IGN: Project Origin Interview

Project Origin, the don't-call-it-a-sequel to FEAR looks to be coming along very nicely. The team is very much looking to pick up where the last game left off, both in terms of story and in terms of the gameplay balance. What to expect? More creepy little girls walking on the ceiling, solid action and some of the best AI around. To find out a little more, IGN hit John Mulkey, the Lead Designer for the game, with some of their most burning questions.

IGN: The repetition in level design was probably the biggest criticism of the original game. How will Project Origin be different?

John Mulkey: We had a really limited art palette to work from in the first game, so things ended up looking pretty repetitive. For Project Origin we have really set out to present a greater visual variety of environments and a greater variation in locations you will be visiting over the course of the game.

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