GameTap: Target: Terror - Is it called Target: Terror because that's where the terrorists bought their clothes?

GameTap writes: "Target: Terror is a messy little throwback of a shooting game, a slab of arcade retro on white bread with a thick slice of cheese. As you play it, you find yourself thinking that you and your buds could make a better game next Saturday afternoon. And that's just the way Konami planned it...hopefully, because any other explanation is just too horrible to contemplate.

Leviathan Games gets the credit for shoveling this Wii version from the original arcade code created by Raw Thrills in 2003. It's hard to imagine that two years post 9/11, after the Homeland Security Act was passed into law, and even after the Office of Homeland Security was created that this homespun terrorists send-up was blissfully swallowing tokens in arcades across America. Maybe there was something cathartic about it at the time, but don't expect to recoup your money here."

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