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AMD: 'PC has always been on the front'

Industry titan AMD says that PC has always been ahead of consoles and will continue to be in terms of graphics and performance in games. (AMD, Industry, PS4, PSP, Xbox One)

black0o  +   676d ago
livininsin  +   675d ago
Wait a minute... When nVidia says this they are 'butthurt' over AMD getting the console contracts so what is AMD 'butthurt' about then? :)
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iloveallgames  +   675d ago
It's funny because amd is saying exactly what nvidia has been saying all along!
addictgamer  +   675d ago
I remember how much heat nvidia's Tamasi got for saying exactly this same thing and how much he was full of it and how butthurt nvidia was, etc, etc.
Magicite  +   675d ago
since when stating obvious is butthurt?
givemeshelter  +   676d ago
Well... This article won't go over well on N4G that's for sure...
HighResHero  +   676d ago
It's fine for me although I play both and understand they BOTH have their strengths and weaknesses.
I don't think the focus on graphics should exceed the focus on overall quality though.

@hellbringer, I dont know if it's really that simple.
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neogeo  +   676d ago
I'm excited that I built my new desktop with a AMD APU. Low cost and my motherboard is upgradeable. They will be bring more powerful APU's like in the PS4 to PC and low cost and in PC I can crossfire them. PS4, Xbone and even WiiU are AMD lead programming so I will see my AMD stock jump. It's nice to see AMD give Nvinda a run for the money.
MidnytRain  +   675d ago
Crossfire APUs?
neogeo  +   675d ago
Yes, but not 2 APU's. The Main APU and a compatible AMD graphics card can crossfire and give one hell of a boost.
GameOn  +   675d ago
The compatible cards are pretty low end though.
Hellbringer  +   676d ago
Xbox One = 1,3 Teraflops
PlayStation 4 = 1,84 Teraflops
PC Radeon R290X = 5,7 Teraflops

2014 a PC will have 10 - 12 Teraflops.
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KiLLeRCLaM  +   676d ago
PC will always be king
Magicite  +   675d ago
Mobiles will take over soon. /s
pennywhyz  +   675d ago
PC's are Godlike.
urwifeminder  +   675d ago
They certainly are so glad I went to pc.
TacticAce  +   675d ago
If so stop letting Nvidia get all of these exclusive features for PC!
DoctorJones  +   675d ago
Meh, AMD are bitter and are just saying that because their chips aren't being used in next gen cons..........oops, wrong company.
OsirisBlack  +   675d ago
Funniest thing about articles like these is the FACT that they are not realistic. I am 45 years old have three children a wife and two dogs, but most importantly I have a very good job. I have a "serious" Gaming PC but most people cannot afford a "serious" gaming PC. The simple FACT is that most people that play games on PC have mid range cards at best and very few of us are running dual Titans. For the price I paid for the two Graphics Cards in my desktop I could have purchased 4 XBOnes or 6 PS4's think about that. I also play most games in 2k resolution, SO WHAT. Who Cares? I am still getting a PS4 and an XBOne. Why would I do that when I have this amazing computer? Simple, There are good fun games that are exclusives that will never be available to me on my Desktop. It kills me to hear people on forums talking about PC master race when they know they are sitting in front of a desktop they picked up at best buy.

Edited to add: To the two who disagreed these are screenshots of FFXIV running on my rig max settings 1920 x 1080 res 110 fps most people that play this game do not ever get to see it like this.



Facts are facts.
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joe90  +   675d ago
£2,000 worth of GPU and only 2K gaming.

If you are so well of why not get a 4K monitor.
OsirisBlack  +   675d ago
Who Says I'm not? Peoples responses are genuinely interesting at times. What has the price of a GPU to do with that of a Monitor? That is my point that you all disagree with. Most gamers in general cannot afford 2k in gpu or 3.6k in monitor. Yet you all disagree with this? A question for a question are you currently gaming in 2k?
joe90  +   675d ago
Yes i am. my card does 4K but do not own a 4K monitor

And i mentioned about your monitor because your card/s will do 4K but without a 4K monitor it's useless so yeh the monitor does kind of come in with the graphics card as you need both to perform such resolution and be able to see it.

About the price: You said you had a very good job. Majority of people who can throw down $2,000 on GPU can also throw down $3,000 on a 4K monitor.

You are getting very defensive over this.You are making out like you are the only person who can perform 1920x1080 when really most recent gaming rigs can.

Also WHY did we need to know you are 45 years old have three children a wife and two dogs? WTF has 2 dogs got to do with your computer?

It seems you just commented to tell everyone how rich you are how life is good for you. Well Mr 2 dogs let me tell you:

You are NOT special because you spent more than me on your computer

You are NOT special because you have a family

You are not special because you can run FFXIV at 1920.

So please get over yourself.
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MidnytRain  +   675d ago
What are you ranting for? The article explains why the PC platform leads performance. It has nothing to do with exclusive games or who has what.
andrewer  +   675d ago
God damn it, they finally said it haha, Nvidia looked like dumb and jealous because they were saying the truth, now finally we have it right here. What now, console fanboys? :P
ginsunuva  +   675d ago
Are there still people in the world that believe a machine with upgradeable hardware isn't capable of being more powerful than a fixed piece of hardware?

It's kinda common sense. You don't need people to tell you.
Belking  +   675d ago
PC always rule. My Titan smokes consoles with ease.
mysteryraz11  +   675d ago
who cares if pc is stronger or not, consoles have to be affordable, putting a titan in a console would make it to expensive, anyways its irrelevant when most ppl have low and mid range pcs, hardly anyone has high end pcs, so its really pointless bragging about it, lol anyways look at stuff like uncharted 3,last of us, beyond two souls, etc those are running on consoles with less then 500mbs to use for games, so why should I care, besides graphics arent everything, some 8 bit and 16 bit games are still fun to play to this day, lol watch me get thumbs down cause pc nerds cant handle any criticism
CaulkSlap  +   675d ago
Sadly it barely matters when games will be designed with consoles as the base spec. Even PC only titles generally cater to lower specs. I mean yeah we get better resolution and effects but it takes modders making texture packs and whatnot to even get close to what current GPUs are really capable of. I'm just glad new consoles are here to hopefully push that lowest common denominator up a notch finally. 360/PS3 have been holding back gaming for so long now.

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