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Submitted by godfree 836d ago | podcast

A Resolution to 720p vs 1080p - [Gamertag Radio]

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Episode #408 - A Resolution to 720p vs 1080p roundtable discussion
*Industry behind the scenes drama
*Forza 5, Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 Install Size Revealed
*Custom Soundtrack of the week: Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip Hop (Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Microsoft, Next-Gen, PC, PlayStation, PS3, PS4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Enemy  +   836d ago | Funny
Xbox One's new year's resolution is 720p. What's yours?
NukaCola  +   836d ago
"Ryse does 900."

So did Tony Hawk. ... In 1997. :P
BBBirdistheWord  +   836d ago
WiiU has the most 1080p titles.

If that were the sole criteria, the wii U would be selling like hotcakes.

In practice thought, the number of 1080p titles on WiiU has not made one scrap of difference to actual sales.

Looks like there is a bit more to it than just 1080p..
Enemy  +   836d ago
^ Not really saying much considering Wii U's graphics, lol.
Nitrowolf2  +   836d ago
The Wii U isn't selling because people don't have interest in it. It's basically a PS3/Xbox 360 with a slight increase to graphics and can do 1080P. You look at the Ps4/X1 and the clear difference in GFX and performance is clear.


Look at the title thought that everyone is fighting with for resolution...

COD isn't exactly a game known for pushing boundaries, and the fact that it looks like a last gen title on next gen should tell you soemething when one of the consoles are rumored to run at a lower resoltion for such a title. Either way, ur point stands
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BBBirdistheWord  +   836d ago
@ ^^

so you guys agree that 1080p by itself means not much at all?


So we are basically agreed that a game running at 720p or 900p on XBO can look better than a game running at 1080p on another platform and that 1080p in and of itself means not much at all without taking into account a host of other factors.

Even a game running at 720p which is upscaled to 1080p can look better than a game that is 1080p native.

All I am saying is that many people on here carry on about 1080p like it's the holy grail, when in fact it's all subjective.

I am glad that has finally been established.
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Flutterby  +   836d ago

Your whole point makes no sense the wiiu is vastly lower powered compared to next gen consoles so 1080p would still look worse than the xbone , but the ps4 has more power than the xbone so better performance plus better graphics.
MysticStrummer  +   836d ago
@Bird - If you want to completely ignore the point, that's your business.

This isn't a case of one game being 1080p and another game being 720p, upscaled or not. This is THE EXACT SAME GAME on two next gen systems. One of those systems has been rumored to be more powerful than the other, but the other's defenders say it ain't so. They say the two systems are pretty even in the power department. This resolution stuff, if it's true, would suggest otherwise.

Comparing art styles for Gears of War and Killzone is a subjective argument. Comparing the resolution of the same game on two different about to be released next gen consoles is not.
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wsoutlaw87  +   836d ago
ya like mystic is saying you cant bring up wii u because you cant compare the two. However you can directly compare the ports of the same game. on PS4 its running at 1080 on xb1 its less (if true)
NewMonday  +   836d ago

MysticStrummer summed it up well

most of us know about the issues of 1080p/graphics intensity and how they relate to technical specs, so you wont get a lot of mileage from the WiiU argument.
PopRocks359  +   836d ago

Then maybe people should stop complaining and warring against each other over resolutions like everyone in this community was right up until someone suggested Wii U had more 1080p/60FPS titles than Xbox One and PS4.

If it's not about resolutions and framerates as you are saying then people should not be talking about that at all.
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UltimateMaster  +   836d ago
If one console can run a game at 1080p 60fps when the other can only do 720p 30fps, that says a lot.
It basically tells you which console is stronger, which one can have better graphics and games from 1st and 3rd party developers.

Fanboy: "SD is the futurz!"
aceitman  +   836d ago
bottom line some games are better looking in 1080p with sharper graphics . it was a big deal that ms had the 360 games upscale in 1080p while the ps3 had 720p. and people compared them to each other saying the 360 looked sharper . now its reversed its not a big deal what the hell give sony there props .and give ms the bs sony had this gen.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   836d ago
Wow 720p... welcome to the year 2000 i would have to go down about 13 resolution settings to play at that on my 30" monitor but hey 720p is unacceptable in any walk of life and especially if you are forking out 500$ + extras... People need to realise ancient cards can piss 720p

Lol that card probably could.

@Enemy + bub for funny btw.
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UltimateMaster  +   836d ago
My PC >>>>> Xbox One
PS4 will do 1080p as a standard and anything below that is not a true next-gen system.
Just a cash gimmick.
500$ + Batteries & charger 25$ since it's not included with the system. + 25$ for headset adapter because your 360 headset won't work with your Xbox One.
Did I mention it's an inferior system too?
BTBuck1  +   836d ago
Soon as I heard the guy say "720 vs 1080 is negligible in a game" i stopped listening. Idiots... if it doesn't matter, why even make new consoles... let's just all go down to 480p then so we can get ridiculous frame rates... STFU get outta here with this "good enough" crap! If it was good enough we wouldn't care about new consoles!
Maxor  +   836d ago
720p absolutely need to die. The entire point of this generation is that we can finally enjoy our games in 1080p without compromise. Stop settling already and start expecting the kind of performance we deserve.
UltimateMaster  +   836d ago
"SD is the future!"/s
Forget 4k and 8k resolution, we want antiquity.
Black and White TVs is the new trend!/s
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Blackdeath_663  +   836d ago
i was amazed at the people defending 30FPS with baseless argument like "its not even needed" and that "cinema has been using 25fps for years just" (lol wut?) but i am truly bewildered that here we are going into next gen and people are just fine and even defending 720p. these people should just keep their ps3 and 360s imo.
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wsoutlaw87  +   836d ago
the same guy that said he did care about graphics when on to say the second he gets his xb1 he was completely done with this gen. He said he doesnt care about GT6 or Dark souls 2, so he obviously cares about graphics and not just gameplay when it comes to the xb1 graphics for some reason.
bleedsoe9mm  +   836d ago
just curious , would everyone rather
1080p 30Fps or 720p 60Fps
Finalfantasykid  +   836d ago
I'd rather 1080p 60fps
UltimateMaster  +   836d ago
It reminds me, they said the next Halo was going to be 60fps. But nobody mentioned anything about resolution.
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ion53  +   836d ago
1080 30FPS
wsoutlaw87  +   836d ago
depends on the game
Markissluv  +   836d ago
Very true. A game like Dead Space could easily get away with a steady 30fps at 1080p. It's more of a cinematic experience. Something like Battlefield or COD seems to benefit from 60fps.
christocolus  +   836d ago
listening to the far so the end lets see if sales of cod will bomb on xbx one due to it being 720p ...if it doesnt then it will only mean that most gamers do not care about all that crap about resolutions.
Finalfantasykid  +   836d ago
Oops wrong reply
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annus  +   836d ago
As much as I hate associating with the words 'hardcore' and 'casual', the majority of CoD players truly are casual players. They more than likely do not follow CoD at all, apart from watching gameplay, and probably don't even know what 720p means. It's like saying new technology isn't needed because your grandma can read her emails on her computer from 2000.
nolifeking  +   836d ago
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Fireseed  +   836d ago
If resolution was nearly as important as some Sony fanboys make it out to be then why are they telling PC owners their elitists for running games in 4K? Would seem to be logical that if resolution was SOOOOOOO important they'd all be in line for the high end Steam Machine to run games in higher def than 1080p.

But hey what do I know? I'm one of those wretched abominations who would actually enjoy Killer Instinct regardless of the fact that it's ONLY 720p GUYZ!!!!!!!
wsoutlaw87  +   836d ago
because there is a point were you absolutely can not see a difference, especially on a monitor. Please dont try and play like you dont wish xb1 was playing all games in 1080p no one believes it.
bleedsoe9mm  +   836d ago
i'd take framerate everytime , and from what i've heard neither knack or killzone is running at 60 . oh course if you can give me both framerate and resolution i'll take it
wsoutlaw87  +   836d ago
kz multiplayer is 60 fps, COD is 60 most likely nba is 60. Your acting like you can only have on and that is better than 1080 but there are plenty of games doing both.
Soc5  +   836d ago
Maybe they should have stuck with the Xbox 720 name.
LordDhampire  +   836d ago
I don't think any of you really know the difference between resolutions(besides the pc gamers). Most of console gamers tech illiterate and think they know what they are talking about.
WorldGamer  +   829d ago
So you sit there and berate all console gamers intelligence, yet you fail to provide any additional insight or useful information. Sad man.
ghostrider32  +   836d ago
This resolution and fps obsession need to die in a fire.
clouds5  +   836d ago
If you care so much about resolution, you should get a PC. Then you can play in 1080p all the time, or even 1440p if your monitor can do it.

But I get it. TV's are 1080p, your gaming system should be 1080p.
#10 (Edited 836d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
clouds5  +   836d ago
About size of games.
"In the future everything is going to be cloud space..."

And how does that help? You need game data locally. The cloud is BULLSHIT for gaming. It's cool to _store&backup_ your data. But stuff that needs to be computed have to be local.
admj83  +   836d ago
xbox fanboys talking on the radio
fullmetal297  +   836d ago
The change in resolution is dramatic on a 1080p display. If you are play a 720P game on a 1080p resolution, its like stretching an image almost double its size and fitting it on a screen. It's even worst when you are playing on a huge HDTV.
kingduqc  +   836d ago
Consoles gamer be like "Hahahhaha xbone 720p"

meanwhile they have been playing sub 720p for 7 years now and where like "ugggh, who care about nice resolution on pc"

2 faced faggots..

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