GameTap: NBA Ballers: Chosen One Review - Better than watching the Knicks--then again, isn't everything?

GameTap writes: "NBA Ballers: Chosen One is a battle game. Think Street Fighter meets the NBA, and that's where the game is in its element. Only difference is, instead of a combo leading to Melo punching some dude in the face then running for his life, there are super moves where you get the ball bounced off your head then watch as your opponent break dances on your back as you hunch over in pain. This is the type of trash-talking move the game is built around, and when playing against a friend, the constant back-and-forth of combos, self-alley-oops, and these Shut 'Em Down super moves will provide hours of good times. It's when you're friends go home, however, that you start to see the real weaknesses of the game."

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