Xbox One's Launch Line-Up: What's Left Without Watch Dogs?

Imagine the horror of a console launch slate suddenly short one of its most exciting games. With Watch Dogs delayed into next year, what's left in the Xbox One starting line-up? Are there reasons enough to adopt an Xbox One early or is it time to cancel the pre-order? It's time to run down the remaining launch titles and take stock.

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lastofgen1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

It's just one title, and watch dogs is a multi-plat, so all other titles are still there...
Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Crimson
Dragon, Peggle 2, all other multi-plat titles (ghosts, battlefield, black flag, etc).

joe901850d ago

Expected better from Euro Gamer.

SilentNegotiator1850d ago

Does Eurogamer really think that they need to inform us that there are other games at launch other than Watchdogs?

Lalanana1850d ago

Sorry to say but this article is a complete joke...

Xbox one launch line up is pretty strong. Only haters will disagree. but w.e

NukaCola1850d ago

With WD delayed, there's been a few of these. There are other games to play. Ubi polishing up this game is better than launching something incomplete.

Pogmathoin1850d ago ShowReplies(2)
MajorJackHoff1850d ago

The One has some serious franchise contenders coming out of the gates. I'm impressed by the games, no doubt.

I'm getting a PS4 first because I'm more of a Sony fan, and they have the cheaper and more powerful hardware. I'm real excited about Killzone:SF, because it looks like Sony's answer to Halo.. And I love me some Halo... But as far as launch lineups are concerned, Xbox has the more appealing group imo.

CRAIG6671850d ago

Well said. Killzone looks amazing, much better than the first 3. It will never be a Halo beater though, they are miles apart IMO, both FPS's but very very different.

-Alpha1850d ago

Not sure how you can compare Killzone to Halo. In what way is Shadow Fall anything like Halo?

Pogmathoin1850d ago

I love Halo, but I love how dark and gritty Killzone is, Resistance too for a matter of fact. Glad they are different, or else it would get very boring, COD style...

MajorJackHoff1850d ago


Well, I don't think they're the same by any means, by they share similarities. Both futuristic sci-fi shooters with neato torpedo gadgets. Mainly, I compared it to Halo because I believe this generation Killzone will become a big name franchise such as Halo. A REAL system seller. Sony did it right by releasing this game at launch, establishing an early and new fanbase while also appealing to us bros that enjoyed the other entries.

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MorePowerOfGreen1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

What's left without it? No one will notice it's gone on the XB1. It's crazy that this logic is being applied to the XB1 as if it is the console with the most delayed games and weakest launch lineup. Is this article for real?

Most the people I talk to were not even going to buy this game right away LOL

xPhearR3dx1850d ago

What's left? Is that a joke? Xbone has the strongest launch line up excluding multiplatform games. That question should be applied to the PS4. Even though I have a Killzone PS4 bundle, with Drive Club and Watchdogs delayed, there's not much left for the PS4 at launch besides the same crap we get annually. Watch Dogs being delayed hurt Sony more than it did Microsoft.

Deadpoolio1850d ago ShowReplies(2)
dcj05241850d ago

Killzone, Knack, Warthunder, Warframe, Planetside 2, Blacklight:Retrubution

xPhearR3dx1850d ago

Killzone and Knack (which looks terrible). The rest are F2P and on another platform. I'm struggling to find games to purchase for my PS4 that I'd rather get on there than my PC. The list is incredibly small compared to if I owned an Xbone. However, with all that mandatory Kinect crap, I'm never buying one until an SKU is released without it. Which, I doubt will happen.

Stuntz1850d ago

lmao, the watchdogs delay is not even that huge for X1, we have plenty of other games. NOW on PS4 they have a big problem here lol, well because their game lineup is complete crap.

SonyAddict1850d ago

Dude!,why you always so negative?.
Didn't mummy love you as a child?.

MrBT1850d ago

I know plenty of people that have decided to jump to Xbox One,calling the PS4 the weaker lineup! Like your choice in console, it's all personal preference - there is no war, just people looking to start a fight!

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