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Submitted by JoelT 763d ago | opinion piece

With Pressure to Deliver on PS4, the Xbox One May Surprise Many

Joel Taveras writes, "Back at the beginning of the year, I knew that new hardware was just on the horizon. What I didn't know was that this Fall I'd be writing about a bullish Sony leading the charge into next gen. Riding a hype train so glorious that it shows few signs of slowing down. I'm talking about the kind of hype that public relations folks and corporate execs live for. Yet here we are, less than a month away from the next generation of consoles kicking off and Sony's PlayStation 4 is seemingly in the driver's seat.

The public relations gods haven't been as kind to Microsoft's Xbox One as the console has been experiencing well... somewhat of the complete opposite, and it's been that way mostly since it's unveiling back in May. And just now, as the console enters the home stretch, and following a handful of policy reversals, the Xbox One is just starting to "get the facts" straight for would be buyers.

While some may argue that the Xbox One is full of hot air, even I was... (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

Lalanana  +   763d ago
I got mine preordered. I hope everyone enjoys their console of choice.
Angels3785  +   763d ago
I hope so. Competition is good and since I'm getting both of these maybe it'll push them further:)
abzdine  +   763d ago
PS4 has nothing to prove to anyone. it's more xbox who has to cause until now we only got words after words.
Enemy  +   763d ago
I do wonder how people expect Microsoft to "surprise" anyone now when the damage is already done.

- Too late to change the specs. PS4 is more powerful and that is a written fact.
- Nowhere near as many talented 1st parties as Sony. None of Microsoft's have won GOTY even once.
- $500 (vs $400 PS4)
- Kinect 2 focus abandons hardcore gamers.
- Can't play Free-To-Play games without a subscription, which defeats the purpose of "free-to-play"
- Xbox Live regulations still keeping indie developers off of Xbox Live
- Lower resolution multiplatform games than PS4

What are they gonna do to surprise us? Buy Sony?
Angels3785  +   763d ago

That hasn't been confirmed yet. therefore don't use it as a fact its a rumor
MajorJackHoff  +   763d ago
The Xbox is going to be legit, of this I have no doubt. The network seems to be a huge step up. That being said, Sony has improved upon all of their pros as well, and fixed issues I had with the system before. Mainly the controller and network. I always felt Xbox was superior in those two categories. I still feel like the One is going to be slightly better in terms of networking, with all DEM SERVERS, but PS4 looks like the winner in the controller category now. Whatevs, I'm stoked to play some shit.
Ripsta7th  +   763d ago
I was so close to preordering an X1, but the Amazon bf4 ps4 bundle got me. I will get the x1 still tho, it was jist a matter of which one was avaioable on launch
Belking  +   763d ago
And you still got
kenmid  +   763d ago
@belking lol, I was going say the sane thing.
swerve121  +   763d ago
Why does Lalanana have dislikes? You guys are a bunch of a holes
DeadManV  +   763d ago
a dislike is not a disagree - they are completely different, lalanana tends to troll the ps4
NeoTribe  +   762d ago
Lalalana is a known troll who sits in pending articles all day trying to get first comment. She could say the sky is blue and would get tons of disagrees. It doesn't pay to be disliked. You can't troll all the time and then suddenly say something neutral and expect people to respect you.
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BX81  +   763d ago
Lol @ enemy... Kinect focus abandons hardcore gamers. I agree. All these damn kinect games on the Xbox won.... Bf4, deadrising, forza, cod, ryse, NBA 2k14 all rely too heavily on kinect. Where are the games for us hardcore gamers?/s
XB1_PS4  +   763d ago
People hate you on here for some reason.. :/
lfPetrini  +   763d ago
Why so much disagrees? Only because she's buying a XOne?
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lfPetrini  +   762d ago
lol and then I am the one getting disagrees... fair enough... must be my Halo avatar...
christocolus  +   762d ago

same here, will get the ps4 after infamous is released

@ enemy

all those reasons do not really count..those who will get the xbx one will still get it no matter what...wether its less powerful than the ps4 or not, 1080p or not, kinect or no kinect, tv integration or not...the console will be very sucessful..and about not having talented first party devs i wonder if you just say stuff cos you feel like..halo, forza, gears of war, fable are games that sell millions and habe a steady and dedicated fan a research to find out how much ms has put into funding new projects,studios and hiring great talent for next gen...getting exclusive games from 2nd party is also a plus for xbx fans..and if the amount of games announced so far isnt a sign of good things to come then i dont know what else to say...the numbers of indies who have signed up on xbx indie initiative is already in the thousands and all ms 1st party studios old and new have only announced one title each..most of them are working on multiple titles and 343, rare and mgs osaka alone are rumored to have at least 3 titles in the works..and im not even including the rumored 2nd party dev titles coming to the system...your reasons dude do not hold any water.
urwifeminder  +   763d ago
Me too enjoy all.
JoelT  +   763d ago
That's really the point. It's all gaming. I'm getting a PS4 this November, but i'd be lying if I said that Titanfall in March isn't calling my name. I don't give a damn what the resolution is, it looks like a lot of fun.
Angels3785  +   763d ago
Fireseed  +   763d ago
By Jove he's got it!
SmoothC911  +   763d ago
Agreed! And I'm not getting xbo, but this is a true statement. I hope it goes to ps4 eventually!
Garrison  +   763d ago
Titanfall is calling me too, that's why I'm getting it on PC.
n4rc  +   763d ago
It probably will.. So good news there!

And I wish more could share this attitude... Were gamers, not corporate pawns.. Cant we all just be happy to be finally getting a new console regardless of which platform you enjoy?
Strikepackage Bravo  +   763d ago
You know whos going to be surprised, all the folks who jumped from XB360 to PS4, its going to be a huge culture shock when they turn on the PS4 and have to wait 20 minutes for the 300MB update, an update that would take 50 seconds on the 360. I think folks will be surprised when they see how the Playstation just stagnates, the dash at launch will be the same dash in 6 years. The PSN in general will take getting used to, its just not refined as XBL, and folks will notice this.
majiebeast  +   763d ago
Hey atleast PS4 dash comes without ads and less clutter, i like my dash clean. From all the demos the PS4 dash is very responsive.

You know who is gonna be even more surprised gamers who expect 1080P on the xbox one. See i can make BS statements just like you, although mine is probably closer to the truth with KI running at 720P and Ryse at 900P.

While you know nothing about the PSN store or the download speed. Adam Boyes has already said they are adding more hamsters to the wheel, at up at noon on IGN.
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Mohlest   763d ago | Spam
Mikelarry  +   763d ago
@ mohelest i was going to write a clear and very informative reply to you but then i think the below video does more than i could ever say
creatchee  +   763d ago

"You know who is gonna be even more surprised gamers who expect 1080P on the xbox one. See i can make BS statements just like you, although mine is probably closer to the truth with KI running at 720P and Ryse at 900P."

See, the general public cannot tell the difference between something rendered at 1080p and something rendered at 720p that is upscaled to 1080p. Hell, even pixel counters are hard pressed to find discernable differences during general use. You and others like you would have people believe that it is as obvious a difference between an Atari 2600 and a high end PC of today. It's not.
Software_Lover  +   763d ago
I think Sony will be upgrading/updating their server system

1)Gaiki purchase
2)PSN is no longer free (for the most part)

That might (hopefully) be a thing of the past.
DigitalRaptor  +   763d ago
3) A fact people are also mostly unaware of is that Sony have secured a partnership with RackSpace to provide them with cloud server solutions in OpenStack.


Which indicates that this is where their dedicated server allocation will mostly appear from.
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Akuma2K  +   763d ago

I never heard anything about that, thanks for the heads up.
Mikelarry  +   763d ago
1) the xbox one will also need a day one patch

2)you have not tested the psn and how fast it will be on the ps4 so stop making assumptions, it would be like ppl saying i am not getting the xbox one because i got prrod on my 360

3) yes the psn is different from xbox live but it is not that different that people have to rack thier brains to understand how to navigate around. you make it sound like its some third world war zone where you need satellite assistance from nasa to be able to navigate
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asmith2306  +   763d ago
I switched from 360 to PS3 and I actually prefer that PSN is "quieter" in terms of the online community. There are very few loud mouthed children with headsets. It's quite relieving after the Live experience.
JimmyLmao  +   763d ago
updates download in the background next-gen ;)
games do too! and you can play as you download.

so what you described, even as over-exaggerated and inaccurate as it was, is a non issue =P
MysticStrummer  +   763d ago
Every 360 gamer I know already jumped to PS3 years ago.
mixelon  +   763d ago
What a load if balls.

Sony hosted updates are fine. 300MB is nothing and will only take a moment, like it would on the ps3. You act like people don't download stuff simply all the time on PSN.

How many people downloaded 18GB gta5 a few weeks back? That caused no problems for most. It was fast for me.

Also, the XMB changed quite a lot over the ps3s life - it didn't HAVE to change as much as the 360 because it didn't start off terrible in the first place.
lawlesdweller  +   763d ago
You my friend talk BS and millions of buyers including alot of XBONE buyers (including myself) will be very happy with PS4. The PS is made for gamers by gamers were on the other hand XBONE is made by sellers for profit - surely your not concerned that they had to do a "UTurn" for indie development.

I will habe both but i will for sure purchase mostly on PS4. Plus at least they asked the Software houses what they wanted
sardaukarghola66  +   763d ago
"The PS is made for gamers by gamers were on the other hand XBONE is made by sellers for profit"

If you believe this then you're a complete idiot
Software_Lover  +   763d ago
dansdooz  +   763d ago
Ha ha ha man that was funny
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   763d ago
"The ps is made for gamers by gamers" lol

They are both out for a profit. The difference is Sony is happy just to profit a bit in the games sector with a bit of extra value from media rental etc. At this point Sony just want to survive. They are all out to please because if the ps4 isnt an all out success this gen it could be the end of it.

MS on the otherhand is not happy with the gaming space. It was only ever a stepping stone onto something much bigger. controlling the livingroom. So yes in simple terms the ps4 is designed for gamers from the core and the xbox is not. But... dont be fooled into thinking Sony exist to service you and I .... its all about the dollar and yen.
asmith2306  +   763d ago
I barely ever comment on this website but I just logged in purposely to downvote such a troll (and untrue) comment. Also bubbled down. Peace.
Ashby_JC  +   763d ago
Even though I agree with you. This comment section was going so well until your comment came in a derailed it into....SONY vs MS, PS4 UI vs X1 UI.

Kayant  +   763d ago
Yet you don't know the contents of XB1's day one patch that is said to take an average of 15-20mins (No estimated speed given but probably US based).

Also obviously you have seen the future already and have tested the new network..... Seeing as PSN is now a premium service you pay for and Sony's emphasises on play as you download & remote play am sure the new PSN will be good because if it's not then there will be a huge shitstorm.
#3.10 (Edited 763d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
oONinjavitiSOo  +   763d ago
@strikepackage bravo hahaha 20 min to download 300mb?!? Maybe if you have shit Internet. Go peddle you're bs somewhere else.
FunAndGun  +   763d ago
They are really gonna be surprised when they get 'free' monthly games for their $50 a year and not just the ability to use the other half of their consoles features.
FITgamer  +   763d ago
Maybe for people that have crappy internet service. I downloaded and installed UC 3(40gb +) in 35 minutes, just saying.
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etownone  +   763d ago
I'm getting mine this year no doubt.

Looking forward to Halo 5.... Cause if 343 Studios cause make Halo 4 look that amazing on the 360..... I can just imagine how great Halo 5 will be.

But I gotta admit.... One thing has me a little worried...

These multiplat games being released.... If the Xbox1 can't run at the same resolution and fps as the PS4.... Then, I'm going to be really pissed.
obliterator  +   763d ago
Yup halo 4 had amazing graphics

I expect halo 5 to have graphics like this:-
#4.1 (Edited 763d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Ashby_JC  +   763d ago
Dont worry dude. The games will look fine. All this back and forth about Resolution are from people who will take ANYTHING and blow it out of proportion.

Think about it like the past or should I say current gen. The games that you you even remember what resolution they were in??

SOme of the games that I loved and logged allot of time in recently ...lets say a game like State of Decay or XCOM. Both were very very fun games that I spent ALLOT of hours on. I have no idea what resolution or FPS they were in.

And for next long as the games look visibly better the current gen ..does it really matter if its 720 900 or 1080?? I trust that the devs are going to make the game look and play the best possible on either system.

I look forward to 64 player action for Battlefield.

I look forward to running around in Dead Rising with no load times.

I look forward to games like Ryse just for the eye candy factor.

I look forward to getting back into Forza ( I skipped #4)

I look forward to checking out the new Friends list features.

Dont worry me will be having FUN!!! Just like we all had fun and continue to for current gen...GTAV!
aiBreeze  +   763d ago
Being honest, the Xbox One has already surprised me on more times than I care to count.. sadly for Microsoft, these aren't good surprises.
GentlemenRUs  +   763d ago
Pressure? What Pressure?
Mohlest   763d ago | Spam
secretcode  +   763d ago
Bah, they'll both do fine. First three months won't be an indicator of how well the consoles do in the months to follow anyway, just look at how the Wii U is (sadly) ending up.
stuna1  +   763d ago
The only ones that would be surprised would be only those who've never owned a Sony platform! Because the general consensus is Sony delivers on many fronts. This is not to say that Microsoft doesn't deliver on their own fronts, what it ultimately comes down to is what do you prefer!?
lifeisgamesok  +   763d ago
The launch window is amazing

Halo 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Project Spark
The Fighter Within

5 new teams to just development X1 games

And 1,000,000,000 on exclusives (not exclusive content)
Ashby_JC  +   763d ago
If the games are GOOD-GREAT.

Would this be considered best launch lineup ever??

And that list is not even like NBA 2K14 are not only looking good but from what im reading the gameplay and features are top notch.

Battlefield 4 64 player action.

COD Ghosts...not a huge COD fan but I understand why people love it.

Really looking forward to going next gen. Current gen 8 years was waaaaay to long IMO!
lifeisgamesok  +   763d ago
From what we've seen the games should be good and I agree about the multiplats both systems will have great games
TimesAreAChanging  +   763d ago
project spark and halo 5 dont even have release dates they will definetly not be launch window titles....
#10.2 (Edited 763d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
strickers  +   763d ago
Titanfall launch window?? March is not launch window.
Ashby_JC  +   763d ago
As far as the article.

Hype could backfire on Sony. Reviews of the system and lauch lineup etc.

There are going to be sooooooooooo many articles coming out for the next few months after launch. Comparing the systems, Launch titles etc etc.

There is pressure if either system doesnt live up to the hype. IMO it comes down to #1 the games. If there arent any solid compelling titles to play then all the bells and whistles dont really matter.

I already have XB1 on pre-order. Ill get a PS4 eventually...when I see something on it that I want. Outside of KZ there isnt anything launch that interest me.
InTheZoneAC  +   763d ago
these articles exist, why?

M$ isn't surprising any one, quit defending this mess for no apparent reason
AceBlazer13  +   763d ago
i've seen kzsf, infamous and pics from the order i won't be disappointed .if im disappointed it's cause i was over expecting . the xbone on the other hand has the comfort of low expectations.
bamillington  +   763d ago
I won't be surprised xb1it will be great and I would loveone but I can't afford one as went for ps4 ;o
hiptanaka  +   763d ago
Um, the pressure to deliver is on the Xbone after its continuous string of PR disasters.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   763d ago
I am sure xbox one will be "fine". I am letting the one friend I know buying one test it out for me :o)

Most likely will pick one up Feb/March as the second console.
felidae  +   762d ago
i really can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p

i can't wait for nov 22nd
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