TeamXbox: Things on Wheels Interview

TeamXbox writes: "Denis Bourdain, "VP Buzz Driver" of Load, Inc. is a funny guy. You'd have to be to make the kind of games his Paris based development studio makes. Their new XBLA title, Things on Wheels, is shaping up to be a whimsical take on remote control car racing. Not a completely unexplored genre. We sat down with Denis (actually he sat down in France, and we sat down in America and conducted this interview over email… semantics) to pick his brain about that upcoming game, the inspiration behind it and what it's like making games for Xbox Live Arcade.

The title Things on Wheels keeps the possible vehicles used in the game wide open. Can you tell us what types of wheeled vehicles we should expect?

Denis Bourdain: First I'd like to thank you. Cesar of TeamXbox did Load Inc's first interview back in August 2006 and we like to think we have a special thing with you guys (especially Andy because he's got a mustache).

In Things on Wheels you'll be driving cars, cars and cars. But three type of cars with their own characteristics. We took a lot of time to design ToW cars and first impressions are great. SouthPeak loves them and you will too."

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