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Square Enix Once Promised Final Fantasy VII, VIII And IX Remakes

Square Enix once promise a remake not only for Final Fantasy VII but one for VIII and IX as well. (Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

iamtehpwn  +   174d ago
The plans were during the PS2 era? I bet if anything, it had to do with the major financial lost of Spirits within that stopped them from being able to afford to remake them.
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DarkBlood  +   174d ago
your talking about that movie right? i think i have it on blu-ray, lol just too lazy to check
UltimateMaster  +   174d ago
FF8 is already on PC.
Just not on Steam yet.

It would be cool to get FF7 and FF8 Remastered HD versions for the PS4 and the Vita.

It would also be cool that they get to release FF XIII Type-0 here in the US.
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knifefight  +   174d ago
I remember reading stories about it for PS2 yeah.

My brother and I actually stopped replaying the games and listening to the soundtracks because "I'll let it all be almost new again when I replay it on PS2!"
Hahaha, if we had only known back then how it would all turn out.
dmitrijs88  +   173d ago
Chrono Cross and FF9 HD remakes! Make them happen!
yewles1  +   174d ago


e-p-ayeaH  +   173d ago
12 years later...same old SE.
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Chrono  +   174d ago
Not Square "Enix", it's before the merger.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   174d ago
Leave them alone Squeenix. While it sounds great to play your favourite Final Fantasys with upgraded graphics and so on, Squeenix would only butcher the games now. I really don't trust them anymore. They should make a new Final Fantasy that can actually stand up to the old games instead of living on past glory's. Nickel and diming the old school fans with nostalgia is the only reason squeenix are still around. That and Western games like Deus Ex and Tomb Raider have saved their ass from closing down.
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BattleAxe  +   174d ago
Forget about it.
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GenericNameHere  +   174d ago
I'd pay $61 for a Final Fantasy VIII remake on PS4! That's right. I love the game so much, I'm willing to pay ONE MORE DOLLAR than the average price of a normal game!
GrandpaSnake  +   174d ago
i would love to see 8 remade or maybe like sequel! ff8-2!
i do think its a little late though i have all three on my vita and pretty much completed both 7 and 8 im working on 9, cant wait for X.
GenericNameHere  +   174d ago
As much as I liked FF8, I'm happy with it being a single story game. But I'd be down with a full game all about Triple Triad. A lot of people hated it, but I liked it. Make it like Yu-Gi-Oh! Stairway to Championship (i think that was the name. It was pretty cheesy), where there was kind of a story, but not really. Remove the BS rules and regulations when going to other cities, have main and key characters be the enemies you face, etc. With a game so easy and doesn't require any advance graphics at all, you could put it on iOS, Android, Steam, PSN, eShop, XBLA, and anywhere else, and SE could even put micro transactions if they wanted. Would be easy for SE really, and I'm surprised they haven't done it yet.
fsfsxii  +   174d ago
Can't wait to see Tifa's boobs in HD.
j-blaze  +   174d ago
that would be awesome lol, really great to hear they actually planning to remake these amazing games, hopefully it's for consoles, it'll be disappointing if it was for handhelds
rainslacker  +   173d ago
LOL. Advent Children had quite a bit of fan service for Tifa as I recall.
johny5  +   174d ago
There could be some truth to this seeing as they had a ingame demo of FFVIII showing the ps2s hardware.
Summons75  +   174d ago
TECH demo not announcement demo, two complete different things.
johny5  +   174d ago
They still had ingame models of characters and such that could totally be based off them wanting to remake these games but scraped it immediately after the poor reaction from Spirits within "which the demo was before that movie came out by the way."
My_precious  +   174d ago
before you promis anything SE, make FF12 ZJS and FF12 revenant wings happen first
fsfsxii  +   174d ago
I was so disappointed to find that FF12's sequel was on the DS, what a downgrade man, i loved that game.
TheLyonKing  +   174d ago
I still maintain, financially where SE are now a remake if 7 would be a good idea and same with 8 and 9. I think the market is there and with social media the hype and advertisement would basically be free from the buzz it would create.

Also (a little side note) I would love square to do a spin off from the main series called Final Fantasy Past and make final fantasy games in the old school design and sell it on psn and xbl.
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r3f1cul  +   174d ago
the only way i see them making any money now is sadly by remaking these older FF games... the series just has no heart anymore... almost all the older FF fans (that i know anyways) have just abandoned the franchise altogether and i cant blame them, i mean pokemon hasnt changed in years and it sells great but they keep butchering the FF games and expecting sales to be better... NOPE! dunno what they are gonna do if either A. they dont remake old FF games... or B. they do and run out of past nostalgia to finance the dying company... its sad but i see them dying in a few years if things dont drastically change
Summons75  +   174d ago
No they didn't. Tech demos do not equal game announcements. Hate to burst your bubble but they didn't promise any remake until FfX/ the ds and or psp ports of a few games. As much as I would love to see squall and Zidane in hd I won't get my hopes up like the FF7 uber fans did.
Pozzle  +   174d ago
They're not talking about the tech demos. They're talking about the PS2 remakes that were announced back in 2001, but never came to be.
ghostrider32  +   174d ago
Them broken promises. Sheesh!
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nigelp520  +   173d ago
3d version of Balamb garden would be cool
rainslacker  +   173d ago
Making it fully explorable and with a bigger training grounds would be even cooler.:)
Tzunoy  +   173d ago
well emulators these days do that now.

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