Radeon R9 290X Review: AMD's Back In Ultra-High-End Gaming

After eight months of watching Nvidia go uncontested in the ultra-high-end graphics market, AMD has a new GPU based on existing technology that promises to challenge the top position. It gets mighty loud at times, but you can't ignore the R9 290X's price.

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Software_Lover1848d ago

I'm expecting the R9 290 to be around 400-450. AMD blew it out of the park with the 290x and that price point. People can say what they want about the Titan but it was severely over priced. I don't care if it had no competition for months.

AMD could have said "Well hey, the Titan is 999 and is selling, we are on par in performance, lets price ours at ........... 750-850". They chose not to.

I applaud them for that.

Lolrus1847d ago

You can actually get it for £388 On DABs using 'uni30' discount code. Incredible price for this beast.

GentlemenRUs1848d ago

Yet you need a bankers job to get this...

joe901848d ago

Does that mean you need a bankers job for a PS4 or Xbone?

Not that far in price difference.

Maxor1848d ago

You need to stop working minimum wage to get this.

sdozzo1848d ago

People really buy this stuff. When I was making good money to buy something like this I didn't have the time. now... you know the story.

Xristo1847d ago

This! I am hoping that the eVGA 780 Classified drops to around $600 or so to compete. Better power consumption, heat levels, features, all around the same speed. Mantle is AMD's only wild card that temps me to go Red. But nVidia has the best current features + future features.

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