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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 840d ago | news

Crytek Comments On PS4's GPU Compute, Can Be An 'Incredible Performance Win'

"Sony have emphasized a lot on the GPU compute capabilities of the PlayStation 4. But the question is, will multiplatform games explore this added advantage on the PS4?" (PS4)

ThatCanadianGuy514   840d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
dboyc310  +   840d ago | Well said
Again, Sony's First-party studios will showcase the ps4 power just like they did this Gen. Multiplatform games won't do the hardware justice. Just simply look at Infamous Second Son or The Order. Both games are truly looking like Next Gen titles. Imagine what the likes of ND, QD, SSM, MM would do.
jjb1981  +   840d ago
Exactly. I can't wait until we get something from naughty dog and Santa Monica studios. The order looks really interesting.
Anarki  +   839d ago
What about the current graphic "kings" Crytek themselves? They could produce some stunning visuals with the PS4.
pixelsword  +   839d ago
Crytek are graphic kings when they can tell you what hardware they recommend you to use; they aren't when it comes to optimizing, that's for sure.
JoSneak  +   839d ago
don't forget about Everybody's gone through the Rapture!!!
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   839d ago
Crytek may be the king of graphics, but their reign starts and ends there. Terrible at just about everything else.
thehitman  +   840d ago
I think multiplatform games will be much closer then this gen between 1st and 3rd party then we think. I think the easier architecture will do wonders and developers wont hold back. I think the biggest differences we will see this gen is with open world games like Watchdogs, The Division etc. However at the start ya we will probably see much better games from first party but after the 3 year mark I expect things to be very close and we will be focusing on gameplay more this gen rather than what game has the better specs. Unless you have a xb1 ofc....
AyKKon  +   840d ago
You guys DO love some nice omnipresent FOG don't you? :P
Ju  +   840d ago
There is really no reason why multi platform titles would not run the full resolution on the PS4. It is not like the XBone code will work out of the box on the PS4 anyhow. The Xbone will need special treatment to take advantage of the ESRAM - this code is useless on the PS4. And with that said, all that additional memory management is unnecessary which will allow those games to render in any resolution a dev wants. PS4 will run 1080 without much effort. Unless policies dictate otherwise.
LordDhampire  +   840d ago
Honestly people are making too big a deal out of 720p vs 1080p...its not a huge diffference...yeah you can get more on the screen but you could have better graphics with a lower resolution like 720p
showtimefolks  +   839d ago
3rd party wise it will come down to whether developers will looking to take full advantage of each system to just do enough on both to make the game similar on every both consoles

just look at some of the games that are doing 1080p-60 fps on ps4 yet on xbox one doing 720 with 30fps, if 3rd party developers actually look to do what's best for each console than we will not see a big difference between 1st-3rd party games

but i think when you focus all your resources on one machine and focus on that than those games will always look better, so i think we can expect sony's studios and ms's too, deliver excellent exclusives

sony's ps4 is gamer friendly and more powerful
xbox one is a bit weaker compare to ps4 but has all in one entertainment package
snipab8t  +   839d ago
Oh you've seen gameplay of the Order?
christrules0041  +   839d ago
The trailer we have seen is in game engine and Ready at Dawn said they waited for the PS4 so they could do character models 1 to 1 with gameplay. The graphics was running on the PS4 with no tricks and is what we can expect visuals wise.
snipab8t  +   839d ago
I don't know if you have seen the screenshots but they look nothing like the CG trailer mate.
r1sh12  +   839d ago
I think this article is obvious flame bait.

"However, this is taking away performance from the traditional graphics pipeline so there is a limit to what you can move to the GPU."

I see this as meaning Sony may have invented a new method of programming for GPU compute - right?
Could be a different industry in a few years
Chrischi1988  +   839d ago
It is funny, how you say, that is a fact, but then all the Sony fannies act like, why do Wii U titles not look better, than the respective PS3 and Xbox360 versions?
lifeisgamesok  +   840d ago
ESram even if it is harder to work with it gives high performance judging from

Quantum Break
Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within

In time developers will get used to it and make games that look even better than Ryse
majiebeast  +   840d ago
Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within

lifeisgamesok   840d ago | Personal attack | show
majiebeast  +   840d ago
Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. If you think Fighter within and Dead Rising 3 look amazing, you need to take the goggles off.

Driveclub looks amazing you can try and deny that all you want. Btw where did i say Knack looks amazing i cant find it, does the game look fun yes, does it look amazing, nope. We are talking about how a game looks not how fun it is.

Dead Rising 3 looks really fun im not gonna say otherwise, fighter within looks like the same old Kinect shovelware from the demos they have shown.
#3.1.2 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(40) | Disagree(9) | Report
Xsilver  +   840d ago
fighter within

Dr3 does not look Next gen period fun gameplay yes.
Fighter within looks good but we have all seen that kinect gameplay don't act like it doesn't exist reminds me of fighter uncaged and that's not a good thing.
#3.1.3 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(4) | Report
G20WLY  +   840d ago
^Dat Dead Rising 3 screenshot...yikes.. :/
starchild  +   840d ago
Freaking console fanbrats...

"Oh Dead Rising 3 looks amazing"
"no it doesn't. It doesn't look 'next genz'"
"Drive Club looks amazing. Da true next genz"

"we don't care about graphics! Go away, you PC graphics whore!"

Seriously, you guys act like children. All of those games look very good. The small differences between games on each console are nothing compared to the difference in graphics you get on a good PC.
Baka-akaB  +   840d ago
And you guys chiming in with the pc makes it more mature ? Nope , just eager to rub it in with the pc , for some odd reason , when as usual not invited to their sandbox playground
Mohlest   840d ago | Spam
The_Infected  +   840d ago
I say talent goes farther than anything and Sony's 1st party studios are the best. Now combine that talent with the PS4 "most powerful console" and your jaw will hit the floor. Just wait until you see Naughty Dog's and Sony Santa Monica's games. I know I can't wait.
#3.3 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(30) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
kingPoS  +   840d ago
Man... that's some serious pressure on them. Talent is what talented is.

2014 is going to be amazing!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   840d ago
Don't forget that time to triangle son.. Dat time to triangle.
The_Infected  +   840d ago
What? I'm playing The Last of Us you know only on PS3:)
Angels3785  +   840d ago
You need to learn about something called "theoretical performance" and "real world performance" heck the HD5970 use to be the fastest graphics card in the world based on "theoretical performance" but it wasn't exactly all to practical when it came to "real world performance" and its performance in games was underwhelming for the specs it boasted. There is a blog dissecting the xbox on hardware here on n4g that also explains this.
Deadpoolio  +   840d ago
Oh you sad sad little Xbot....YOu clearly know nothing about computers do ya....No EsRAM is NOT the same thing as GDDR5 nor is it going to "bridge the gap" and help make the DDR3 just like GDDR5
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   840d ago
lifeisgamesok + 3h ago
ESram even if it is harder to work with it gives high performance judging from

Quantum Break
Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within

In time developers will get used to it and make games that look even better than Ryse

Marked for trolling and i wish i could also do immature.. You dont know what your talking about... But i guess you already know that.
Perjoss  +   839d ago
The only games that look impressive for this coming gen (excluding PC stuff) are Killzone and Forza, and like I said before its not hard to make a track driving game look good for many reasons, pretty much a fixed camera position and the gameplay is semi on rails so there is a lot of data that can be loaded and offloaded into memory, its why these days you cant really do an instant restart in a race as the starting section of the track needs to be loaded up again.
JuniorCE  +   840d ago
That's no surprise LoL... Everybody knows that PS4 has a much more powerful GPU than the Xbone's...
kingduqc  +   840d ago
I love how much more is used here... 40% Isn't much more powerful...

200-250%, now we are talking. Kinda like a 290x vs a ps4 gpu. about 200-225% difference.
Deadpoolio  +   840d ago
Wait wait wait....So somehow magically 40-60% more powerful suddenly is not big deal.....Yet you microsoft spunk gargling nitwits praised Jesus when Microsoft claimed to boost the power of the One80 by 6%.....6%.......I think you xbots need to go back to elementary school and learn basic math again because 40-60% is LARGER than 6%
kingduqc  +   840d ago
Nope... 35-40% isn't a big deal. All games can be made on both platform, resolution can be a bit lower but it does not change the core of the game.
Ju  +   840d ago
You'd rather see it from the XBox side and say the PS4 GPU is 145% faster? That number looks better, now, doesn't it? And that is raw compute performance, not counting bandwidth advantage.

And...if that doesn't matter...all the games can be made to run on PS360 as well. What's the point?
#4.1.3 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Perjoss  +   839d ago
"resolution can be a bit lower but it does not change the core of the game."

Sure, but please explain to me why on earth I would pay the same price for a game and play an inferior version. In fact the One costs more than the PS4 and it offers inferior tech. They need to smell what they are trying to shovel.
Software_Lover  +   840d ago
How has this jumped to 250 degrees already? It only has 17 comments. Other worthy articles, some actually with more comments aren't even 100.

They sure know how to keep the hits coming, and yes, I am aware that I am here.
DanDan7  +   840d ago
3rd party devs KNOW the PS4 is the better console to develop for, but sadly they wont take advantage of the ps4's power. Microsoft will manipulate them as usual.
SuperBlur  +   840d ago
if that happen , it'll only mean more native 1080p games for the ps4
finbars75  +   840d ago
MS wont manipulate them they will just send more money out of there cash cow of a billion dollars.Down the road is when all these 3rd party developers will relize being bought off with lots of money wont make you money.Look how low all the preorders are for the Xboxone to the PS4.That says it all.Especially PS4 exclusives.As usual they outnumber all of Xboxones by a mile and not looking back.Money cant buy gamers MS you think you would have learned your lesson by now especially going into next gen.Sony knows how to spread the love something MS obvisouly doesnt have because it hides behind that green stuff.
Belking  +   840d ago
How shocking. Another article where a journalist twist the words around. This happens too often nowadays.
pyramidshead  +   840d ago
Cerny, future proofing that ps4 for even more true next gen visuals later in the console gen. Looking forward to getting amazed. Killzone is just the tip, and it seems Drive Club is following suit judging by the footage released recently especially when you think of how much is going on in real time.
#8 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
nades_all_night  +   840d ago
"But, in essence, both of them are going to run next-generation games in more or less the same quality due to the diminishing returns of optimising for these little differences."

That little blurb speaks volumes about how Yerli develops games and probably many other devs. While this bothers me as a gamer, I really, really hope 3rd party's would start to just say "F*** it, this system can handle more, so we're going to give it more, and going to develop the best game we can develop." Only time will tell.
#9 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   840d ago
That "blurb" is a logical and truthful statement from a game developer, whether you accept it or not is your problem.
nades_all_night  +   840d ago
I never once said it wasn't truthful. Thats whats wrong with the statement, it IS truthful (as far as Yerli is concerned) The gimping of games b/c a developer doesn't see enough $ and thus not creating the best possible game they can for said system is a problem. If you read and understand the blurb, and can't see that it is a problem for ALL gamers, than you are as blind as a bat. I would also argue that it is not "logical" in a creative sense. In a business mindset, then yes, but really, as we've seen with current generation games and previews of next-gen games, there are developers who will not take the easy route and gimp a game b/c "Hey, it'll sell, give em' half-assed ports" I accept that devs like Yerli are saying things to cater to certain fans, and possibly even walking the walk by making games to cater to the lowest common denominator, but I don't have to accept that with my wallet by purchasing these games, and I won't. It was simply MY OPINION on the state of game development and creativity being restricted by profit margins.
#9.1.1 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
GuruMeditation  +   839d ago
Way to miss the point there son.
boribori831  +   840d ago
So now ponies credit crytek opinion .Lol hypocrisy is Amazing on n4g.
Nocando  +   840d ago
No, actually the hypocrisy is quite the norm on n4g. Just remember, Sony=godlike, MS=The Antichrist.
AyKKon  +   840d ago
It is isn't it? Oh my the cheerleaders are ALL out in full force tonight! xD
boribori831  +   840d ago
Dont trust anyone .Just believe it when you see it.
boribori831  +   840d ago
The ps4 is maxed out already uncharted 4 will be the last best looking game this Gen. If I had this about xbox I'd have more agrees than disagrees on this site I mean n4g. Play your games n sthu . Who cares about graphics and politics. All that matters are games .Am I going to the gaming hell because ima play ryse and killzone simultaneously .p.s
And ihave an ouya too.
Unreal01  +   840d ago
Just wow.
lsujester  +   840d ago
GuruMeditation  +   839d ago
So, if graphics and politics don't matter, what is your little rant? Some kind of seizure gabbing by the sound of it. And an Ouya? That's like finishing your dating video with "p.s And ihave an herpes too." Congratulations
imt558  +   840d ago
Are Leadbetter fucking stupid or what????

This :

From article :

Digital Foundry: The Xbox One has dedicated audio processing hardware that is not present in PS4 or PC. How do you utilise it in Ryse?

Dedicated audio chip in PS4 says Hi!!!

It's official Sony's file, god damn!!!

Mark Cerny says Hi! to Leadbetter :


Digital Foundry: Is there dedicated audio processing hardware within the PlayStation 4? What can it do?

Mark Cerny: There's dedicated audio hardware. The principal thing that it does is that it compresses and decompresses audio streams, various formats. So some of that is for the games - you'll have many, many audio streams in MP3 or another format and the hardware will take care of that for you. Or, on the system side for example, audio chat - the compression and decompression of that.

#13 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Volkama  +   840d ago
Calm your inner fanboy. Your own quote from Cerny says that the PS4 has dedicated hardware for compressing/decompressing audio, it says nothing of audio processing.

Don't worry, I'm sure your PS4 will still be fun.
imt558  +   840d ago
PS4 dedicated audio hardware is a audio chip in other words. Same shit if you saying : dedicated graphics hardware = GPU chip.
Ju  +   840d ago
It's not the same. Both have HW for PCM sound, but the XBox has a signal processor where the PS4 does not. Will it matter? In some situations it can, e.g. sound reflection or 3D positioning of sound.

However, you can basically do all this on the GPU using compute with the benefit that you already have access to all matrices within your render pipeline and don't have to bother with the small SRAM buffers in the DSP.

DSP has an advantage. But if you have enough compute, once again, it will have the short end of the stick - and is harder to work with (no shared memory).
tubers  +   840d ago

An audio chip doesn't do audio processing?
imt558  +   839d ago
OK, Ju, here it is. Official Sony's file :

It has an custom audio chip.
Ju  +   839d ago
Read the last sentence: "Filtering and effects performed by game code. Presumably CPU, but GPGPU is also possible".

In contrast to XBox's DSP:

All this chip does is encoding digital (wave form data) into something which makes some noise and it can do so with compressed source material. But beyond that, the CPU or GPU needs to be used. This is, all signal processing which is needed to e.g. manipulate sound in 3D space (simulating volumetric effects).
Nocando  +   840d ago
Wow, you guys are turning up the heat on negative x1 comments the closer we get to launch. Are you really that concerned?
TimesAreAChanging   840d ago | Trolling | show
AyKKon  +   840d ago
Oh they are my friend. Believe me they are. When they buy the PS4 with its astoundingly massive THREE first day exclusives they will know!
strickers  +   840d ago
If that is true, why didn't you just throw away your 360 2 years ago? Ps3 has thrashed it on EXCLUSIVES For quite awhile now. I know why. All games count and you are picking the exclusives you've decided that count. Actually in launch window, PS4 has more games, by a margin.
#14.2.1 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report
AyKKon  +   839d ago
I didnt throw away my 360 2 years ago because i prefer the online architecture AND because i ALSO have a PS3 so I can play any other games that I feel like mmkay?
Nocando  +   840d ago
You do realize I could purchase a PS4 if I wish, right? I was unaware that I am on a "team".
SlavisH2  +   840d ago
wait how are you getting disagrees?
kingPoS  +   840d ago
When will people learn that gamingbolt usually doesn't follow context. The sites a hitmaker, knocking headlines out of the park left & right. lol
#16 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
isarai  +   840d ago
Ok, i don't take anything crytek says seriously, they always flip flop on their statements it's ridiculous then they get pissed cause they can't optimize for shit
Wni0  +   840d ago
why is crytek even commenting on this
corvusmd  +   840d ago
Because they are a 3rd party developer that has PS4 dev kits.
corvusmd  +   840d ago
Wow that is a REALLY misleading title. It looks like it was intended just to be click-bait in order to get fanboys fighting. Uh, it's obvious that GPU computing is MUCH better this gen than it was last gen....
strickers  +   840d ago
GPU Compute is not just how well they work. It's specific in PS4(out of 2 consoles) design where GPU is used in CPU tasks. That is a long term advantage, as it's usage grows in PC/ PS4 programming.
Ukdude  +   840d ago
Just remember Sony fanboys the power of the cell processor!

Oh,and also that fantastic Killzone cgi trailer that was supposed to be game play footage on PS3!

Oh and also no dvd or blu ray function unless you connect to the net

And last but not least the permanent blue glow stick on a universally accepted inferior joypad!

Not in a million years will the PS4 be 30%-50% more powerfull,games will look good on both with the Kinect in my view offering an extra dimension.
strickers  +   840d ago
Grow up
Clarence  +   840d ago
Stop it. The power of the cell produced games like, Uncharted, KZ, Last of Us, Gran Turismo. You know what it is. Developers are saying it, Sony is saying it.

Xbox fans, and M$ better hope that developers don't take the opportunity to use the full potential of the PS4 on multiplat games. We all know that the PS4 exclusives are going to kill the Xbone.

900p ryse. Hilarious.
#20.2 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
tubers  +   840d ago
The Order is 900p, a first party effort, so?
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   839d ago
Enjoy your graphics
Persian_Immortal  +   840d ago
The Killzone CGI trailer actually looked like shit, place holder lighting, weak looking textures probably 256x256, low poly models, no particle effects.The scene looked dead with poor draw distance, weapons were also low level of detail. I am Character modeller/animator I know a few things about graphics programming and Engines I primarily use Unity, Unreal engine and Cryengine so nice try with that crap KZ2 full retail game blow the lid off the Cgi trailer.The cell processor delivered on what was expected of it Uncharted 2 did thing most games would only do in cut scenes and it was gameplay again thanks to the cell.
Note: your probably questioning my integrity
#20.3 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Withdreday  +   840d ago
Xbone: Only in 720p!
Perjoss  +   839d ago
Its clear now why they avoided using the name Xbox 720 (720p games) and went with Xbox One instead.
Withdreday  +   838d ago
Yeah, can you imagine if it was still called the Xbox 720 with all this news coming to light?

MS would be a bigger punchline than they already are.
isa_scout  +   839d ago
I quite enjoyed the power of the cell=The Last Of Us, Killzone2 & 3, The Uncharted Series,God of War 3& Ascension,Heavy Rain,Beyond, Gran Turismo...Shall I go on??? Oh by the way, how is the Gears of War franchise treating you???Seeing as MS abandoned the 360 about 3 years ago. I have a 360 and loved Halo 4, Gears Judgement sucked though, but if you can honestly set there for one second with a straight face and even remotely claim that the 360 holds a candle to the PS3 then you're an idiot...

By the way Yoshida confirmed that you can opt to play the PS4 offline without the update, and you can still play your games.

I will buy an Xbox One when Halo 5 releases, and not a moment before...Also, it's a fact that MS fans are more into FPS games than PS fans so don't act for a minute like you would really rather have freakin Ryse over Killzone...It's embarrising on your part. Troll.
Cryptcuzz  +   839d ago
Insecure much?

If you need to grasp at straws and look to the past to make a point about the present, then you need to write to Dr. Phil and seek help with major insecurity issues.

LOL at Dualshock 4 being bad. Yeah....says no one ever.
Ukdude  +   840d ago
lol haha

one game that blows the ps3 away:


But still remember the power of the cell!
Withdreday  +   840d ago
What? Last of US, Uncharted 2-3, AND Killzone look better than Gears. Talk about having fanbot blinders on, but whatever...
windblowsagain  +   840d ago
I did not mind Gears of war original.

But graphically. All Uncharted games destroyed it.
Clarence  +   839d ago
Lol they have never compared Xbox games to PC, but they always compared ps3 games to PC. I had a Xbox and the best game on there was Mass effect. Gears was good but the graphics weren't ground breaking after 2.

Trust me I remember the cell and so do you. That's why you keep talking about. Remember how M$ said that blu ray was a fade. Better yet remember how M$ claimed the 360 would outsell the PS3 for the rest of the gen.

Yeah you remember.
#21.3 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ukdude  +   839d ago
Yeah how can we forget the power of the cell!

Remember full time party chat on the PS3?
Remember when the ps3 launched at £425?
Remember false gameplay trailers?

Ive got a PS3 now,had it for 2 years,ive got to say the PSN network is not one but two steps down from xbox live,Sony still improved the service no end but still lags behind massively.
Sold the last of us after 2 weeks,overhyped game.Once gta5 is completed im selling the piece of c@ap.

And as for the joypad Cryptcuzz then why did Sony try the xbox layout for the new dual shock? lol
Themba76  +   839d ago
gears judgement was garbage.
frostypants  +   840d ago's another GamingBolt article written at a 6th grade level. Moving along...
buynit  +   840d ago
The guy goes nuts over his pre baked claims.. Now i will admit i don't know jack about game development or pre baked or baked regularly but that dark spot looked like the reflection of his head armor but i can be wrong too so what ever.. All i know is that the game still looks awesome in some cases better, you can even see lines on the guy neck and stuff..
Ukdude  +   839d ago
The shading/bluring of gears beats them in my view.ps3 never had the software to compete for years,and when it did it took them 6 years to find a way.
Simply the difference between a hardware company and software.
The move engines and esram will play a huge part in performance,hence why sheer brawn/power does not always mean better.
Example does the car with the biggest engine always get the fastest lap on top gear?
Nope,its how its built,tuned etc that matters
And thats exactly what microsoft and certain developers have been TRYING to get there point across
Clarence  +   839d ago
Yeah sure u got PS3. U talk over hype then u must be talking about gears or halo. U talk PSN 2 steps behind. Xbox live giving u free old ass arcade games, PSN giving full fledge AAA games like BF.

Oh kinect love those action games they promise. I'm sure you'll love those same titles on the Xbone since there rehashed kinect titles made for the xbone. High price console using blu ray that they said was not needed.

Enjoy that rushed, overpriced, underpowered, TiVo box you call a console.
#24.1 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TechMech2  +   839d ago
If rumors of Xbox one games running at 720p compared to 1080p are true, it will be the last I can take from Microsofts new system. I have been a defender of the Xbox one. I have believed that it would be the underdog, but in the end it would be nearly identical to the ps4. If the rumors are true, then it seems that Microsoft has abandoned its consumer base and built a true entertainment system; it will be good at everything but not great for one item. If Microsoft has truly based the Xbox one on tv instead of gaming, they are not the company I want controlling the next gen system I invest most of my gaming time into. Well, better start playing my ps3 more.....
Themba76  +   839d ago
they already have abandon gaming when they did that weak a** survey saying the #1 thing ppl do on xbox live is watch netflix #2 play cod #3 play sports titles. and thats why you have the xbox one designed the way it was.
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   839d ago
I hope both consoles do good. We as gamers deserve that
mochachino  +   839d ago
I wouldn't consider Crytek graphics king, at least on consoles. A lot of games looked much better than Crysis 2 and 3.
Hakoom  +   839d ago
1st party devs will make good use of the gpu while 3rd party devs will lag behind
the ps4s reall power will be unlocked by naughtydog santa monica guerilla games and quantic dream
kaanelbasan1  +   839d ago
Crytek always comment consols :D
Stakalee  +   839d ago
Sony be lying their tells off, who all remember the ps3 kill zone E3 trailer go back and watch it they said it was real in game footage then it released and it looked nothing how they promised, now on the ps4 killzone looks good but beyond two souls look just as good so unless your a fanboy your not going to agree but ay forget what I'm talking about tho just YouTube it Sony lies just as much much as MS do if not more
Lykon  +   839d ago
I think that's the only time sony lied and they did it by accident. Occasionally you will get someone in a company that are bad . but overall sony is good. you have got to remember that killzone is an actual game where as beyond two souls was basically just using the PS3 to play clips of static movie with minimal interaction and where interaction did occur the graphics were worse. You know I dont judge power by a close up of someones faces blinking in between load screens. David Cage thinks he is jesus but he is not actually. I'm sorry i can't have beyond two souls mentioned , it irritates me somewhat.

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