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Submitted by adarker 833d ago | opinion piece

It’s Official…Next Gen Sucks: A Darker Image Editorial

As of this writing the next age of gaming begins on November 15th for Playstation fans and November 22nd for Xbox fans (And before you ask, Wii U does not count) and all ready it seems like the wheels are coming off. Scandals abound for both systems and no matter which way you go you are losing something you were looking forward to. (PS4, Xbox One)

black0o  +   833d ago
'' my personal deal breaker came along. The PS4 will NOT support suspend/resume at launch''

stopped reading there
Mikelarry  +   833d ago
thanks i didnt have to waste a min of my life reading. if next gen sucks don't buy it it baffles me why some gamers can grasp such a simple concept
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Kingthrash360  +   833d ago
these^^^^perfect comment for article

in the defense of the writer...i dont think he is a gamer. he plays games yeah...but not 1 gamer out there ...not 1 thinks next gen suspend/ resume at launch being a "reason for passing on ps4"...gtfo.
pixelsword  +   833d ago
What does that even mean, like the pause button that games already have?
Mikelarry  +   833d ago
@ pixelword

yeah but a lower power consumption state as opposed to having your console fully on.


“suspend/resume mode” is when gamers can put the console into a low-power state that behaves as if the system is off, but it actually saves the game right where you left it.
Army_of_Darkness  +   833d ago
He is gonna look stupid when these next Gen consoles keep selling well and really awesome games start coming out in a year or so and he ends up eventually buying them.
Blacktric  +   833d ago
"if next gen sucks don't buy it it baffles me why some gamers can grasp such a simple concept"

Screw them for sharing their opinion, which happens to be different from yours, right?

That being said, I love how the article looks like it's been written by a 5th grader.
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pixelsword  +   833d ago
@ Mikelarry:

Thanks, I'm not up on all of what these consoles do or don't do; and now that I hear what it is, it's nothing more than "sleep mode".

I like to turn my electronics fully off anyways, so that really doesn't bother me.

I guess it upset at least six people though lol.
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Mikelarry  +   833d ago
@ blacktric

where in my comment did i insinuate to screw the author for having an opinion. don't reply to comments you cannot comprehend. my comment was that if the author did not like next gen or has he put it " next gen suck" he isn't being forced to get next gen he has a choice to stick with the current consoles available.
Blacktric  +   833d ago
"don't reply to comments you cannot comprehend"

Jesus christ, really?

"he isn't being forced to get next gen he has a choice to stick with the current consoles available."

Oh hai Don Mattrick!
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   833d ago
Stamps 29 Riders 25
malokevi  +   832d ago
No kidding! I'm as excited and ever, and that's all that matters. As are we all, obviously. Articles like these articles should never be approved.
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Lwhit6  +   833d ago
Me too. I'm so tired of people being so picky and pessimistic about next gen.

We've waited years to be able to download games while playing and now that we finally get it... a 2 minute download is going to ruin it for you?!
GiggMan  +   833d ago
Yeah I'm with you, if that was a deal breaker than there wasn't a "deal" in the first place.
scott182  +   833d ago
Suspend/resume... Do some games really suck so bad that people have to constantly flip between them to keep interested? Even when this feature gets patched in am I gonna use it? wtf deal breaker.
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patsrule316  +   833d ago
Its not really for flipping between games. It is for when you need to leave your game really quickly, but haven't had a chance to save, and I absolutely will use it. That said, it isn't a deal breaker that it was delayed, but I will be upset if we don't get it fairly soon.
GrandpaSnake  +   833d ago
seems like the people trying to justify the x1 with technology have to rely on some pretty weak features.
1nsomniac  +   833d ago
Is that a genuine quote!?

The fact it wont have suspend/resume at launch is a deal breaker HA!!

After reading the article though, to be fair he is purposefully trying to see the darker not so fluffy side of the next gen release & does make a few good points. I mean yes we all believe that Sony has learnt from its lessons & turned a new leaf but it could always be a possibility that suspend/resume could turn out to be the next gen cross game chat feature...
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Kleptic  +   832d ago
^ i read it i was thinking that before he even mentioned it...

Cross game chat and universal in game invites were both features on a bullet list promised for the PS3...both mentioned at the ps3's announcement to begin with... was a 'not at launch' kind of thing...

now...still not around...

I don't think the ps4 and xbox one 'suck'...They are so far beyond better than the systems they are replacing...its not even a debate...however, i'd be lying if I wasn't slightly disappointed with them so far...and by disappointed, all i mean is, neither system has shown any game or feature that has really blown me a away yet...the ps4 trashes the PS3 for sure...but, so does my smart phone...

and considering this new gen is layered with confusing PR, feature strips, and game delays just as much as the past...i'm having a hard time really seeing what the manufacturers learned...
come_bom  +   833d ago
Is it just me that thinks next gen launch exclusive games on both consoles are lacking?

There are some mildly interesting exclusives on both consoles, but nothing that would really make me want to purchase a next gen console to play.
Conzul  +   833d ago
Yes, it's just you. infamous and shadowfall look stunning and ryse is nothing to shake a stick at either.
TechMech2  +   833d ago
I didn't read the article, but if it says that, then this article is obviously just to get a lot of views. Nobody would care about that feature that much.
d3nworth1  +   833d ago
The news really didn't bother me. The 2 games I really wanted on PS4 watchdogs and FF15 arent available at launch so I'll mostly be playing my ps3. However I find it odd that the suspend/resume feature isnt available at launch when both the psp and vita already have this feature. If the handhelds can do it what's the problem with the ps4.
adarker  +   833d ago
But the thing was I WAS interested but now I'm not due to all the BS. Thanks for reading and commenting tho!
adarker  +   833d ago
"Me too. I'm so tired of people being so picky and pessimistic about next gen. "

Yeah because we shouldn't expect what was promised and shouldn't care if it's ya know good, right?
lashes2ashes  +   833d ago
They never promised it would be there day one. Features are subject to change is in the fine print of almost everything. Now if it's on the box and it does not have it I can understand that.
solidjun5  +   833d ago
What exactly was promised?

It seems to me that you're just a fanboy who just wanted to whine so you wrote this drivel.

"'' my personal deal breaker came along. The PS4 will NOT support suspend/resume at launch''

Please tell me this is just a joke. Is it? It's ... not? Yea GTFO.
lonz358  +   833d ago
So Next Gen for PS4 sucks because of two delays?.......Have u seen the progress Driveclub has made?
MysticStrummer  +   833d ago
Yeah that game is gonna be sweet.
adarker  +   833d ago
THe delayes and removed features, not to mention day 1 patch...
GiggMan  +   833d ago
Removed features? So the features were there and then taken away? o_0
Deadpoolio  +   833d ago
What delays other than Drive club? And STFU about watch dogs its a MULTIPLAT....And the console functions without the 300MB UPDATE...that basically enables ALL the online features...LIKE EVERY electronic device has...Unless you have trash internet 300mb takes all of about 10 seconds to download....Unlike the other crap box that does not function unless you download the huge day one actual patch....Or need we mention you have to download half of forza before it will even function also.....

Lets also talk about removing features, like say requiring an over priced adapter to make current expensive gaming headsets function? Or how about NOT supporting external HDDs at launch? Which mark my words Micro$haft is not supporting external HDDs at launch because they are going to require that you purchase one of their extremely over priced Micro$haft branded HDDs......

Meanwhile 0 features have been removed from the PS4, all the things Xbots love to mention were never promised for day one, and boo hoo may require an update down the road to ENABLE the feature...
awesomeperson  +   833d ago
I don't know how some people struggle so much with the concept of console manufacturing.

The hardware was finished and went into production months ago. The software is worked on right up until, and past the time the console is launched.

A day one path is necessary to accomodate all of the changes that happened to the software in the three or so months since production started.

Unless you prefer the console manufacturers not to fix the many issues with launch software?
DEEBO  +   833d ago
One delay and one feature missing=failure?
on the nov15 don't even bother coming out the house.
you weren't buying a ps4 anyways.
if more people thought like this,the gaming industry would have crash a long time ago.
adarker  +   833d ago
The reason suspend/resume is important to me is that unlike all you fools that spend your days playing fanboy on a videogame sites I'm actually a busy guy! Gasp! I use that feature constantly on my Vita and I loved the idea that I could drop my game at any time and come back to it and it would be right where I left it. But carry on!
Mikelarry  +   833d ago
"all we fools" tut tut even if your article is not up to scratch i expected more from someone who considers themselves authors and should be able to handle criticism. you posted an article on your opinion however baseless they are but i digress no-one in this article has called you names and you resort to name calling..... disappointing
limewax  +   833d ago
I'm with this guy. I was working with a few sites over the previous couple years in a number of positions and you should be ashamed of yourself as a rep for your website.

The sort of attitude that you're carrying forward is a perfect example of how to drive people away from your site. I won't even bother trying to give you any direction as your attitude simply doesn't warrant it.

Have fun watching your website crash and burn as every single editor realizes they can be paid better at another site since your hits never accumulate to anything meaningful.
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torchic  +   833d ago
"all you fools"

vrooooom! and there it went. all credibility the author had, flashed by us in an instant.
JLT-Sandwitch  +   832d ago
Dude if your so busy you wont want to use it. I work 12-14 hours a day. Just because of that i'm always going to fully turn off any console even though I do play it every day. Yeah yeah low powered state. Offs still lower
adarker  +   833d ago
@Kingthrash360 I've been gaming since 1979 but thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it.
Hicken  +   832d ago
You certainly don't show it.

See, the thing with the Vita is: the pause/resume feature is something of a necessity on a handheld these days. You never know when you'll have to stop and put it away.

That's not the sort of concern a console user will have. So while it's a bummer that it won't be available at launch, you making it a "deal breaker" is an extremely flimsy excuse.

As far as delays, there are two games delayed? And one of them is multiplat. (Speaking for the PS4; I vaguely recall there may be a game delayed for XB1, but as I can't name it, I won't count it.)

And in regards to patches for a system Day 1: should you not expect that these companies will continue to work out any bugs in software, even after the hardware has been finalized and is being produced? We're at a point now with technology that ANYTHING that has software and an internet connection will likely have an update ready for it by the time it hits shelves. Simply put: the companies aren't just sitting and waiting for us to complain about a bunch of crap that does work, and are actively trying to remedy the situation as best they can, as quick as they can.

Sorry, but I'm really not seeing how any of your complaints are even remotely valid.
Godmars290  +   833d ago
Here's the dirty truth of "Next Gen": Neither the XB1 nor PS4 will have their full advertised features until at least a year post their physical launches. Six to nine months if they're lucky.
Mohlest   833d ago | Spam
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   833d ago
lame article
Mikey32230  +   833d ago
I'm actually also extremely disappointed about these advertised features not being available. its freaking me out. I mean, what could possibly cause this feature not to be ready? It seems more like a hardware capability that should be baked into the console more than software efficiency. I smell a little BS now..
I'm worried. im a sony guy thru-n-thru but i'm just not sure.

Sony is always slow as hell to update anything. whenever they say "Soon" it means 6months - a year minimum

I feel like the PS4 will be a great gaming machine, I just hope they dont strip it bare of its Home Entertainment capabilities either.

They havent mentioned a single thing about Media server/home streaming support. A Music/video/picture player. It sounds like there is no custom soundtracks while playing games (limited to just Music Unlimited).

The ps3 was great because it not only did great gaming but also everything else.
OrangePowerz  +   833d ago
Let me help you there. Something like suspend might seem very easy to realize to you, but it isn`t as easy as it might seem to implement reliably so the game really resumes where you left off without loosing any progress.
Foxgod  +   833d ago
It doesnt suck for me, got an x1 preordered and plenty of games to choose from.
OrangePowerz  +   833d ago
It`s official... the article is not up to par. (no disrespect)

The author doesn`t have all the information about the different topics.
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hotbeef  +   833d ago
People need to quit looking for little things to nitpick on and just enjoy what's coming. I understand wanting native 1080p games but the truth is, a large majority of consumers won't notice the difference between a native 1080p picture and a 720p picture, and even at 720p, the graphics are still going to be a major upgrade from current gen consoles and developers will learn the systems more over time and I'm sure start pumping out more native 1080p stuff. Also keep in mind, a lot of games we consider good looking on current gen consoles don't even run native 720p, they are upscaled by the systems
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   833d ago
I have two 1080p tvs (a lg 55" passive3d and a 60" samsung active3d smart).

I spent top dollar for these badboys and would like to see them used to its fullest.

So yeah it does matter to me.plz stop repeating this nonsense because if resolution didn't matter why buy hd tvs in the first place?...why maky bluray movies or imax movies or HD GAMING IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Oh I know its to enhance the experience duh.
PawnSacrifice  +   833d ago
I'll agree to that.
& as an experiment that proves your statement (for Xbox ppl)
1) set your console to 1080p then run a 1080p game on it. Then set the console to 720p and run the same game. Slight diff, but on my 200mhz 70" I was 1ft away to notice.
2) Now keep the console at 1080 but play a game in 1080 then in 720. Surprisingly I couldn't see the diff, honestly. So the consoles upscale worked brilliant.
Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer true 1080, but hey. I also like my games frame rate steady.
(FYI if yr about to tell me you can't change a 360s Rez in game, don't. Some you can)
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   833d ago
I'm no tech head but you have one flaw in your argument.

Your not comparing native 1080p to 720p. I think if you did this it would make a huge difference.

Like I can watch a bluray then turn on cable and watch the same movie in 720p 1080I (xfinity) and there's a huge difference.

Xbox upscales all their games.if you force 1080p on ps3 games look like shit.
PawnSacrifice  +   833d ago
Point taken, but a movie has different visuals to a game.
What I did was get the disk of game X off a friend that I had already downloaded from Xbox Games. The disk was in 1080p but the DL was only in 720p.
It IS a 2013 game, I'm not naming it. But that scenario can be applied to a few on the list.
So it was native 1080p, and the auto upscale on the xbox looked the same.
(We were looking at writing on objects and 'jaggies' on outlines ect)
Don't mistake me, I would prefer native 1080p, but a handful of launch games that were developed without the console present.. This won't be a prob much longer.
Belking  +   833d ago
This site will approve any article. What a joke.
MadMen  +   833d ago
Solid article, and the views in it are expressed by many.
Dante81  +   833d ago
Well, at least the Dualshock 4 is awesome.
PawnSacrifice  +   833d ago
I don't care anymore! There will be yet another COD game by this time next year, and any teething probs will be gone. The 360 was in 720p when it first came out, so u know, like when you get a new program of OS on yr computer, what u can do now u most likely couldn't do before.
And the best part about these two systems is that they CAN be updated, nothing is locked in like the N64 PSOne days.
I'm getting an Xbox because I like their games (yes I am a Halo fan), I like MS's UI, and I love the controller.
That's my 2c and if you don't like it I refer u to my opening statement.
Funantic1  +   833d ago
I was expecting so much more from both systems. Developers really wanted both systems to have 16 Gigs of RAM. I've read that several times. But both Sony and MS tried to go the cheap way out for more profits, whether it's cheaper GPUs or smaller fans. Both cut corners. Then the delays in games, overheating issues, missing features at launch, weak game launch titles, etc. Honestly I think both systems are being rushed. Everyone reading this who's buying a launch next gen system will end up buying another replacement within 5 years cause neither will hold up to hardcore gaming. Really no system should be released if it doesn't have at least 10 good AAA exclusive games at launch.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   833d ago
miklo84  +   833d ago
P.S. Just picked up my DS4 remote today. Love games and getting both systems and yes I have a WII U. I personally enjoy the fact that each system has something different to offer and refuse to get caught up in a war of words over which system is best. "I don't always have time to play games but when I do I choose XBOX ONE, PS4, and WII U. Keep gaming my friends. "
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   833d ago
Its just not an option for me to game on 3 systems I never beat the games going back and forth.(ni no kuni, the witcher 2, tales of xillia, mgs rising, halo4, xenoblade) and that's just a few games I haven't played through because its to much awesomeness spread out, all coming at once lol.

I work anywhere between 50-60hrs (tooll&die wears your ass out) a week so this gen I'm going with one console.

Whatever games come out I like on ps4, I will focus on them and them only.

The next gen is 3 freaking weeks away and my backlog is insane with all three plats.
MAULxx  +   833d ago
Man, what's with these articles today trying to fizzle my excitement? It's not working, I'm still excited!
If next gen sucks then stick with the current.
Everything isn't going to go baby butt smooth bringing everything online. Everyone loves all the online features so here you go. You going to have to exercise a bit of patience.
I'll be getting my system & having a blast playing AC4BF.
I guess I'll have to power off my system the old fashion way at the end of a gaming session (gasp). "The horror!" Lol.
#22 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ezrarog  +   833d ago
To be completely unbiased in this discussion, I just want to say this.

We grew up playing consoles without the worry of what's inside the system itself. We cared about the games and the storyline and everything that made those memories possible with friends.

Too be honest I'm saddened with all this and the fact that people are just wanting to much from these consoles at launch. I know were all excited about the promises that each company said they would do. I get it. But take a step back and remember it's only the beginning of these new consoles. Just because these features aren't in right away it doesn't mean they won't be there in the near future.

For me it's always been about supporting first party exclusives for the console of my choosing. I don't worry about how this game looks 720p vs 1080p because at least I know I am going to have a NEW GAME to play online with old friends and new friends. And it doesn't mean that the company did a bad job because really it's only the beginning for these consoles and companies. Give them time and enjoy the experience. No need to stress about something that will be given in time.
#23 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tapioca Cold  +   833d ago
Here s a dark image for you author:

"All ready"

Dude, if you re gonna be a journslist learn how to write. Whats worse is the morons on here giving comments and taking your teenage opinion seriously. Good grief.
The_Ozymandias  +   832d ago
It's official, you've got to be the most insatiable, sour grapes, butthurt excuse of a click-whore on this entire site. These are irreplaceable contributions you bring to the table. Spot on, keep the journalistic masterpieces flowing.
Locknuts  +   832d ago
My deal breaker was the fact that this year's line up sucks. And paying to play online, and no backwards compatibility. PS3 is a better console but I should never have betrayed the master race by buying one. I hope they take me back or I'll be stuck in gaming purgatory.
DJMarty  +   832d ago

PS4 will ROCK

4>1 always will be.
Trekster_Gamer  +   832d ago
Troll you always will be!
Trekster_Gamer  +   832d ago
The article was written by an idiot...Go back to pong and stop wasting our time with be so called writing.
static360  +   832d ago
i swear i this guy was actually a writer for a credible gaming site i will have lost all hope in that said site, this looks like it was written by a freaking guy that just wrote his first piece i don't want to say a little kid because am sure a kid can write something better than that

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