Battlefield 4 Leaks Online Following AC4 Just 2 Days Previous - Both On PS3 And 360.

Battlefield 4, namely one of EA's biggest deliveries of the year in gaming, has leaked online just 48 hours after Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag did the same.

Weighing in at 17.43-18.05GB depending on the version, the Xbox version is out on the cloud along with the PS3 version at 10.89GB, both which have been dropped by 'iMars', a notoriously prevalent piracy team.

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TurboGamer1850d ago

As a PC gamer myself I am just going to sit here with a grin on my face.

theEx1Le1850d ago

Yeah, I really dont think people realize that most big games leak on consoles first. Easy to slap the stereotypical "Its all PC users that pirate games" tag on things and continue to be ignorant.

hosseincode1850d ago

its been some years that every new game leaks a few days early on Xbox 360 and PS3.

but for PC you need to wait until actual release date so crackers can crack its main exe file.

esemce1850d ago

Happens all the time, though the main argument is that to copy PC games does not require and special hardware/ modification, flashing hacked firmware or even the ability to dismantle harware.

Nocando1849d ago

I have a beast of a PC, but I am also getting it for X1, because many of my friends are not PC gamers.

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BadlyPackedKeebab1850d ago

Just dont start any rumors about what the native resolution if for F sake. :o)

finbars751850d ago

LOL I will tell you how graphically terrible it is on the Xbox360 and im sure the PS3 version as well.It was painfull to watch.By the way the SP for BF4 is about 6 hours top on normal mode and theres 3 different endings.

BadlyPackedKeebab1850d ago

6 hours! So for my ps4 preorder I am paying about £8 an hour. Just hope I get into the MP in that case to extract some value from it.

finbars751850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I will tell you that the SP is 10x better then BF3 story.The characters in it are great and its just straight up action packed with a great story.The MP is sweet but I was only watching this gen so 24 players on the big maps where a little boring but gave me an idea of how the maps are layed out and how the levolution plays out in each map in which I will tell you was fricking awsome.Then theres the dynamic weather which really blew me away.Just watching how the clouds where coming in and then bam thunder and lightning then to follow up with a hurricane type rain was impressive.The potential this game has for next gen and especially for PC is going to blow your minds.

kevnb1850d ago

Who buys battlefield for single player?

Nocando1849d ago

Yeah, I realize the Xbox 360 Beta was indeed a Beta, but sheesh was it awful to look at.

VoodooRob1848d ago

Yeah the ps3 version looks horrible

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snake_eater1850d ago

ea, ubi... they deserve it

Gamesgbkiller1850d ago

They still pirate games?

Its just sad :(

black0o1850d ago

in 3rd class world the odd thing is to see someone buying an original games .. ppl look at u as if u r fool and stupid

Gamesgbkiller1850d ago

And that's the sad thing :(

doritos1850d ago

Dat headline! Just words thrown together

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