Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Freshen Up

Tom Whitehead's frustrated at the untapped potential of the Virtual Console

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Concertoine1578d ago

The wii had n64 games and genesis at launch, 1 year in and we havent moved beyond nes and snes

lilbroRx1578d ago

All of those titles are still accessible from the Wii eshop in Wii mode aren't they?

Concertoine1578d ago

Yes but then i wont have them sitting in the wii u menu and i'll have to play them with that derpy classic controller instead of the wii u pro or gamepad.

lilbroRx1578d ago

I like the classic controller pro more than the wii u pro controller. So to each his own on that one.

Also, the Wii eshop games are cheaper. Though going by the disagrees, I guess this is one of the articles that its not wise to "not speak negatively" about Nintendo on.

MNGamer-N1578d ago

Move over bacon, time for some Sizzlean!

LOL_WUT1578d ago

Give an OPTION to go fullscreen ;)

Concertoine1578d ago

I just switch the output to 480i and my tv to fullscreen. A quick option would be nice

LonDonE1578d ago

lol nice one didn't think of that, its annoying as hell to play with black borders!