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Battlefield 4 Kinect Settings Guide (For Xbox One)

Gameranx writes: "We have a screenshot revealing available Battlefield 4 voice commands and settings for Kinect. For the moment we will have to assume this is Xbox One only. These are what you need to know" (Battlefield 4, Xbox One)

4Sh0w  +   256d ago
Good stuff coming for kinect.

"Voice commands can be turned on and off. Dialects can be changed from US, Great Britain, etc. You can adjust sensitivity to leaning. Headtracking can be turned on and off. Freelook sensitivity, likewise, can also be adjusted."

Recognized Kinect voice commands below:

need medic
need healing
go go go
thank you
need ammo
need ammunition
need a ride
need pickup
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Fireseed  +   256d ago
Love the idea of this freeing up space that the command pinwheel would take up on the controller for more inputs.
alexkoepp  +   256d ago
Awesome the mandatory kinect is coming, without it I doubt DICE would have bothered putting the awesome motion tracking in... just the tip of the iceberg as to what this technology is going to provide us!
BBBirdistheWord  +   256d ago
@ 4sh0w
"Voice commands can be turned on and off. Dialects can be changed from US, Great Britain, etc. You can adjust sensitivity to leaning. Headtracking can be turned on and off. Freelook sensitivity, likewise, can also be adjusted."

YEah that's good stuff coming for kinect and part of the reason why I am excited for the inclusion of this innovative tech in the XBO from the outset.

I am glad that the FPS genre is being improved like this. Looks like the genre is really moving ahead with kinect2.0. Also sounds like other gamers are getting excited now that we can see the actual implementation.

I did hear that very basic voice control is part of ps4 even without the pseye. However, I wonder if the whole list of specific voice commands and things like leaning and head-tracking will be included on the ps4?
Anybody know?
I am sure that even without these features the PS4 version will still be fun.
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UnholyLight  +   256d ago

Totally agree, I noticed in the beta sometimes I was spending too much extra time trying to get the right command out...Like a thank you or or need ammo..Sometimes I'd hit the wrong one.

This is really cool and would be even cooler if you just say it and your character in the game doesn't repeat it in your specific game (but others can hear what was said).
MajorJackHoff  +   255d ago
TekoIie  +   256d ago
Pretty cool way of integrating Kinect into multiplayer :)
lets_go_gunners  +   256d ago
I hope you can like variate like:
Lets go
so on and so forth cool addition tho.
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TekoIie  +   256d ago
I wish they would incorporated one more command for requesting help at the objective your closest too.

Something like: "Help on A/B/C/D/E!"
alexkoepp  +   256d ago
Honestly the picture looks like the voice commands has a vertical slider on the right and looks like the commands shown might be around 25% of all the available ones, but maybe not.
tubers  +   255d ago
Voice commands could be awesome with MMO types (Dragon Age, etc) :)

can't wait
malokevi  +   255d ago
christocolus  +   255d ago
rare is rumored to also be working on a game that implements some of these features..
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TheBurger29  +   256d ago
welllll maybe kinect isnt all that bad haha cant wait!
Godz Kastro  +   256d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   256d ago
Pressing a button will always be faster than shouting at your damn tv.

@Angeli And thats why its my "OPINION".

@Castle Your always gonna have too yell at your kinect everytime so whats your point?
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   256d ago
Well people who care about Kinect obviously don't care about your always biased opinion.
MrCastle  +   256d ago
Not if you have to go to the command wheel each time.
MrCastle  +   256d ago
@majin I've been more than impressed with skyrim and mass effect 3 kinect commands. No more inventory screens, team commands, or command wheels makes for a pretty streamlined experience. Not just "yelling at the tv" which I do anyways. :)
BobBelcher  +   256d ago
yeah, the command wheel is soooo damn easy.
4Sh0w  +   255d ago
Yeah maybe but not more fun and definitely not more immersive.
mhunterjr  +   255d ago
Nah. Not when scrolling through a command wheel in bf4. Pretty tough when bullets are flying at you...or when you select the wrong one and have to scroll all over again. There's no way that's faster than simply saying "medic"
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JimmyLmao  +   256d ago
I wonder if they are putting this in the PS4 version as well.
BX81  +   256d ago
Something in the article said something suggesting it couldn't be done with the eye. It's toward the bottom. I don't know too much about kinect or the eye so couldn't say for sure.
C-Thunder  +   256d ago
JimmyLmao  +   256d ago
The PlayStation Camera supports voice commands, it also supports head-tracking, so i don't see why not.
Obscure_Observer  +   255d ago
@JimmyLmao It´s nice to see that some PS4 fans (no fanboys) are looking into the future.

I for one, wish that both X1 and PS4 to have some fantastic and inovative features with Kinect and PS Eye, so the developers can make full use of it.

All gamers Win
mhunterjr  +   255d ago
I believe they would if they had any indication that a large number of ps4 users would utilize the feature, DICE would include it.

I suspect fans of this kinds of thing will feel it's under utilized on ps4 for the same reasons it was under utilized on the 360.
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BobBelcher  +   256d ago
Love that this thing comes with every XB1, gives developers creative incentive to use it.
melemelnyc  +   255d ago
Yea and maybe u can ask the kinect why b4 is only in 720p. Just saying
mhunterjr  +   255d ago
For folks who are in it for the games (instead of the pissing competitions) Gameplay trumps resolution. This is a great gameplay addition.
u-bEttA-rUn  +   255d ago
wait I'm confused aren't these the same commands we yell into our microphones anyway when we need people to do them?
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mhunterjr  +   255d ago
Yup. The voice recognition will allow the corresponding icon to appear over the person requesting it, so you can quickly see who needs it.

Also folks who don't want to use voice chat, can still coordinate with their team without fooling with weapon wheels.

Then there is the head tracking, which opens up the immersion factor.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   255d ago
Now this is actually cool and could come in handy.
IRNMUNKEY  +   255d ago
If the head tracking works like the above ARMA video this is great news and is the first thing that feels like next gen. Actually excited about my Xbox One preorder for first time in a few weeks!
dcj0524  +   255d ago
I had voice commands since SOCOM 2. Why can't I have em on PC, PS3, 360 and PS4?
NeoTribe  +   255d ago
:Disable kinect: "play game as intended without gimmicks".
Supermax  +   255d ago
Any bubbles left.
HawtPaws  +   255d ago
The article said that head tracking is not possible with the current Kinect. The author must not be aware of Forza 4...

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