Stanley Parable - Is It Racist?

Recently, Galactic cafe, the developers of Stanley Parable, removed a training video called the Choice, because it was deemed offensive. The scene depicts what can be reductively described as a white man setting a black child ablaze. Let me repeat that for you, a white guy setting a black child ablaze. Funny, right? Well, at least I thought it was. I have a weird sense of humor the likes of Dave Chappelle have nurtured. Racism, to me, is funny. Especially, when it is something as ridiculous as a white guy setting a black child on fire, but is there something more intellectual going on with the Choice video?

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Timesplitter141846d ago

Twinfinite - Is it attention-seeking?

GentlemenRUs1846d ago

Urgh now it's leaked out of the Steam Discussion so websites can get hits...

So yeah! They are attention-seeking!

BABY-JEDI1846d ago

I think it's an interesting slant in gaming that makes you wonder why your playing this game.

mixelon1846d ago

Hmm, South Park could get away with a joke like that (and has) and nobody would bat an eyelid.

Its weird how people seem to react differently to stuff in games, like theyre surprised whenever satire or commentary, or dark humour is presented in game. I guess its good that discussion ends up happening but it'll be nice once people stop treating games so differently to every other medium.

pixelsword1846d ago

That's because nobody watches South Park...

mixelon1846d ago

Im preeeeetty sure more people watch SP than played the Stanley Parable.

~3 million in the US alone, legally.. Not including all the internationals and people who torrent it.