Fresh blood: what the world's best eSports players think of Call of Duty: Ghosts | OXM UK

With a little dedication, it takes the average player 20-30 hours to Prestige in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. That's something we learned in a darkened tent on top of a multistory carpark in downtown Los Angeles, where the next generation of Call of Duty's impossibly popular multiplayer component was revealed.

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fattyuk1753d ago

I do hope the COD train will start to slowdown next gen (and assassina creed)

Not that I have anything against either franchise I loved cod online for 3/4 years and the first few titles of AC.

Or is it just me wanting to see a new wave of next gen titles that are "plastered" everywhere.

Khajiit861752d ago

I think Watch Dogs is next gens AC. COD does need to disappear or really make a new engine, a whole new COD would be nice.

pompombrum1753d ago

They should some former and current top level CS players what they think of Ghosts.. sadly there is only so many different ways to express laughter in text form.

iheartjodio1752d ago

Always warm up with an hour or two of CS. It's like a habit now haha

Matt6661752d ago

Like I care what the eSports players think

GuyThatPlaysGames1752d ago

Who gives a shit about what eSports players think? Just play the game if you like it. If not, move on

koolaid2511752d ago

Who cares what N4G users think? lol