Killzone will start in 15 seconds

Petter of writes: "One of the coolest features like Guerrilla showed me during the visit earlier this week was how quickly the Killzone Shadow Fall starts once you stuffed the disc into his console."

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LeonhartX1876d ago

Preorder cancelled !!! that's ridiculous is this the so called next gen, 15 seconds!!! i feel betrayed by Sony /s

eezo1876d ago

dude are you really serious, its 15 secs not 15 mins

sigfredod1876d ago

notice the /s at the end of LeonhartX post

amiga-man1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

!5 seconds I have to laugh, I remember the commodore 64 and spectrum days loading from tape, we couldn't even imagine something loading in 15 seconds.

We certainly had a lot more patience back then lol.

iceman061876d ago

@Amiga-man...I remember that too. Tape drives could easily take 30 min. to load. What did we do??? Waited!!! Then played forever before attempting to switch games!!!

BABY-JEDI1876d ago

Your being tooooooo clever. But you know that.

TheDevKit1876d ago

The users on this site are damn stupid.

UltimateMaster1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Blu-Ray disc player speed of both the PS4 and Wii U is 6x.
The Xbox One is only 2x, meaning Killzone would need 45 seconds to load up, if it were strong enough to run it...

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jwk941876d ago

People won't read your whole post.

eezo1876d ago

for those who are still asking: is it 15 seconds to start screen, or 15 seconds to the gameplay: "15 sekunder innan man är igång och spelar"

It means "15 seconds to the Gameplay".

MuhammadJA1875d ago

dude, are you serious? you don't have to write the '/s' at the end. it's obvious you were joking. I guess some people are thick.

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sigfredod1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Also thanks that Killzone shadowfall has remove all the pre-screens so you just go into the game, thats great

BABY-JEDI1876d ago

That's not just great that's awesome! In fact. This is revolutionary to the same extent of Star Wars movies having credits @ the end.

1nsomniac1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Haven't read the article but does this mean Sony have got rid of all the silly epilepsy, Move, & all the other warning & information crap that loads before every single game???

IMO that was by far & away the worst, most annoying part of our current generation of gaming!

T21876d ago

This is,some of my fave news of late ... Sick of waiting 30 sec between every screen on gta5


Amazed? lol no just no, but it's good to know how fast u can get into the game.

FlameHawk1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Actually it is amazing because in the article it said it took 3 minutes for Killzone 3 and now compared to 15 seconds, it is a lot.
Also in before PC Elitists, $400 hardware vs +$1000 hardware is not the same thing so don't even bother comparing because its futile.

pyramidshead1876d ago

dat next gen GG swag with no splash screens or load windows. Will be quick indeed! Hope more devs follow suit!

Hazmat131876d ago

damn, i can already imagine waking up, turning on my PS4. starting up killzone shadow fall with coffee right next to me enjoying my day off of work. ahh yes. this next gen of gaming will be the golden years again.

stavrami1876d ago

same as what he said ^^ except i will swap coffee for meth

AceBlazer131876d ago

I hear a dude called Heisenburg has some really good stuff.

Benjammin251876d ago

SPOILERS. He's not around anymore, but I know this other dude who helped him.

Pintheshadows1876d ago

What I want to know is how quickly does your kettle boil?

Hazmat131876d ago

well on very high, its still longer than my sex life.

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