Happy Earth Day: Most games now cost more than a tank of gas

Gamertell's not happy about the nation-wide increase in gas prices on Earth Day and proposes a gamer's solution: Stay home and play rented videogames in the dark with a bunch of friends. It'll conserve fuel and decrease the energy used to cool your house/apartment.

From the article:

"Much like refrigerators running more efficiently when full, it'll take less energy to heat a house when it is occupied than empty. And, the fatter you are, the more space you take up, the less open space that is being conditioned."


Original article headline was updated to "Most games now cost less than a tank of gas."

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Hagaf223858d ago

title made me laugh a bit, got to love impending recession and inflation along with high taxes on overly greedy oil companies, i dont think the government realizes the more you tax oil companies income the more they charge to keep heightened profits.