Xbox One: Why 1080P 60FPS Does and Doesn’t Matter

Does it matter in the end whether Xbox One games are 1080P 60FPS at launch? Is this the final proof needed to show the PS4 is more powerful? In this video, Red Dragon breaks down the latest rumors and talks about the importance of resolution on next gen.

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Kingthrash3601847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

ps3/360 brought better grapics and hd to gaming.
ps4/x1 will bring more apps better graphics and what should be full hd imo.
30 or 60 fps no biggie imo but id expect at least most if not all games to run full 1080p (native)thats what this gen has in the big of a leap forward will it take?
x1 seems to not be as powerful as ps4. i know both are great systems but i need the most powerful under my tv. thats my need. this gen will be fine but ill admit id rather all games to be 1080p60fps but thats not happening yet, maybe in 2years when devs really can pull more out the systems. until then i suggest we as gamers enjoy this new gen, veteran gamers know the cycle...three years from now all these launch games will look like sh!t.

LOGICWINS1847d ago

If all your concerned about is getting the "most powerful" (your words not mine) system under your tv, then why not invest in a high end gaming PC? People have been gaming on the PC at well above 1080p/60fps for years. It seems strange to me that in 2013 you say you want power but you restrict yourself to consoles that are the equivalent of low to midranged PCs on paper.

Kingthrash3601847d ago

yes i understand and agree when it comes to power pc wins...i may even get the steambox if the price is right...its just i grew up on consoles and like my 1st party games while pc has better gfx and customization features i wouldnt be able to play tlou or halo or pc's are pricy

LOGICWINS1847d ago

Yeah, I assumed that you wanted a console because you wanted to play exclusives. Your comment made it seem like you simply wanted the more powerful console PERIOD (irrespective of price or exclusives). Thats why I was confused. But really, you can't go wrong with any of these systems as they all have great exclusives on the way.

NeoTribe1847d ago

Current gen consoles already do 720 and sometimes 1080. People are mad that these so called next gen consoles are struggling to get 1080. Don't throw the pc bullshit out there. Why can't next gen be 1080 without getting a pc? A lot of people don't wanna have buddys over to huddle around a computer screen, mouse and keyboard. Pc has no couch coop. Pc is not convienient. The people bitchin arnt expecting these consoles to be on par with pc, they JUST expect them to feel like next gen, thats all.

hesido1847d ago

I'm getting old and very much sick and tired of tuning my PC so the game runs properly. I don't have the time for it. I just want to pop the disc in and play. That's why I became a console guy.

Totoro171847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I don't understand why you're being down voted. This is a very fair, true statement.

I splurged on a gaming notebook about four years ago and have been a PC player since. Now, not exclusively PC; I also played the 360 and PS3 for their awesome exclusives. But that's it. Without a doubt PC games deliver such an impressive graphical and polished experience unlike I've ever seen in consoles. Plus, it has HDMI so I hook it up to my home theater system for a next-gen console-like feel.

It came at a price, though. I spent $1,800 of my hard earned dollars for it (i7 processor, 3D, all the bells and whistles). But you know what? I'd do it again and again and again because of the versatility and advancement that PC's will always have over consoles.

Yes PC gaming can be expensive, but my scenario isn't very typical and you can build yourself a nifty PC for about $500-$600. "That's still too expensive" you say? Let's talk about games and sales. PC gamers have, without a doubt, the most amazing selection of games at prices console owners wish they could have. The Steam sales alone have every PC gaming geek feeling like it's Christmas every day because of the insane price we pay for a superior product. For what console gamers pay for about two full-priced games, we PC gamers pay for about 20-30 AAA titles and independent games during the sale. Maybe less.

I'm not a fanboy by any means. I love gaming just like you. But in terms of graphical and computing prowress, consoles will never beat PC gaming thanks to it's evolutionary constant upgrades. I'm not saying PC gaming is "better" overall, but you're most definitely getting more bang for your buck. Yes you'll be shelling out a couple of hundreds dollars more to build your PC, but it's most definitely worth it considering the fact that you'd be able to upgrade and playing the best version of your multi-console game at a much better price.

Melankolis1847d ago

Because we love games that aren't available on PC....

I can't substitute my love for Yakuza or Uncharted series for 1080p 60fps ultra setting COD for PC....

I hope PC gamers understand....

LOGICWINS1847d ago

^^Kingthrash didn't mention anything about exclusives in his initial comment, which is why I suggested investing in a high end PC.

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Lior1847d ago

nba 07 on ps3 was 1080p native and 60fps in 2006 at the launch of ps3

MasterCornholio1847d ago

And so is the next gen NBA game.

Nexus 7 2013

solar1847d ago

it does matter. if you buy the next gen consoles, all you are getting is a lil bit prettier graphics with still the same sacrifice of resolution and fps. so to me its a .5 gen.

TheFutureIsBlue1847d ago

This guy must have forgotten all the crap the ps3 went through. "Xbox 360 has the better multiplatform games!" Now that Sony has the upper hand it's like we aren't suppose to overreact.

I don't think that is the point he was trying to make though. I'm not trying to start fanboy crap. I get some points he is making, but the fact that it's next gen is why everyone is expecting 1080p and 60fps. Especially when one console that is cheaper is getting it and the other one that is higher priced can't achieve that goal.

1080p and 60fps does matter when it comes to online games.

LOGICWINS1847d ago

Erm, I think its safe to say that everyone is expecting better visuals from next-gen software, but resolution and frames per second is a different story. The average joe doesnt know or care about how resolution or fps improves or detracts from gameplay. COD is the most lucrative console franchise this gen and it runs below 720p in order to maintain 60fps. Most people don't understand this.

kwiksilver991847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

agree 100%.
some people on this site seem to erroneously believe that the fanboy wars depicted in the comment section of various internet sites extrapolate well into the real world.

if people were really serious about graphics they would game on a pc.
if people really wanna play their exclusives they would get the appropriate console.
if i were gonna gift a console to a loved one or friend,i'd weigh in the price factor too.

the fuss both sides make with cod being 720p on xbox1 and 1080p on ps4 is overkill especially for a game that was never renowned for its graphics(ps4 fans know the xbox1 es ram isnt a walk in the park)
ps4 is more powerful than the xbox1,

but in the end those who want to play halo4 will get an xbox1 and those who want to play uncharted4 will get a ps4.

Beahmscream1847d ago

Face it. The PS4 and Xbone are both less than impressive. Should have spent a little more and got some better hardware. I would have paid 50-100 dollars more for a system that can easily do 1080 60FPS.

Robearboy1847d ago

60fps and 1080p is just for "fanboys" to flame each other with, great games this Gen like Bioshock, GTA5 etc didn't run at these specs but it didn't stop them being great games

Stsonic1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

so you dont mind paying for a next gen console with the same perfoemance as last gen?

Robearboy1847d ago

not really if the game is good

Totoro171847d ago

Exactly. Why upgrade, then?

Robearboy1847d ago

well its certainly not to ensure all my games play in 1080p - New Gen means more proceesing power for innovation in games, all be in in 720p, 1080i or 1080p

Hellsvacancy1847d ago

I'll admit, I don't understand the subject much so i'm not going to pretend I do

I would like one thing answered please, i'll do my best to explain......

I've noticed nearly all games this gen look jaggy and rough around the edges, I was talking about this with my mate the other day, I was playing GTAV and although I was stationary, the edges of certain objects looked really fuzzy, the edges/corners of buildings etc look as if they're moving

Understand what I'm getting at? if you walk up to a fence in GTAV, one of the metal mesh one's, and move the camera around a little the lines that make up the mesh fence would move, this sort of thing http://www.decorativemesh.c...

Will 1080p 60fps change that?

LordDhampire1847d ago

No that's anti aliasing, games on consoles usually don't use more than 2x if any because it eats a bit of performance

LightofDarkness1847d ago

The effect you speak of is called aliasing.

Yes, 1080p goes a long way toward crisping your images up. It's not the whole 9 yards though, and anti-aliasing techniques are still necessary to really give the effect of a crisp, smooth image. There are plenty of comparison shots of GTA IV (360 vs. PS3 vs. PC), you'll note that the PC shots look very well defined and smooth while the PS3 and Xbox versions are blurry with aliasing abound.

4k effectively eliminates aliasing on any reasonably sized screen, but we won't be seeing that become the standard resolution for games for at least another 2 or 3 years, even then it'll be on PCs only.

Hellsvacancy1847d ago

Ok, thanks for the reply, bubbles for helpfulness

Do I assume we'll be seeing more anti aliasing in games next gen?

It really distracts me from the gameplay, maybe I have OCD

LightofDarkness1847d ago

Yes, you will see more of an emphasis on anti-aliasing next gen, particularly if games are going to be sub-1080p. We've got post-processing AA (MLAA, SRAA, FXAA) which is far less taxing on the GPU and works with deferred renderers (the majority of new games use deferred rendering).

Killzone looks to be 1080p with some pretty decent post-processing AA going on. Check here to get some more knowledge on the subject:

urwifeminder1847d ago

Got a superdupercomputer for the bells and whistles so I will be happy with what the XB1 offers.