See PlayStation 4's Most Promising Downloads in Action

When Flower, Escape Plan, Flow, and Sound Shapes migrate over to PlayStation 4, you'll be able to experience some of PSN's best games all over again.

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Muerte24941876d ago

I know right!? I bought both Flower and FLow. Good to know that I can bring them over to my PS4 without a problem.

UltimateMaster1875d ago

Haven't bought them the first time.
But it would be cool if other games I like would make their way to the PS4 for free.

swishersweets200311876d ago

i rather have fat princess than flower or those other games.

1nsomniac1876d ago

Flower on PS4,.. Truly immense!!

The icing on the cake these next few weeks seem to be getting further away by the day if that's possible.