According to CBOAT 720p is the Tip of the Iceberg for Xbox One Problems

According to NeoGaf user "crazy buttocks on a train" the 720p issues are only the beginning for the Xbox One related problems. Many more to come at launch.

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pwnsause_returns1789d ago

wow...theres a Boss level of problems behind this? great -_-

sigfredod1789d ago

If this turn out to be true, MS will be in deep shit, hope is not competition is always good

black0o1789d ago

NeoGaf and cboat are on a mission to make the xbone nickname official .. 4 weeks and everything will be in the open

Enemy1789d ago

I hope everyone realizes that CBOAT's the man who's been spilling nothing but (sad) facts about the Xbox One since it was first revealed.

amiga-man1789d ago

Be afraid be very afraid

shoddy1789d ago

Powa of teh clowd come to the rescue

QuickdrawMcgraw1789d ago

Enemy he isn't the only one.

jatakk1789d ago

This rumour fits well with the other b$ from cboat and the neogaf wasteland.

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Neixus1789d ago

To be honest, microsoft should of just delayed the xbone. They're creating lots of mess as it is right now.

NewZealander1789d ago

the people who are creating the biggest mess is the fanboys and the "insiders"

these sad little pockets of society have nothing better to do then spam the net with their hate and try to spin even positive news in to negative.

Neixus1789d ago

Fanboys creating the biggest mess? That's some bull.

By no means, i'm no sony fanboy. But haven't you heard all the serious stuff lately about xbox?
The reason games are running 720p on xbone is because the dev tools are limited, and unfinished.

take a look here

P0werVR1788d ago


Can you name me these serious stuff?!

And can you PLEASE quit using NeoGaf as a reference for ANYTHING relevant. The only thing wrong here are RUMORS from raving fanboys like CBOAT who has been posting negative and sarcastic posts about Xbox One.

Anything beside the DRM issue is the ONLY issue that Xbox One has encountered. Other than that I see NOTHING serious. You guys are disputing a point that doesn't exist, and will be disappointed when you realize how ridiculous it is that 1080p will be capable on PS4 and not Xbox One.

M-M1789d ago

"According to NeoGaf user “bishoptl“, if CBOAT were to spill the beans on all the Xbox One technical issues he has shared with him via PM, the world would implode."

The problems are that bad? I really think Microsoft should have waited until 2014 to release the Xbox One. I know that they didn't want the competition to get ahead of them, but it would have been best to push it back to avoid all of these issues.

LoudHawk1789d ago

CBOAT stated a while ago that they rushed due to SONY's announcement of the PS4.

Magicite1789d ago

they saw how sony caught them this gen, so they didnt dare to get behind in next-gen race, that would be a too big hit.

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FlameHawk1789d ago

Come on we should all know by now, the Xbox One was rushed.

Mikelarry1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

for ms sake i hope they haven't really got another major F up, i mean how can a company get something so wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.