Xbox fire on Fox News

Fox News cover the recent Little Rock house that burned down due to a faulty Xbox 360 Power Cord.


Update:Story is covered by THV,not Fox News.

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sammy_mantra3562d ago

cant believe some people still support that console

Atomic3562d ago

also works like a coktail Molotov

Breakfast3563d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

lol...this makes me laugh...cant wait to see the xbox burn down a forest :) ...

Is the local news in the US always this cheap/ghetto? ...the 'new at 10:00' graphic and song made me crap my pants.

sammy_mantra3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

this is not funny OK

Think about those poor people who lost their belongings and the house because of RED RINGS OF HELL FIRE

This guy is the biggest XBOX fanboy in disguise

that poor family lost 100k because of HELLFIRE.

this is not Funny at all

also think about the KID who was burned by XBLAZE fire and the one who was fully burnt by XBLAZE

Breakfast3562d ago

"There has to be a limit to your XBOX defense"


deeznuts3562d ago

Google "Banging in Little Rock"

Tell you how bad that city is, and Arkansas in general (my apologies to all AR residents and bill clinton if you're reading!)

GF is in fort smith arkansas as we speak for work. Lets say, coming from san diego, it's ... different!

sammy_mantra3562d ago

Think about the poor people who lost their house because of that RED RING OF HELL FIRE

Halo3603562d ago

This isn't fox news dumbass

Condoleezza Rice3562d ago

I swear it said 'Xbox Fire!!!-Fox News story',thanks for the catch

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The story is too old to be commented.
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