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Pokemon X/Y Review | Darkstation

There’s a good game in Pokemon X, and fans looking for another game near-identical to the ones before it likely won’t find issue with a lot of the dusty trimmings and transparent battle system. If you want to get into into the new stat rebuilding features and grind out tons of easy battles to prep for high-level online multiplayer, it’s never been easier to do so. But for all else, the game’s excellent visuals belie the frustratingly old-fashioned design. RPG folk can find better times on their 3DS. (3DS, Pokemon, Pokemon X and Y) 3/5

OMNlPOTENT  +   258d ago
"near-identical" did we even play the same game?
effinrobjob  +   258d ago
obviously you didnt. its a 3d visually polished game thats dumbed down from its earlier versions with poor man digimon elements. this should've came out on the GameCube.

millions of gamers without standards threw their money at essentially a 3D remake.

If gamefreak REALLY wants to give their fans something they deserve, give us a live-action battle system its not that damn hard if squareenix can do it with final fantasy
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SpiralTear  +   258d ago
I don't know what you're talking about, pal. This game is really good. The game's networking features are miles ahead of Black/White, so it's anything but a "remake."

And unless you're talking about something like Night Trap or that garbage on XBLIG, I think you meant "real-time", not "live-action."
TekoIie  +   258d ago
"If gamefreak REALLY wants to give their fans something they deserve, give us a live-action battle system its not that damn hard if squareenix can do it with final fantasy"

So your basically asking that the combat require less thought and strategy and more fast paced action which looks more entertaining to the casuals? -_-

... Perhaps something which makes people say "AW LOOK AT DEM GRAFIKZZZ!!!".
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SpiralTear  +   258d ago
"Near-identical"? Sorry, after playing this game for only a few hours, I simply cannot agree with that.
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Ripsta7th  +   258d ago
Oh man i got this day 1 and still im not even close to being done, got 80+ hours sofar. Just been ev training my pokes for that online tournament, even though we always get stoped by japanese players
Blacklash93  +   258d ago
Graphically and aesthetically the game is very different from previous games. Sometimes the move to 3D even affects gameplay like back-angle environments, mirror reflections, and most of the gym structures.

Mechnically, it is noticably different. The pacing has been sped up considerably, the addition of skates and mounts, the addition of a new type and a new kind of evolution, an entirely new persistent online networking system that works much better, a more appraoachable and flexible method of stat-value leveling and a Nintendogs-esque mode, various new gimmicks like berry-farming and poke-radar and friend-safari, ect.

Is it a reinvention? Not by a long shot. But the updates and new additions extend quite a bit all-around the game.

Writer is also a bit wrong on the 3D. It also is used in certain environments, not just cutscenes and battles. They're few and far between, but they're there.
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TheDivine  +   258d ago
I have some problems with it and Pokemon in general. X/Y were rushed. The 3d only works in one vs one battles and the frame rate drops horribly when used. Every single npcs portrait is reused on dozens of npcs. The characters are extremely shallow, why can't we have a little backstory one each main character or events to get to know them? I also hate how amazingly slow it is. Even with battle animations off each battle takes far too long. I HATE how after every enemy stats pop up and pokemon level up then you continue the battle. It breaks the flow and makes it take three times longer than it should. There's far too many random encounters. I understand you need them in grass and caves but those should be optional and every damn npc runs up to me and initiates a forced battle. I should be able to choose to battle them. My last main gripe is the battles themselves. They're straight from the original pokemon game with one vs one. That's incredibly boring. Yea there's the occasional three vs three or hoard but those are exceptions. Personally I'd prefer three vs three or three vs five the whole game. Use the normal up to six one at a time for gyms or trainers. I guess that's my main thing, fighting one vs one in the campaign. Its boring and simplistic.

That said its a long, deep, beautiful game. Its def rushed and you can tell they cut some corners but its still one of the best games on any portable. Its just too slow, meticulous, and stuck in the past for me. I want a halfway decent story, characters, and a party. I want a more engaging battle system. I also want a challenge. Its one of the easiest RPGs ever. I like breezy games but it still retains the frustrations from harder games. Another thing I'd love is real bosses in addition to the gym leaders and trainers. I'd like big boss pokemon that are huge and cannot be captured. Take three pokemon in and have a battle where buffs, debuffs, and the pokemon strategies really play out. Maybe I'm a noob and that would change the game too much for longtime fans but to a new player, it feels dated and slow.

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