Kombo: Okami Review - 'This is a Zelda caliber adventure'

Kombo writes: "During the fall of 2006, Capcom released the Clover Studios-developed Okami on PlayStation 2. The adventure title puts you in control of a goddess wolf named Amaterasu, who embarks upon an epic adventure to save the land of Nippon from great evil. The storyline is simple, but it's also charming. The real star of Okami isn't the plot or writing, though, it's the Zelda-like gameplay, which drives the adventure. Leading up to Okami's original PS2 release, fans cried for a Wii port, arguing that the stylized adventure game was ideal for Nintendo's new console and would work splendidly with the Celestial Brush. At the time, Capcom producer Atsushi Inaba disagreed and said the game wasn't suited for Nintendo's controller. A year-and-half later, Ready at Dawn has accomplished the seemingly impossible: re-building Okami from the ground-up for Wii (which had to be done thanks to a scarcity of the original's assets, which were lost when Clover Studios closed up shop). The end product is an enhanced port of the original Okami – the enhancement being Wii-mote controls."

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