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Top 5 Reasons to Avoid the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 This Holiday

Gamnesia: "Are you excited for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? I wouldn't blame you if you are. While many gamers might be starting to be happy with their Wii U or are still happily engaged with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, there is no secret that new hardware releases can get people excited. We recently got the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple's annual phone release, and per usual new hardware and toys get potential buyers excited. It's especially notable with new console generations because they only come these days about once every seven to eight years. I would be kidding myself if I said I wouldn't love to have a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One proudly sitting under my TV next month. I was certainly proud of my Wii U launch console when I bought it day one.

However, unlike new versions of phones that can draw upon old features and applications to be instantly relevant while they wait for people to actually take advantage of their capabilities, new gaming consoles are generally not so cut and dry. While fans of either console next month spend time bickering about launch lineup, features, price point, and 1080p versus 720p... I am here to tell you why you should be putting off your "next-gen" console purchases until a later date." (PS4, Xbox One)

black0o  +   670d ago
I just wasted 5 mints reading some nonsense ..
AlexanderNevermind  +   670d ago
To late ps4 is paid for along with 2 games. I think I'm going to go on a ds4 hunt at the local electronic stores today
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Scatpants  +   670d ago
I bought one yesterday. It feels better than the DS3 but I still think I like the Xbox style design better.
AliTheSnake1  +   670d ago
"Avoid Launch Console Problems"

This is the only logical reason.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   670d ago
I'm also buying a PS4 as soon as I can (no official pre-order here in Brazil yet and I'm still deciding on buying it here or getting an imported one as soon as they appear if the price is better) but truth be told there's plenty of reasons to not buy consoles at launch...

Anyway, this article reminds me this:
garos82  +   670d ago
Yeah these are "gaming websites" who discourage people from buying games consoles!

Thanks gamnesia you are a credit to the industry /s
TechMech2  +   670d ago
I think it was actually a good article. I am still not sure which console I'll buy, and the small details like resolution if third party games and larger issues like reliability are still not known. Then again, I never considering buying either system at launch.
grumpc  +   670d ago
Ohh mints, where?
Flyingdog670  +   670d ago
Gonna buy a PS3 right now since my current one broke :( And gonna pick up a PS4 when Kingdom Hearts 3 or Uncharted 4 drops :) Happy Gaming!
McScroggz  +   670d ago
If you don't have The Last of Us of Batman: Arkham Origins I think GameStop is gonna offer a bundle with those two games on Black Friday for $200. If I'm correct on the details, that's an incredible deal.
Flyingdog670  +   670d ago
Already have the Last of US, Amazing game :)As for Arkham Orgins... i don't know, i haven't played any of the Batman games, so i'll see. Thanks for the info.
thejigisup  +   670d ago
Lol. These articles are so funny, wish at least one would include definitive reasons why someone should get one this holiday season. articles like this scare the consumers who just don't know.
AbsoluteZelda  +   670d ago
Because consumers shouldn't buy consoles at launch. It's pretty simple. Previous launches should have proven this.
Nyxus  +   670d ago
Day one.
Mister_G  +   670d ago
PS4, day one (29th Nov in UK) :D
CocoWolfie  +   670d ago
did they really just mention a new smartphone to a cons.. ._. they release them every year sure they sell no doubt the hype will eventually die down but these consoles havent had a predecessor for 7-8 years?
the rush of a new gaming console is going to be immense, the battle between the two is something nobody wants to hold off on.
i think i and a lot of people want to be there day 1 in it all, through all the fan wars, to being blown away by what these new consoles can do, to doing it all with our friends :p
Bluebird8  +   670d ago
Not worth the read tbh..
123pol  +   670d ago
bullsh*t article. still going to buy day one PS4 ! 29 NOV !!! :D
ABeastNamedTariq  +   670d ago
Too late! Paid off. Just have to pay off Killzone now.
ShowGun901  +   670d ago
not really a BS article, just common knowledge about new hardware...

the sky is blue, tigers hurt, and the ps4 wont have as many good games when its 1 month old as it does when its 12 months old.

thank god i had this article to read while waiting for the 15th LOL DAY ONE BABY LOL
McScroggz  +   670d ago
Wait I thought tigers were cuddly?

Cub tiger order canceled.
The_Ozymandias  +   670d ago
What's up with negative ass articles like this trying to justify people who failed to secure a day one console? Get over it and let people enjoy their shit...Jesus....
AbsoluteZelda  +   670d ago
Author speaking:

I have a day one Xbox One console pre-orderd. In fact, read the article, it states at the end I am getting a day one console. However, my reasons for it have to do with my work at the site versus my hobby as a video game enthusiast.

It's also not a negative article in the slightest. It's just giving reasons to not jump head first into next gen right now, but to wait a bit. That is all. You figure with all the hype going around this would be a breath of fresh air...

But hey, N4G seems to be full of PS nuts. Say something they don't agree with and it's off with your head.
The_Ozymandias  +   670d ago
I'm not a PS nut or even necessarily a video gaming nut. Sure, I have a day one console preordered, but I didn't imply that your article had a negative connotation.

All I'm simply observing is that the endless barrage of "Why we should all be avoiding/unexcited for/hunting down and destroying any trace of next-gen consoles" articles that I've seen on this site are just getting to be annoying, not to mention unjustified and pointless.

My mistake for assuming, by the title of this article, that this was another one of those
thehitman  +   670d ago
The only reason to avoid them is if you dont have any money LOL.
thejigisup  +   670d ago
Or internet access if you're buying an xb1
AbsoluteZelda  +   670d ago
Or because all launch consoles have problems and it's best to wait until things are fixed. Wait, that never happens right?
thehitman  +   670d ago
I had my original 60gb launch ps3 for 4.5 years before it died on me so no not all have problems and if you want to wear your tin foil hat and miss out on the early experiences than that's your own choice. There wont be revisions to them until probably 1.5-2 years after launch so by all means you can wait that long but I wont.
Errefus  +   669d ago
Ya lol hopefully i can afford a ps4 by the end of the year if not sometime next year.
CriticalHit  +   670d ago
Ugh, stupid first-world-problems again
Hicken  +   670d ago
And I only need one to disregard the article as the drivel it is, even before I read it.
Mikelarry  +   670d ago
some gamers are ready for next gen some are not, if you are not ready and want to avoid next gen fair do, both companies have said there will still be support for current gen for awhile. and if you are like me that is ready for next gen but also keeping current gen consoles then hurrah my brothers
InTheZoneAC  +   670d ago
first stupid articles defending xbox one's mess talking about some bs surprises now this stupid article talking about why I should wait to play battefield 4 the way it's meant to be played, along with killzone, infamous and whatever else stands out

And I'll still have GT6 and Link Between Worlds to fill any void, along with my backlog of ps3 games from PS+.

Win/win situation for me, whoever agrees with this article, have fun waiting on a ps4...
nope111  +   670d ago
I'll wait a year or two so they can buff out the launch issues it will inevitably come with, and a better line up of games.

Oh, and hopefully a bundled TB hard drive.
Gamer666  +   670d ago
Personally, I am getting both systems.

If I was strapped for cash I would not purchase either system. There are interesting games on both systems. Ryse, Lococycle, Resogun, and Knack are the only truly new and refreshing IPs. The rest are mostly iterations of existing IPs.

Not really cost justification for a new console. I would wait for more new IPs.
DEEBO  +   670d ago
Why not upgrade?
someone just pointed out how old this hardware really is.it's is amazing how well they are keeping up but it's time to move on the gaming industry needs it.

Most if not all will agree,if you're going to spend 400 or 500 dollars on a any electronic,the smart thing to do is buy a warranty.
The talk about not having games is just plain dumb.
MS has broke out the wallet on the x1 games.and sony has made a console were porting games and getting them up and running on console without the hassle of last generation.
Gaming journalist need to be better at their job.
instead of trying to push a new generation away or make one company go under.they need to show gaming in a better way.
with all the attacks on gaming about and trying to link it to gun violence(because the first time a human was shot was when the shooter played a fps lol)

This is our time gamers,we are one of the highest forms of entertainment.
if you like MS or sony it doesn't matter just support our hobby before the government try's to ruin it.
nevin1  +   670d ago
lol @ people buying launch consoles. I seen this movie before. People will praise new systems before it launches, then will be the 1st to complain days after having it.

Early adopters are pretty much test dummies.

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