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Mike takes a look at the latest installment in the Batman series.

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ZombieKiller1847d ago

This deserves a higher rating than a 3.5.....I would say at LEAST a 4.

AmbaLaBamba1847d ago

I've yet to play the game myself, maybe next week, I will have to see if what he says is true.

ZombieKiller1846d ago

It was awesome. I liked the story better than City and Asylum. Despite some minor frame-rate hiccups when the game auto-saves, this game was amazing. The boss fights make you apply what you know about the combat and in no way are they frustrating.

I just love the Arkham series...I have platinums on both games, and have played City up to the very day that Origins released. It's the same game, just more added to it, new plot and acting, and new features. Anyone that rates this any less that the Arkham City rating, needs to come up with better excuses and REAL reasons other than "It's the same game"

Call of Duty is the same game, this is not. It uses the same graphics, a similar map and combat system and an updated engine. The engine they created was advanced enough to run more than one game.

My review: If you liked City and Asylum, pick up this game. It's just as good and is a fitting entry in the series.