It’s Official…Next Gen Sucks: A Darker Image Editorial

As of this writing the next age of gaming begins on November 15th for Playstation fans and November 22nd for Xbox fans (And before you ask, Wii U does not count) and all ready it seems like the wheels are coming off. Scandals abound for both systems and no matter which way you go you are losing something you were looking forward to.

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black0o1879d ago

'' my personal deal breaker came along. The PS4 will NOT support suspend/resume at launch''

stopped reading there

Mikelarry1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

thanks i didnt have to waste a min of my life reading. if next gen sucks don't buy it it baffles me why some gamers can grasp such a simple concept

Kingthrash3601879d ago

these^^^^perfect comment for article

in the defense of the writer...i dont think he is a gamer. he plays games yeah...but not 1 gamer out there ...not 1 thinks next gen suspend/ resume at launch being a "reason for passing on ps4"...gtfo.

pixelsword1879d ago

What does that even mean, like the pause button that games already have?

Mikelarry1879d ago

@ pixelword

yeah but a lower power consumption state as opposed to having your console fully on.


“suspend/resume mode” is when gamers can put the console into a low-power state that behaves as if the system is off, but it actually saves the game right where you left it.

Army_of_Darkness1879d ago

He is gonna look stupid when these next Gen consoles keep selling well and really awesome games start coming out in a year or so and he ends up eventually buying them.

Blacktric1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"if next gen sucks don't buy it it baffles me why some gamers can grasp such a simple concept"

Screw them for sharing their opinion, which happens to be different from yours, right?

That being said, I love how the article looks like it's been written by a 5th grader.

pixelsword1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@ Mikelarry:

Thanks, I'm not up on all of what these consoles do or don't do; and now that I hear what it is, it's nothing more than "sleep mode".

I like to turn my electronics fully off anyways, so that really doesn't bother me.

I guess it upset at least six people though lol.

Mikelarry1879d ago

@ blacktric

where in my comment did i insinuate to screw the author for having an opinion. don't reply to comments you cannot comprehend. my comment was that if the author did not like next gen or has he put it " next gen suck" he isn't being forced to get next gen he has a choice to stick with the current consoles available.

Blacktric1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"don't reply to comments you cannot comprehend"

Jesus christ, really?

"he isn't being forced to get next gen he has a choice to stick with the current consoles available."

Oh hai Don Mattrick!

malokevi1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

No kidding! I'm as excited and ever, and that's all that matters. As are we all, obviously. Articles like these articles should never be approved.

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Lwhit61879d ago

Me too. I'm so tired of people being so picky and pessimistic about next gen.

We've waited years to be able to download games while playing and now that we finally get it... a 2 minute download is going to ruin it for you?!

GiggMan1879d ago

Yeah I'm with you, if that was a deal breaker than there wasn't a "deal" in the first place.

scott1821879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Suspend/resume... Do some games really suck so bad that people have to constantly flip between them to keep interested? Even when this feature gets patched in am I gonna use it? wtf deal breaker.

patsrule3161879d ago

Its not really for flipping between games. It is for when you need to leave your game really quickly, but haven't had a chance to save, and I absolutely will use it. That said, it isn't a deal breaker that it was delayed, but I will be upset if we don't get it fairly soon.

GrandpaSnake1879d ago

seems like the people trying to justify the x1 with technology have to rely on some pretty weak features.

1nsomniac1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Is that a genuine quote!?

The fact it wont have suspend/resume at launch is a deal breaker HA!!

After reading the article though, to be fair he is purposefully trying to see the darker not so fluffy side of the next gen release & does make a few good points. I mean yes we all believe that Sony has learnt from its lessons & turned a new leaf but it could always be a possibility that suspend/resume could turn out to be the next gen cross game chat feature...

Kleptic1878d ago

^ i read it i was thinking that before he even mentioned it...

Cross game chat and universal in game invites were both features on a bullet list promised for the PS3...both mentioned at the ps3's announcement to begin with... was a 'not at launch' kind of thing...

now...still not around...

I don't think the ps4 and xbox one 'suck'...They are so far beyond better than the systems they are replacing...its not even a debate...however, i'd be lying if I wasn't slightly disappointed with them so far...and by disappointed, all i mean is, neither system has shown any game or feature that has really blown me a away yet...the ps4 trashes the PS3 for sure...but, so does my smart phone...

and considering this new gen is layered with confusing PR, feature strips, and game delays just as much as the past...i'm having a hard time really seeing what the manufacturers learned...

come_bom1879d ago

Is it just me that thinks next gen launch exclusive games on both consoles are lacking?

There are some mildly interesting exclusives on both consoles, but nothing that would really make me want to purchase a next gen console to play.

Conzul1879d ago

Yes, it's just you. infamous and shadowfall look stunning and ryse is nothing to shake a stick at either.

TechMech21879d ago

I didn't read the article, but if it says that, then this article is obviously just to get a lot of views. Nobody would care about that feature that much.

d3nworth11879d ago

The news really didn't bother me. The 2 games I really wanted on PS4 watchdogs and FF15 arent available at launch so I'll mostly be playing my ps3. However I find it odd that the suspend/resume feature isnt available at launch when both the psp and vita already have this feature. If the handhelds can do it what's the problem with the ps4.

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adarker1879d ago

But the thing was I WAS interested but now I'm not due to all the BS. Thanks for reading and commenting tho!

adarker1879d ago

"Me too. I'm so tired of people being so picky and pessimistic about next gen. "

Yeah because we shouldn't expect what was promised and shouldn't care if it's ya know good, right?

lashes2ashes1879d ago

They never promised it would be there day one. Features are subject to change is in the fine print of almost everything. Now if it's on the box and it does not have it I can understand that.

solidjun51879d ago

What exactly was promised?

It seems to me that you're just a fanboy who just wanted to whine so you wrote this drivel.

"'' my personal deal breaker came along. The PS4 will NOT support suspend/resume at launch''

Please tell me this is just a joke. Is it? It's ... not? Yea GTFO.

lonz3581879d ago

So Next Gen for PS4 sucks because of two delays?.......Have u seen the progress Driveclub has made?

MysticStrummer1879d ago

Yeah that game is gonna be sweet.

adarker1879d ago

THe delayes and removed features, not to mention day 1 patch...

GiggMan1879d ago

Removed features? So the features were there and then taken away? o_0

Deadpoolio1879d ago

What delays other than Drive club? And STFU about watch dogs its a MULTIPLAT....And the console functions without the 300MB UPDATE...that basically enables ALL the online features...LIKE EVERY electronic device has...Unless you have trash internet 300mb takes all of about 10 seconds to download....Unlike the other crap box that does not function unless you download the huge day one actual patch....Or need we mention you have to download half of forza before it will even function also.....

Lets also talk about removing features, like say requiring an over priced adapter to make current expensive gaming headsets function? Or how about NOT supporting external HDDs at launch? Which mark my words Micro$haft is not supporting external HDDs at launch because they are going to require that you purchase one of their extremely over priced Micro$haft branded HDDs......

Meanwhile 0 features have been removed from the PS4, all the things Xbots love to mention were never promised for day one, and boo hoo may require an update down the road to ENABLE the feature...

awesomeperson1879d ago

I don't know how some people struggle so much with the concept of console manufacturing.

The hardware was finished and went into production months ago. The software is worked on right up until, and past the time the console is launched.

A day one path is necessary to accomodate all of the changes that happened to the software in the three or so months since production started.

Unless you prefer the console manufacturers not to fix the many issues with launch software?

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