The Gods of Too Human: Thor - Interview with Ken McCulloch, Director of Content for Silicon Knights

TeamXbox writes: "We're looking forward to Too Human, Silicon Knights' epic sci-fi action game. We're looking forward to it a lot. And one of the things that has us the most intrigued is the inspiration taken from Nordic mythology that went into the game's design. Not only are famous Nordic gods a presence in this game, they are living, breathing characters that will fight alongside you in battle. Ain't no sidekick like a supernatural sidekick, as grampa used to say.

In this, the first installment of four monthly exclusive looks at the gods of Too Human, we take a closer look at Thor, the god of thunder. To give us a better idea of how Thor and the other gods are utilized in the game, we talked to Ken McCulloch, Director of Content for Silicon Knights about the inspiration behind the design of the characters, and what we can expect to see when Too Human debuts on the Xbox 360 later this year."

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