ago
Poor console gamers still no 1080p. Meanwhile PC gamers move on to 4k gaming rofl.

So they lose BC from previous gen, pay more per game and they seem happy about it. Console gaming is so expensive rofl.

Wonder where all the PS4 = high end PCz chanting went lol. Oh yes down the gutter just where it belongs.
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Ju  +   760d ago
I give Dice the benefit of the doubt and say their primary goal is 60fps. We'll see. I'd rather prefer the higher resolution - at least in the way KZ handles it for the campaign. MP I could probably understand. Eventually Dice will hit full resolution - which is the first for a PS4 game which doesn't, isn't it? Not really a milestone you want to be first at now. w/e. Can't get a PS4 at launch, might as well get this for the PS3 and upgrade later.
pixelsword  +   760d ago
This may be developer inexperience, but also I wonder if one version is holding back the other; one has a bunch of 1080p games, the other, not so much.

I think everyone who puts out a sub-1080p game needs to explain themselves because they can't achieve something on new consoles that has been done on old consoles.
loulou  +   760d ago
wtf ?? every shit site getting their hit leeches from neogaf.

next week we will see. and if the ps4 version is 1080p like another rumour and xb1 version is 720p, then f'ck it, i will be passing a generation without halo/forza etc

this is disgrace if true.
Chrischi1988  +   760d ago

1.They use X86 Architecture, which makes it a lot easier to develop for.

2.The use of GDDR5 gives the console pretty much raw power, raw power means, it should work well, even without the special optimizations.

3.Unlike Wii U, it doesnt get a bad ports of a Xbox360 game.

4.The way things are now, I do not see, how they will make games a lot better in the future, this is not like the PS3 with a Cell processor, which people need to first figure out as much, they need to figure out, but there wont be a difference, like the beginning of PS3 and the end of PS3, thats more a thing, one could expect from the Wii U, because of their PowerPC Design.

5. On PCs, everyone has a different Hardware setup, still they managed it to run 1080p on midrange graphicscard. PS4s setup is pretty obvious, on what to do, to make a game actually work well.

I dont know what to tell you, but this is pretty disappointing, especially, after what I got to hear from all the PS4 fans, on how much of a serotonin boost the console will give you...
andrewsqual  +   760d ago
@snipab8t Okay then, Ryse has abysmally boring gameplay too. 900p with small closed off levels/areas with slow moving events/action pieces. So meh graphics and gameplay is good then?
frostypants  +   760d ago

The new consoles CAN run games at 1080P/60fps, but saying they should be able to run ALL games at that is naive. Texture detail and effects play a part...it's a balancing act. There are 3 areas to balance: detail/effects, resolution, and frame rate. Increasing one means the others take a hit.

That said, BF4 shouldn't have a problem based on what I've seen...the PS4 GPU is more than sufficient to crush this game (again, based on what I've seen of it).
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Alexious  +   760d ago
Still better than the Xbox One's 720p. Getting it on PC, of course.
zeal0us  +   760d ago
900p or 720p honestly shouldn't even matter so long as you're able to play the game you love.
MeknSence  +   760d ago
Overall, this is rediculous if its true. People, let the hating begins but its all about commonsence. Last gen is last gen, but when i'm buying a new system, it should be worth it. Yes 1080p do matter, not 720p or 900p. If that were the case, then i'll stick to last gen. All this hype is about nothing, if EA/Dice is one of those companies who is actually castrating the PS4 because of publicy then if that's the case i would just cancel my pre-orders and build a PC.
LetoAtreides82  +   760d ago
Meknsense, 900p does matter and is clearly better than 720p. For example, open this on a new tab: http://cdn2.dualshockers.co...
and then open this one on a separate tab:

Look at the 720p version for a few moments, then switch to the 900p version. You should notice that the 900p version has:
1. grass that looks more vibrant
2. flag and decals on the gun are clearer
3. less jaggies everywhere, especially noticeable on the cement
4. glove is more detailed
Jazz4108  +   760d ago
pretty sad if that's all you care about
pyramidshead  +   760d ago
Anything is better than 720p lol. Apparently it's going to be around for a while for one console.
ForgivenZombie  +   760d ago
Unless your tv is larger than 40 inches the human eye cannot tell the difference between 720p or 1080p, and with the upscaling it makes it even more difficult. But, the fact is with the gpu and 8gb of memory, 1080p should easily be standard. I can let it go somewhat with the first launch titles, but no excuse for any others, especially when Killzone is 1080p at launch.
deecee33  +   760d ago
900p isn't so bad as long as the framerate is rock solid at 60. Framerate is key for shooters. If this was an exclusive, people would be right to demand 1080p, though
RobbieKeyV  +   760d ago
I'm fully with you on that man. These are just things I have to write about. Either way, it's going to look great and I can't wait to play it on my Xbox One!
zeal0us  +   760d ago
Well if this turns out true people will have field day.
Lior  +   760d ago
When console gamers get bad news on graphics like resolutions and graphic setting levels they pull out the gameplay card FAIL
Chrischi1988  +   760d ago
Not only that, but then the card is suddenly OK to play. Wii U fans, like me, said it before, but got bashed by all the fans of their respective platform and what now? I cannot even put it into words...
dboyc310  +   760d ago

They talk themselves up when they should't. Yea they got the balls to make the pc version superior BUT they hold back when it comes to consoles because they don't want one to be better than the other? yea they didn't chose the cowards way out /s
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Alexious  +   760d ago
Actually BF4 on X1 is rumored to be 720p.
Legion21  +   760d ago
@Alexious keyword rumored, how about we wait for an official statement.
come_bom  +   760d ago
"Battlefield 4 to run at 900p on PS4"

If this is true, then dammm.... not even the PS4 can do 1080p on games decently. Next gen gaming consoles are starting to suck.

Every game should be standard 1080p with 60fps in next gen consoles. If not, then the consoles aren't powerful enough.
#1.7 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Alexious  +   760d ago
Killzone: Shadow Fall seems to do just fine.

BF4 is pretty much locked 60fps on consoles, which is quite impressive in itself.
KwietStorm  +   760d ago
Whew that's a relief. It's a good thing I don't play pixelcounter deluxe. I just play the game itself.
DeadlyFire  +   760d ago
These are just the launch window games. I expect some optimization moving forward can put the very same game engine up to 1080 or so at least on the PS4 with some positive effects on other console resolution as well. I guess we will see with Mirror's Edge 2, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Battlefront, and so on though.
irepbtown  +   760d ago
Compare Resistance Fall of Man to The Last of Us. Now look at the PS4 launch games and tell me games in the future wont look better.

If games aren't 1080p now or 60fps, they will be in the future. So your last point, next gen (in the future) will more than likely be 1080p 60fps. Just look at how this gen panned out.
GodGinrai  +   760d ago
To be fair killzone does not have destructable enviroments, levolution and a whole lot of physics going on.

Maybe we have alleged 900P/720P because DICE spread themselves too thinly trying to get the X1/PS4 versions out in time for launch, as well as optimizing the X360/PS3 versions of BF4. I would expect their next attempt in BF5 to 1080P on consoles , but given that MS had not finalized their hardware until recently and still are behind on their dev tools as well as the fact they they still had to learn to use the X1 and PS4 and get a game ready for launch...I cant fault them.
tricky_one92  +   760d ago
True, but better graphics >>> worse graphics
Tzuno  +   760d ago
You can say whatever you want but the fan-boys are but hurt. Oh no PS4 is the most powerful console how come it can not do 1080p? Well you have been brainwashed that's why. Nothing against you man, just a statement here.
novcze  +   760d ago
well, PS4 IS the most powerful console but that doesn't mean that is without limits ... but you are just butthurt Xbone fanboy making statement here, right?
DialgaMarine  +   760d ago
900p > 720p my friend. If you want to shit on 900p, however, we can just discuss Ryse vs every PS4 exclusive running at native 1080p. ;)
joe90  +   760d ago
HAHAHAHA its all about TEH GAMEPLAYZ now is it. Funny because when Xbone was doing 720 and you thought the PS4 was doing 1080 you all about TEH GRAPHICZZZZ

2 Faced Piss Stinking Sony Peasants.
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G20WLY  +   760d ago
lol your mother must be proud...smh

BTW, fun fact of the day: some people think it matters and some don't. Amazing, huh? Different opinions among the fans of a brand you detest so much - whodathunkit?!

Just a suggestion: MAYBE the people you're referring to haven't changed their minds. MAYBE it's different people saying it doesn't matter. Take your time on this, it will be tricky for you to grasp.

As for me? I'm playing the waiting game. There's so much nonsense and vitriol - even from the journalists - that we can't possibly separate the wheat from the chaff, so why try?

Wait and see, it's the sensible thing to do. ;)
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Shuyin  +   760d ago
You must be very happy in life.
MysticStrummer  +   760d ago
Wow Joe. You really make yourself seem quite irrational and immature.

If you read the whole thing, there's still no word on XB1's BF4 resolution. 900p > 720p so this news changes nothing really. It's interesting that he says both machines have framerate issues with CoD:G, yet only tells the resolution for PS4's version of BF4.

Also, why do you accept this news from an anonymous source but not others? Could it be... hypocrisy?
FlunkinMonkey  +   760d ago

Are you really 23 years old?? That's hilarious.. and despicable.. Grow up child.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   760d ago
theres still a noticable difference between 900p and 720p..lets not act like there isnt
whoyouwit04  +   760d ago
you sony fans are a true bunch of hypocrites. When it's a Xbox One game that is lesser then 1080p the xbox is just a weak console. However when it's your beloved PS4 with a game less then 1080p it's the dev who are just lazy. Can you say brainwashed?
iiwii  +   760d ago
Someone must be brainwashed if they think that EA wouldn't gimp the PS4 version so as to not piss MS off (or at MS request to not make the X1 720p look so bad) since the two of them have been in bed together for years.

You have to admit, that is a very real possibility. And it will clearly show if other 3rd party devs start to produce PS4 games at 1080p and EA continue to claim they can only eek out 900p. They will only make themselves look bad in the end. For now, I don't care one way or the other. But EA have gimped Sony versions of games in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were doing it now.
Tiqila  +   760d ago
no battlefield for me then
#1.12 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Beahmscream  +   760d ago
Face it. The PS4 and Xbone are both less than impressive. Should have spent a little more and got some better hardware. I would have paid 50-100 dollars more for a system that can easily do 1080 60FPS.
bigboirock  +   760d ago
this is so funny watching kids cry since every one elce is doing it i will start some flame

xbox one battlefield looks better than ps4 as stated by alot of people that played the game on both systems
bryam1982  +   760d ago
Sorry to.this.lazy.developers but.my.money.will.go.only to.1080p/60 fps games this.next gen if.i.want to.play 720p games I'll do.it.on my.ps3
Magicite  +   760d ago
is this first game that wont run at 1080p on PS4?
whoyouwit04  +   760d ago
The fact that you asked that shows that you sony fan boys don't allow your self to see the truth. If the wiiu has more 1080p games the both PS4 and Xbox One what do you think?
Magicite  +   760d ago
I dont even own Sony console (yet), but Ive 2 X360 consoles, one of which is RRODed.
Ps4Console  +   759d ago
Everyone as changed there tune .
yewles1  +   760d ago
...so JackFrags was right.
titletownrelo  +   760d ago
what do you mean? so PS4 multi-player looks better than XboxONE's single-player?
pwnsause_returns  +   760d ago
well, now we know how this will go down
kipsta  +   760d ago
Getting it on PC. 1080p / 120fps
cyberninja  +   760d ago
Not getting it at all, not a fan of modern day fps games.
kipsta  +   760d ago
And that's fine, there's nothing wrong with that.
ion53  +   760d ago
Dude, when you stress the 120Fps, it sort of makes you look like a PC MASTER RACE sort of guy. I might be readin' into it, but just say PC.

Off Topic: Can you tell the difference between 60 vs 120 Fps?
4lc4pon3  +   760d ago
you absolutely can & Yes I am a hardcore PC gamer
LordDhampire  +   760d ago
Yes, you need a monitor with a refresh rate up to 120, tvs might say 240 but thats not its true refresh rate
come_bom  +   760d ago
... just like the sony master race on consoles!
FlyingFoxy  +   760d ago
I have a 120hz monitor here too, and you can see and actually feel the difference if you can game @ 120fps.. it is a bit more fluid, though i will say i don't think the difference is as big as from 30fps to 60fps, largely because 60 seems to be a sweet spot i guess.
KwietStorm  +   760d ago
The thing that's important is the hardware can notice the difference. At 120fps, even frame dips will still be 100% smooth gameplay, and your monitor will never have a problem keeping up with your reactions/input.
ion53  +   760d ago
If I had the money, I'd love to play on a 100 inch TV hooked up through a computer, playing at 4k 120FPS
ThanatosDMC  +   760d ago
120 makes it look ridiculously good. S as dly my rig cant do it but my brother's rig is damn good.
Withdreday  +   760d ago
You can't really past 73 FPS, but it sure feels sweet though.

You almost know they'll be no noticable slowdown
joe90  +   760d ago
16 but hurt haters disagreeing with actual facts again.

Ill join you on the PC master race for BF4.
Caleb_H  +   760d ago
Was it worth it? I mean really? 120fps? Not saying there's such a thing as "too much graphics", but there is spending too much on a rig when you could have half the performance at a fraction of the price, and the gameplay's still the same.
Alexious  +   759d ago
What rig do you have to run BF4 at 120fps? Just curious.
neocores  +   760d ago
Nope dont believe it will be 1080p just watch :D
#5 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
madjedi  +   760d ago
Nope 900p sounds about right to me, are people forgeting that battlefield has destructable and large environments, and killzone doesn't, those effects are not free everything comes at a cost.

The ps4 is the most powerful console, it just isn't really all that powerful vs $300+ graphics cards in gaming pcs.

I do love the sucks to be a console gamer, me and the rest of the master race will be gaming in 1080p on pc posts. Lol plz your more the low - mid boss lvl, the real master race will be running at 4k resolutions on $2000 dollar setups.

Right 1080p on pc at what settings and with what effects disabled, because i truly believe evey pc gamer on n4g will run the game in 1080p @ 60 fps with every setting max out. /s

Btw i would never expect a multiplatform title to out do an exclusive, do to many factors, regardless of the ps4 version being better it's a cross gen game under a time crunch to make launch.

Games will get better for both sides, you want every game in 1080p @ 60 fps as a standard build a pc. Because consoles are designed to be good enough for the average user.

90% of the ha ha xbone has a lower resolution/is weaker is a direct result of ms gamers reminding sony gamers the whole generation ha ha i have superior multiplatform titles.

Ps3 and 360 had native 1080p titles, those don't hold a candle to sub hd games released later on for both systems.

I have yet to see any next gen ms or sony game looks unimpressive visually, that next gen cod that is another story.

Give it 6 months to a yr and everyone will be too busy playing ps4/xbone to really care about whose resolution is higher.
ded1020  +   760d ago
Isn't it about time for you to upgrade your rig again?
larrysdirtydrawss  +   760d ago
true,but p.c dont have ms/sony/nin exclusives on them,thats why many many many more ppl choose consoles
zombie-fun544  +   760d ago
is this good thing or bad thing ?
SniperControl  +   760d ago
Wait, I don't get it, didn't Dice already say that this game was never going to be 1080p on either console?
MasterCornholio  +   760d ago
Yes they did however they never said that the two consoles would have the same resolution though.

Nexus 7 2013
mike32UK  +   760d ago
moodymofo  +   760d ago
in about 7 to 8 years
GodGinrai  +   760d ago

..then we get to go through it all over again...
iiwii  +   760d ago
It will never end.... only the names will change.
Sheikah  +   760d ago
More gists and guesses.. Still, hope it runs Ewell Above 720..
Does anyone else have a ps4 available for preorder :(
IRNMUNKEY  +   760d ago
If in UK simply games.com still have ps4 bundles I just ordered today. Already had Xbox preordered so just gonna ride out the storm and decide which one nearer release.
I'm in US...unfortunately.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   760d ago
Your going to have to camp for one! Just find a place that isn't doing preorders and wait. The quieter the location the better.
tudors  +   760d ago
Why? are you from the UK, I have a spare.
tcozzens  +   760d ago
I do, my puppy was just hit by a car, vet bills not allowing me to have the money for it. It's on my Amazon still.... lol
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   760d ago
Resolution doesnt really matter. But its sure something to geek out about. What else are we going to do for the next month anyway??? :o)
Idba  +   760d ago
I seriously hope that Sony accidentally leaked the res on the ps store page. 1080p/64players/60fps would be AWESOME

Also, everybody needs to calm down. We'll get confirmation on what the resolution is on the 29th
#12 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
first1NFANTRY  +   760d ago
why do i get the feeling this is some butt hurt M$ fanatic trying to sling mud at the ps4? it's already been confirmed by several industry folks that BF4 will be 1080p on the ps4, the Xbone on the other hand we're yet to get confirmation. nice try tho
#13 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
imt558  +   760d ago
God damn! First sub1080p game on PS4.
Games_R_Us  +   760d ago
Wow, here we go again. I can see the Sony fans already now defending this. Guess what Sony fans, not everything will be 1080p, better accept it and move on.
neocores  +   760d ago
This is still a rumor fanboy
Brix90  +   760d ago
Guess you done a lot of accepting then...lol
matrixman92  +   760d ago
psn store already says the ps4 version is native 1080p

Edit: here is the story http://www.nowgamer.com/new...
#16 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
The Great Melon  +   760d ago
Straight from your linked article:

"Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display"

That does not mean the PS4 renders at 1080p. It simply means that in order to output a the game at 1080p (possibly upscaled from 900p) you have to actually own a 1080p display. Nowhere does it say that the game renders at 1080p or is upscaled to 1080p. That key piece of information was left ambiguous.
#16.1 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Maxor  +   760d ago
1080p rez would result in much fanboy boosting and chants of greatness awaits.

900p = gameplay is all that matters.

LOL. Gotta love PS4 fanboys.
christocolus  +   760d ago
True_Samurai  +   760d ago
It's quite odd when the x1 was doing 720p or 900p it gets bashed. But ps4 gets a pass? These fanboys are laughable
Flutterby  +   760d ago
The difference is even if its 900p which I don't think it will be , the matter of the fact is it's a multiplat the games you are referring to are xbone exclusives like KI at 720 Ryse at 900p DR3 at 720p there is no reason why xbone exclusives are less than 1080 but they are along with pretty much every other game multiplat or not, ps4 will have one game that's not 1080 if this rumor is true big diff fact.
MasterCornholio  +   760d ago
But then they will just point out that the Xbox One version is at 720P while the PS4 version is running at 900P which still proves the differences in power between the two. And in the end they will just say that your paying 100$ more for a weaker console.

Trust me I've been in N4G long enough to know how the battles between fanboys work.

P.S This would leave Killzone Shadowfall as the only 1080P console FPS launch title.

Nexus 7 2013
#17.2 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Idba  +   760d ago
what about ghosts on ps4?
fsfsxii  +   760d ago
That was actually funny! You made my day.
black0o  +   760d ago
I'm confused
is the xbone version 1080p? if not what's ur point

and last time I check 900p >> 720p
fsfsxii  +   760d ago
Damn you people have no sense of humor.
madjedi  +   760d ago
And yet 360 fanboys had no trouble at all bragging for yrs on end about superior multiplatform titles on the xbox 360.

So why the sudden change of heart from sucks to you b*tches to why must we be petty fanboys.

360 fans on n4g gave sony fan shit everyday for being the inferior multiplatform console, now it xbox fans turn to be the punching bag.

Like only sony fanboys are going to like an annoying ass when they perceive they have the superior system.

Atleast i am not stupid enough to think only one group is capable of such hypocrisy.

How precious a 6 day old account complaining about sony fanboys. Try looking back at n4g in 2005-2008 you probably would have loved it then.
Hicken  +   760d ago
Just stop.
Mohlest   760d ago | Spam
Gamesgbkiller  +   760d ago
It is 60 FPS which is a good thing :)
GodGinrai  +   760d ago
60FPS and 64 players..with destructable enviroments...I dont see why anybody is complaining. If you want 1080P BF4 get the pc version. End of. If you want the BF experience (64 players, 60FPS) with freinds then look no furthers and dont let the resolution stuff put you off.
DevilishSix  +   760d ago
Personally I think they should have dropped player count buy 4 or 8 and gone with 56 or 60 and raised to 1080p if possible. Player count does not equal better experience (mag had over 200), but resolution matters on my huge plasma tv.
#19.1.1 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Funnymonkey013  +   760d ago
I'm confused didn't Dice said that BF4 will be 720P on both consoles and PS4 version is going to be a little better?
MasterCornholio  +   760d ago
Xbox One: 720P

PS4: 900P

There's your "a little bit better"

Nexus 7 2013
Plagasx  +   760d ago
Stop this madness!
Pascalini  +   760d ago
Wow after all that ps4 can't Even do 1080p lol

Funny place this
Flutterby  +   760d ago
Yeh that whole one game that isn't 1080 p and that's if this rumor is true lol nice try tho , especially with your talking about ppl being mature and having no gfs in the other thread lol
LordDhampire  +   760d ago
No one really can tell the difference anyways, its a first person shooter...what do you need more resolution for anyways....if they up the resolution on all games to 1080p yes it will be a nice resolution but will look way worst than if a developer aimed for 720p....

I would prefer a prettier game with 720p than a 1080p medium game
Beastforlifenoob  +   760d ago
before: FU** YEAH GUYS PS4 FTW 1080p PS4 more powerful then gaming pc.

Now: Who gives a sh*t gameplay is better then graphics anyway.

Yeah style your agruments mate, style them.
I cant belive the fanboys on the site ITS NOT CONFIRMED TO BE 1080p 900p or JACK ITS RUMOUR FOR NOW AND ACCEPT IT THAT WAY!!! Wow should be N4S- News 4 speculators.
LordDhampire  +   760d ago
Are you kidding me dude? No I just actually know what I'm talking about

Framerate and graphics are alot more important than resolution

Do I think the ps4 is stronger than the xb1 yes its a fact if they are both 720p the ps4 will win, but if the xbox one is 720p and the ps4 is 900p, that extra powers going to go to screen resolution and they will most likely look the same and run about the same

denying the ps4 is stronger is ignorance, but is it that much stronger? No I doubt the ps4 could do 1080p on a title which is only 720p on the xb1
wcas  +   760d ago
The post states, "Battlefield 4 on PS4 is 900p on PS4. So speculation could be rampant, but this is where they are at now." The article says 900P is where they are at now, currently. It doesn't actually say it is the final resolution. The final resolution could still be 1080P.
#24 (Edited 760d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
hiwasafari10  +   760d ago
this is why i wont buy a ea game any time soon. rushing games out every year, im a huge fifa fan and i have played fotball for over 15 years in real life, but this year i wont buy fifa 14, im trying to send a message here , we cant accept this kind of shit every year, god damnt it ea has ruined my favorite franchises for the last time!
TheFutureIsBlue  +   760d ago
...all these speculations and rumors are f'n annoying. I'm just glad GG confirmed 1080p 60fps and didn't bullsh!t around the bush. Just confirm this crap so this fanboy war can die down a little.
Funantic1  +   760d ago
After all the 720p and 900p talk and bashing...now this? I'm a X1 fan, but to the Sony fans buy a PS4 regardless of the resolution if you like the games. Both the PS4 and X1 will see games less than 1080p. Maybe we all were expecting too much. By the way, I'll get a PS4 myself eventually.
badkolo  +   760d ago
but at the same time, shouldnt both systems be able to do what was promised last gen, all games at 1080p and 60 frames, both companies knew what was expected and both went for middle systems instead of true power
beerzombie  +   760d ago
what was promised and by who, where is this contract that we will see 1080p on every game. show link.
cyborg47  +   760d ago
At least its 60fps, that would be a bigger concern for me, not the resolution.
terrordactyl  +   760d ago
They could easily output the game at 1080, but you'd probably have to settle for 40 or 50 fps. Everyone demands 60 fps....to be honest, I can't tell the difference between 50 and 60 fps.

I would prefer 1080/50 over 900/60
zerogotit  +   760d ago
Maybe its 900p so it can look identical to pc.. Has anyone thought of that or no?
wcas  +   760d ago
Final resolution could still be 1080P. 900P is where they are at now. The actual post doesn't say 900P will be final resolution.
NeoTribe  +   760d ago
Well it cant exactly look like pc if its not even pushing 1080p, now can it? On topic, I really hope this turns out to be false. That's a game that really needs a clear image. Especially if your a sniper and are tired of everything at a distance turning into a blotchy looking mess.
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