Here’s How the Xbox One Looks When it Fails to Launch a Game

Demo consoles are subject to a lot of stress and wear and tear, and they’re normally running unfinished and unpolished code, so it’s definitely normal for them to fail, once in a while.

Here's how an Xbox One demo station looks when it fails to launch its Forza Motorsport 5 application.

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ABeastNamedTariq1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Hopefully no one sees that at home.

Console failures are a bad thing for anyone looking forward to a buying a new system.


To clarify, I'm aware it didn't fail. I'm generalizing. Perhaps I should say, console "issues".

Nitrowolf21394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Not only that, but the Xbox One was running on a Kiosk firmware. So there's a a lot of variables, but yeah hopefully this isn't an issue come console launch. By the look of the picture, sounds like it just timed out


It could easily just mean that these consoles do need online, considering that all X1 have DRM day one until they connect to the internet and patch up. Just because the system are available at ratails doesn't mean they are patched yet either.

abzdine1394d ago

activation? DRM?
let's see what Penello has to say to this this time :)

Eonjay1394d ago

Yesh... I saw that too. You shouldn't have to activate your Xbox Games...

4Sh0w1394d ago

Activation Failed just sounds like something timed out. So try it again, wow dualshockers looking for hits huh?

Abriael1394d ago

They called from your workplace. Said you left the tinfoil hat there :D

NewMonday1394d ago

an insider warned this will be a frequent problem..

gaffyh1394d ago

wtf activation? Maybe they just ejected the disc so the error popped up or something, but even so, the wording suggests some sort of DRM.

FamilyGuy1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

So it timed out while trying to launch, my email does that sometimes while trying to show my in box.

I'm assuming you just re-attempt it an it should be fine.

I'm fairly certain this "activation" just means the game/system glitched and failed to load your game. It was taking too long so so takes you back to your home screen rather than having you sit there for an unknown amount of time while the game continues to attempt to load.

That's my interpretation anyway.

Skate-AK1393d ago

The old Xbone policy said it could not work without an Internet connection. Then they backtracked and said they would change that but with a day one patch. So if we use the theory that it's using old Xbone firmware the game wouldn't work unless connected to the Internet. So since it is working that means it had to have had the patch. Right? I am sure the patch would be mandatory.

InMyOpinion1393d ago

I won't be seeing much of that this gen since I will move over to the dark side and be a PS4 owner. Loved the 360 but I don't see any good reasons for getting an XB One.

user55757081393d ago

no matter how you spin it this article is still bad PR because most people won't read past the title and the picture

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Abriael1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Console problems are very common with demo units, considering how much stress and wear and tear they go under and the fact that they run unfinished code.

I would not read much into it.

Abriael1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

@loulou: because it's interesting, and it's not something that we'll get many chances to see (hopefully).

Things don't need to have sweeping, world-changing consequences to be interesting.

Would you rather hear more on COD being 720p or whatever?

loulou1394d ago

lol that cut deep when you said cod 720p!!

i was being sarcastic with my question. how many hits did those few paragraphs get dulshockers?

BBBirdistheWord1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )


come on man?
don't you know?

Abriael is staff writer at dualshockers.
He makes money off flamebait headlines.
He is the one that wrote the article.

He seems happy to write and say anything to get hits. Even commenting in his own articles to raise the temperature.

He gets dualshockers staff who are also contributors to approve his stories so they get approved quickly. This has been proven.

It sucks that the system is being abused like that.

DOMination-1393d ago

Then he should be banned like hiphopgamer was

black0o1393d ago

@bbb where's ur proof?

BBBirdistheWord1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

@ Blacko (and anyone else interested in the truth)

Abriael has now deleted the twitter posts i referred to.
Not sure if the n4g admins asked him to delete.
Not sure if he just did it because he wanted to eliminate the evidence.

Luckily. I. was. a. step. ahead.

I saved screenshots of his twitter posts because I knew he would do this.

Of course you might claim they are fake, but the screenshots are cumbersome and very difficult to fake. Do you really think I would bother to fake this?

Here you go:

So, can we ban him?
It's only fair.

If we ban hiphopgamer, we should also ban abriael.

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cleft51394d ago

I find the wording of the "fail screen" more telling than anything else. "Activation failed" is a very specific terminology that is usually associated with DRM issues. Maybe this is just remnant of the old architecture Microsoft was going with though.

Nitrowolf21394d ago

well, you have to remember, the X1 still has DRM until it gets that day one patch

joefrost001394d ago

Yall do know activation is short for activate

mmofanatic1393d ago

Definitely seems like it.

stuna11394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Did anyone read the screen? It say "Activation"! Could this mean DRM? Someone who commented seems to think so. Serious question! Would like others take on this.

Thanks Nitro.

Nitrowolf21394d ago

Like I said above, all X1 have DRM until they are patched with the day one patch. This could just mean that these consoles don't have that patch since it's not available yet (I assume), and they are also retail consoles so different Firmware.

Pogmathoin1394d ago

Thats not Best Buy either... looking at the reflection, BB does not look like that...

1OddWorld1394d ago

I cant fault machines for making a mistake every now and again.

I try to put it in the wrong hole every now and again and the error I get from the woman is much more harsh.

Tapioca Cold1393d ago

Look at that geek in the picture. These are the guys that mouth off online. Whst a nerd.

DOOMZ1393d ago

Its just a time out error. A disk was put in before the initial update!!!

3-4-51393d ago

How long before the "xbox off" complaints start happening after launch?

So many people are going to grief their friends games with " xbox off"..

Every time that sore loser friend plays a game and is losing......."xbox off"...

It's the new "shut off the system because you are losing" button.....

JoSneak1393d ago

But, but... the cloud!