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Submitted by africanos23 837d ago | news

Amd Increases Batman Arkham Origins Performance By 350% not 35%

HardwarePal : As you already know AMD has released their new 13.11 v6 drivers (just a few hours after we finished benchmarking) that improve performance in Batman Arkham Origins. Since there was no point in ignoring this we had to sit and redo the AMD GPU part all over again. (AMD, Batman: Arkham Origins, PC)

jay2  +   837d ago
l2dusk  +   836d ago
It's not like they increased 350% over the competition, did anyone even bother to read the article? They just went from unplayable very low FPS to normal FPS.
Before the update the average FPS on the AMD HD7970 was 13 comparade to Nvidia's gtx 770 41 fps average. Now with the new drivers the HD7970 average is at 45 FPS. It's not that hard to see that the previous drivers were "broken"
ChrisW  +   835d ago
What's sad is that they needed a 350% increase to keep up or surpass the competition.
Stsonic  +   836d ago
this is awsome i was maxed out before with no aa now maxed with with 8xmsaa looks incredible
Alex_Boro  +   836d ago
So true! I had it maxed out before with MSAA 8x and only got like 10 FPS but with the update I'm running well over 60 FPS.
FanboysAreGimps  +   836d ago
That's pretty incredible, just shows what optimization can do for hardware
SilentNegotiator  +   836d ago
Or else the original drivers just sucked. And knowing AMD...
Murad  +   836d ago
It most likely just sucked :P
mistertwoturbo  +   836d ago
Not really, it's more like a bug fix.
TacticAce  +   836d ago
I tried to tell people that the r9 290x performance will get better with better drivers. I can't wait to see how powerful my 290x can really be. BTW I didn't know you could use physx on a and card since when did that happen?
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joe90  +   836d ago
Runs off the CPU i think not your card. not 100% on the matter but sure thats it.
josephayal  +   836d ago
PC games always look better in terms of higher res and framerate, 4K is a piece of cake
xKugo  +   836d ago
350%? O_o
Studio-YaMi  +   836d ago
CheexInk  +   836d ago
If they did a 350% increase with a driver update that means there was something wrong beforehand, not something amazing after the fact.
camel_toad  +   836d ago
I've gotta agree with ya. That's an ENORMOUS improvement. I'm looking forward to trying it out but I have to postpone for sake of the tiny 3hr dark souls 2 beta window.
Yukicore  +   836d ago
Nvidia knows better, they have very good drivers when a new game comes out and later they release drivers with improvements. With AMD there often are driver failures at launch for games...

I had AMD 7950 before, and now I am much happier with my GTX 770
mistertwoturbo  +   836d ago
I agree. I like AMD and their fair pricing, and a lot of their hardware is generally pretty good. But they are very behind when it comes to driver support.
hollabox  +   836d ago
Nvidia actually had some serious drivers issues the past two years. Tomb Raider sucked on my GTX 670 for about two weeks, Need for Speed Most Wanted sucked for about a month both with random crashes to desktop, visual effects artifacts, and lack luster performance. Oh yeah Far Cry 3 had visual anomalies when turning on HBAO, and SSAO, made the graphics look cartoony or actually didn't turn on at all. That took months to fix, so I don't know if the game was patched or when I updated my drivers, suddenly I tried it after awhile the issue was resolved. On top of that Nvidia had GPU killing drivers at least twice in the past 5 years, so by no means is Nvidia drivers perfect at all.
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Yukicore  +   836d ago
Perfect is an rare occasion in software world, especially if many different products depend on one version of software.

But if one of them is close to being perfect, it's Nvidia, there are some instances that there are glitches and crashes, but's it's inevitable, and IMO Nvidia has them much less.

I try to keep my mind open about AMD, the new GPU prices and performances seem like a really sweet deal, but I still have trust issues with AMD and their drivers, I don't think I will ever choose AMD products over Nvidia's. There are often some problems with game performances, D3D9.dll and stuttering for example.
Xristo  +   836d ago
What? Learn how to release buggy drivers?
cunnilumpkin  +   836d ago
wait, amd having drivers that need fixing???


this is news?

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