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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 765d ago | article

Xbox One's Launch Line-Up: What's Left Without Watch Dogs?

Imagine the horror of a console launch slate suddenly short one of its most exciting games. With Watch Dogs delayed into next year, what's left in the Xbox One starting line-up? Are there reasons enough to adopt an Xbox One early or is it time to cancel the pre-order? It's time to run down the remaining launch titles and take stock. (Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

lastofgen  +   765d ago
It's just one title, and watch dogs is a multi-plat, so all other titles are still there...
Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Crimson
Dragon, Peggle 2, all other multi-plat titles (ghosts, battlefield, black flag, etc).
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joe90  +   765d ago
Expected better from Euro Gamer.
SilentNegotiator  +   765d ago
Does Eurogamer really think that they need to inform us that there are other games at launch other than Watchdogs?
Lalanana  +   765d ago
Sorry to say but this article is a complete joke...

Xbox one launch line up is pretty strong. Only haters will disagree. but w.e
NukaCola  +   765d ago
With WD delayed, there's been a few of these. There are other games to play. Ubi polishing up this game is better than launching something incomplete.
Pogmathoin   765d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
MajorJackHoff  +   765d ago
The One has some serious franchise contenders coming out of the gates. I'm impressed by the games, no doubt.

I'm getting a PS4 first because I'm more of a Sony fan, and they have the cheaper and more powerful hardware. I'm real excited about Killzone:SF, because it looks like Sony's answer to Halo.. And I love me some Halo... But as far as launch lineups are concerned, Xbox has the more appealing group imo.
CRAIG667  +   765d ago
Well said. Killzone looks amazing, much better than the first 3. It will never be a Halo beater though, they are miles apart IMO, both FPS's but very very different.
-Alpha  +   765d ago
Not sure how you can compare Killzone to Halo. In what way is Shadow Fall anything like Halo?
Pogmathoin  +   765d ago
I love Halo, but I love how dark and gritty Killzone is, Resistance too for a matter of fact. Glad they are different, or else it would get very boring, COD style...
MajorJackHoff  +   765d ago

Well, I don't think they're the same by any means, by they share similarities. Both futuristic sci-fi shooters with neato torpedo gadgets. Mainly, I compared it to Halo because I believe this generation Killzone will become a big name franchise such as Halo. A REAL system seller. Sony did it right by releasing this game at launch, establishing an early and new fanbase while also appealing to us bros that enjoyed the other entries.
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MorePowerOfGreen  +   765d ago
What's left without it? No one will notice it's gone on the XB1. It's crazy that this logic is being applied to the XB1 as if it is the console with the most delayed games and weakest launch lineup. Is this article for real?

Most the people I talk to were not even going to buy this game right away LOL
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xPhearR3dx  +   765d ago
What's left? Is that a joke? Xbone has the strongest launch line up excluding multiplatform games. That question should be applied to the PS4. Even though I have a Killzone PS4 bundle, with Drive Club and Watchdogs delayed, there's not much left for the PS4 at launch besides the same crap we get annually. Watch Dogs being delayed hurt Sony more than it did Microsoft.
Deadpoolio   765d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
dcj0524  +   765d ago
Killzone, Knack, Warthunder, Warframe, Planetside 2, Blacklight:Retrubution
xPhearR3dx  +   765d ago
Killzone and Knack (which looks terrible). The rest are F2P and on another platform. I'm struggling to find games to purchase for my PS4 that I'd rather get on there than my PC. The list is incredibly small compared to if I owned an Xbone. However, with all that mandatory Kinect crap, I'm never buying one until an SKU is released without it. Which, I doubt will happen.
Stuntz  +   765d ago
lmao, the watchdogs delay is not even that huge for X1, we have plenty of other games. NOW on PS4 they have a big problem here lol, well because their game lineup is complete crap.
SonyAddict  +   765d ago
Dude!,why you always so negative?.
Didn't mummy love you as a child?.
MrBT  +   765d ago
I know plenty of people that have decided to jump to Xbox One,calling the PS4 the weaker lineup! Like your choice in console, it's all personal preference - there is no war, just people looking to start a fight!
4logpc  +   765d ago
Killer Instinct
Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Peggle 2

Just to name a few.
jdktech2010  +   765d ago
What world do we live in where Peggle 2 is something to tout as an exclusive?

Granted, I love the crap out of peggle and will definitely pick it up when I get an Xbox One but I'm just saying in general.....

Just like on the PS4, it's a good lineup with or without watch dogs. In fact it probably helps both consoles to come out in the spring/summer during what will probably be a bit of a drought of games.
4logpc  +   765d ago
Um Peggle is awesome...

I am extremely excited to pick this up on Xbox One, on Day One.
Kuse  +   765d ago
Peggle 2 is awesome sauce, but I can see where some people may not enjoy it though, its a thinking kinda game.
Nocando  +   765d ago
I have to agree with jdktech2010, Peggle 2? Also, don't stoop to posting lists, that's for certain fanboys of a certain console, you are better than that.
from the beach  +   765d ago
It's really an excellent lineup. I'm getting Ryse and Crimson Dragon, would have been getting Watch Dogs as well but hey, I'll look forward to it next year.

Oh, and the withering summary of Killer Instinct in this video is out of step with pretty much everything else I've heard about the game.
TimesAreAChanging  +   765d ago
Ryse - an 8 hour single player with lackluster co-op (I gaurentee it)

Killer Instinct - Ki was the laughing stock amongst fighting fan's when it was on the n64..

Forza 5 - The only launch title worth getting

Dead Rising 3 - never had anything other than loads of zombies on the screen going for it..

Peggle 2 - super casual game
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4logpc  +   765d ago
KI was the laughing stock?

What are you smoking dude?
vividi  +   765d ago
I was exited for KI, until they reveal that the game lunch with 6 characters and 2 more to come next year
4logpc  +   765d ago
its $20. You can not go wrong for $20. Some $60 games have 12-15.

Plus everything they have shown about this game proves it will be extremely polished and will be very balanced.
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Nocando  +   765d ago
Yeah, but whats included with the lunch?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   765d ago
The thing is there are fighters right now that have a better roster for the same amount. KI looks like to be a great game but the launch is pretty asinine. I would rather wait for the "complete" edition later on.

And every fighter is balanced until it is actually released.

@ Nocando

You gave me a good lel. XD
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Fireseed  +   765d ago
KI is going with a release model that hasn't been seen on a console before. It's prevalent in games like LoL, SMITE, and Dota. But let me tell ya when done well it makes the game completely better in every way shape and form. Sure it doesn't fit within your ideology as a "complete" game but when I downloaded LoL back in beta it had around 16 characters. When would you consider it being "complete" when the 30th character was added? When the visual overhauls finished of the map? When the 60th champion was released? How about when the 110th champion was released? Games like this become a platform and the constant support makes the community thrive and the game grow. So I'd be very hard pressed to agree that the launch is "asinine"
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   765d ago
You know what I consider a "complete" fighting game? A game that has a large enough roster to adhere a wide array of fighting styles instead of feeling bottle necked and left to be. Would you buy a Street Fighter game with only Vega and Chunli and Blanka for only 5 bucks and have to wait almost another year for other characters to trickle down the tube? I know my example sounds rather extreme but this will be the infrastructure of fighting games in the future so companies can make a quick buck.

All I am saying is I think it would have been better to release a fighter with decent fighter roster with unlockables characters, story mode and other essentials off the bat and I can see this practice being abused by other companies in the long run similar to the "horse armour"
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Fireseed  +   765d ago
Jago - Shoto
Sabrewulf - Rushdown
Glacius - Keepaway
Thunder - Grappler
Sadira - Aerial Rushdown
Orchid - ???
??? - ???
Shadow Jago - ???

I get what you're saying dude, you don't want to see a game released so anemic that the core experience isn't there. And you're afraid some company is going to one day do this and take the money and run.... But this is simply not that case. The roster is rounded enough to have pretty much every class of fighter covered. Sure theirs not much variety amongst those classes but once again when I started to play LoL their were around 3 mages... now there's around 34... Plus with all the community support of KI I think we'll see enough support for continuous seasons. But would you honestly prefer the Capcom method of "Hey we made 2 new fighters... give us 60$ For a brand new game and now you can no longer play with your friends who haven't upgraded"?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   765d ago
I really don't prefer any of the companies now-a-days when it comes quelling my fighting needs with King OF Fighters XIII being my only purchase in the genre because I fear that its SNK last game.

I agree that is it much better than the practices followed by most fighters now-a-days. I don't think fighting be sold at full price due to the DLC alienating their fanbase. I should hold my judgement until I play the game to question it's quality as well but like stated before, my biggest fear is other companies adopting this practice and I severely doubt they will play with the same rules as Double Helix.
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joe90   765d ago | Off topic | show
Funantic1  +   765d ago
These articles are hilarious. They try so hard, but luckily people are smart enough to see this as nonsense. Most gamers never heard of these sites. So word of mouth will be a great weapon.
Nocando   765d ago | Off topic | show
lifeisgamesok  +   765d ago
Watchdogs was just icing on the already delicious cake
vividi  +   765d ago
I choose playstation 4 but I think this delay hurts Sony much more
quaneylfc  +   765d ago
BOTH LINUPS ARE CRAP, if not watchdogs it would be killzone but im not getting a playstation

marvel superheroes is the way to go :P
DEEBO  +   765d ago
The x1 and the PS4 are fine.
I got to admit MS came ready with the x1 only games but sony has alot of p.c ports
plus all the indie games and they were able to sneak a great fighter on the ps4(injustice )
both systems have over 25 games coming out before 2013.

one or two games being push to next year will not really matter.
I know gaming journalist can come with better articles then this.
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pyramidshead   765d ago | Trolling | show
Soldierone  +   765d ago
I'm more interested to see what MS does down the road. What will next year look like? What will Fall look like? Will they keep pushing exclusive, or waste money on timed crap?

Remember 360 started out strong too until it turned into yearly Halo and Gears, with a sprinkle of Forza or Fable now and then.

If MS keeps it strong, I see no reason why to not own both consoles.
timotim  +   765d ago
If all goes year brings Quantum Break, TitanFall, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Kinect Rivals, Black Tusk's game and others. That's not too shabby at all if you ask me.
Soldierone  +   765d ago
Thats all coming now. Next year they announce further projects and future plans beyond those games.

I'm also finding it ironic to see Xbox fans support Sunset Overdrive after all the "Insomniac is so sub par" comments lol
timotim  +   765d ago
Insomniac was one of the only debs that interested me on Sony's platform with the R&C games. Sunset is right up Xbox core base audience...they can keep doing what they do best (go crazy with gun) and give us a world to get together with friends and buck ish up. Love the style, want to see more. And MS has tons of new studios to create new games...they need to save more games for next years E3. We still don't know what Rare is working sure we will see something from Crackdown as well...but the next year looks great. I'll worry about beyond that when the time comes.
HugoDrax  +   765d ago

"I'm more interested to see what MS does down the road. What will next year look like? What will Fall look like? Will they keep pushing exclusive, or waste money on timed crap?"

I agree with you on that, I think the backlash they received during the reveal did more good then harm. I think it woke Microsoft up, and they have gotten their sh*t together.

"I'm also finding it ironic to see Xbox fans support Sunset Overdrive after all the Insomniac is so sub par" comments lol"

Same could be said about Sony fans support for Destiny after all the Halo/Bungie is sub par" comments


I can't wait to see what Crackdown on XBOX ONE will be like. I know it's coming, simply because of it being released for Games with Gold this summer. Every game that was given away for free, seemed to have an Xbox one title releasing or in the works.
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Kuse  +   765d ago
This article is pretty low class fluff from Eurogamer. There are plenty of AAA Blockbuster titles to choose from on the Xbox One. This is just tasteless and shameful from what I thought was a decent journalism company.
MajorMayhem70  +   765d ago
Are they serious? This article should be directed to the PS4. I'm getting Killzone SF and I WAS getting Watch Dogs for a change of pace game. Now it's just Killzone. Might spring for Knack. Waiting on final reviews.
timotim  +   765d ago
I can tell you I always get 3 games at launch, but Watchdogs was never one of them. I'll be picking up Forza 5, NBA2K14 and Ryse. To me this is a nice diverse group of games that will give me 100s of hours of play.
Christopher  +   765d ago
XBO retail launch titles: 15
XBO digital launch titles: 4

PS4 retail launch titles: 14
PS4 digital launch titles: 17

Seems to me, no matter which one you get, you're gonna find some games to play.
Belking  +   765d ago
Xbox one isn't just depending on 3rd party. They are coming with strong 1st party too.
LordDhampire  +   765d ago
I'm going to have to say both first party line ups are pretty weak, but to have to major franchises like bf4 and cod at launch, thats plenty to keep busy

and if your getting a xb1 DR series is very underrated
urwifeminder  +   765d ago
Was not on my list at all non issue.

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