Please Wait: Delays Aren’t Always Detrimental

Though delays can sometimes be an omen, it’s a common misconception that all delays somehow expose a game’s poor quality. In many cases, delays aren’t even to fix a broken game – they’re to expand and make the game even better. While we have yet to see how the delay will ultimately affect Ubisoft’s new games thus far, we do know what happened to delayed games in the past. Still not a believer? Here’s a list of games that suffered delays and were still successful.

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SuperBlur1875d ago

"The developers focused on making the character models very distinctive so that you could tell them apart from a distance"

A great joy it was to play TF2 , it's hard to believe that it came out back in october 2007, i don't know who had the idea of using that art style but it sure helped the game age really well. The delay was sure worth it.

GrandpaSnake1875d ago

i have always waited for metal gear games no matter how much they delay, i know it will be better.

andibandit1875d ago

im still waiting for The Last Guardian and i know for each year it must be getting better.By now it must be up to Duke Nukem 4 ever, standard.

Sketchy_Galore1875d ago

The new Drive club footage pretty much proves this. They must have had a ton of stuff they knew they could add but didnt want to risk anything going wrong so close to release because the new footage looks so much better than anything we've seen before and they pretty much only just announced the delay.

Having said that there are two things about these delays that disturb me.
1) Games like Contrast (which will apparently replace Drive club as a free PS+ launch title) are much more my type of thing artistically speaking but they could clearly be made for current gen systems. With the delay of Drive club I will only have Killzone Shadowfall as an example of pure next gen gaming for months until something comparable is released. This also makes me worry the PS4 could go the way of the Vita, which is packed with interesting creative titles but hardly any that fully exploit the power of the system and is instead packed with games that technically could have been done on the previous gen version.

2) I want these games now. I want every game announced for next gen systems to come out right the hell right now and I don't want to wait any more,

SpiralTear1875d ago

Aside from the rather severe delays regarding studio changes or simply starting again from scratch, I haven't seen too many cases where games are ultimately worse because of the delays.

I do think, however, that depending on how or when the delay occurs, a delay can result in a difference in sales, publicity or exposure. Rayman Legends is a clear example of how to wreck sales with a delay, but I think Watch_Dogs will fare better, since it won't be competing in such a crowded holiday lineup. That and the game still looks really, really good.

showtimefolks1875d ago

delays don't bother me because i know most times its gonna be a better game after the delay, what bothers me about watch dog though is the fact UBI showed so much of the game and kept adverting that its coming only for it to be delayed

on one hand yes it sucks but atleast UBI sees the bigger picture, and believe me metacritic does matter. There are people who only buy 9 or above, yes their loss but publishers also loose out on potential buyers. So now i hope WD ends up being high 9s if not perfect 10s

also i praise sony for delaying Drive Club, i believe when it comes out and doesn't have to live in shadow of GT6 and Forza 5 than it may actually get the limelight it deserves

end of the day when i see delays i always look at the past history of publisher/developer, if publisher actual makes quality games than i am fine by the delay

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