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Comparing Two Decades’ Worth of PlayStation Launch Lineups

Sony has launched six core pieces of hardware in the PlayStation family over nearly two decades. And the launch lineups for the various platforms vary wildly in terms of diversity, quality, and overall heft.

Some platforms, like PSone, launched with a small group of games with few standouts. Others, like PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Vita, launched with huge libraries, with some quality offerings to boot. We figured we’d put together six grids, with the six platforms’ North American launch libraries, to give gamers a better idea of how PlayStation 4 stacks up against historical launch lineups. (PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP)

zombie-fun544  +   462d ago
ps3 had a weak launch line
ANIALATOR136  +   462d ago
PS1 was worst
fattyuk  +   462d ago
PS4 looks rather meaty might I say!

I am ready.

My wallet is ready.
Stsonic  +   462d ago
Rayman there from the beginning, Ubisoft done good.
brewin  +   462d ago
The ps3 launch was horrendous! It is quite amazing how much they turned that system around! Overall though, the PS brand has had some decent launches. I will still wait til at least 6 months after ps4 launch, or when they release an Infamous Second Son bundle. That game right there is why Im getting a ps4 over xbone. I have the wii U to hold me over til then.
Sarobi  +   462d ago
I sometimes forget how much the PS3 launch line up sucked.
Hicken  +   462d ago
I win.

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