Wait, How Does the PS3 Deal with the PS4's Larger Friends List?

Push Square: "With the launch of the PlayStation 4 next month, there’s a good chance that you’ll have three unique systems each connecting to a single PSN account. That brings with it some headaches, as there are some differences between the devices that will make managing features such as your Friends List more challenging."

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1879d ago

same thing goes for the 360? how does it deal with it..

JoGam1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I think if you add a friend from the PS4 it won't show up on the PS3. However if you add a friend on the PS3 it will show up on the PS4. Just a guess. Meaning on PS3 you'll be able to see what your original friends are playing on PS4.

@ Neocores...Thats what I just said. Original Firends can see what their friends are doing on PS4.

neocores1879d ago

Nope alot pics been going around of testers playing and you can see them on ur ps3

My_precious1879d ago

or maybe we will pick 100 friends and list them a tier 1 friend the rest will go to tier 2 catalogy, and PS3 will display only those in tier 1 list (jk)

DragonKnight1879d ago

Your joke may be reality. It's very possible Sony will create 2 separate lists and that on the PS3 you'll have your regular friend list, but also an option to view your PS4 friend list will show up on it in its own drop down menu.

Either that or Sony will just have to increase the PS3 friend list somehow.

Acquiescence1879d ago

That awful feeling when you find out you're only considered a Tier-2 friend.


Ripsta7th1879d ago

Is gona be worst the friendzoned,your gona be a follower lol

ShinnokDrako1879d ago

Maybe a new firmware update of the PS3 will grant more space for extra friends, dunno... we'll see.

mushroomwig1879d ago

I don't understand why they don't just upgrade the list on the PS3 as well, surely it would be the easiest solution.

PlayStation_41879d ago

PS3 can't handle 2000 friends

DoomeDx1879d ago

Lol that would be hilarious.

''I have to sent a message to z360noscopeCoDKidz''

*Scrolls for 5 minutes to get there*

mushroomwig1879d ago

'The PS3 can't handle 2000 friends'

I'm talking about a firmware update, the PS3 only used to be able to support 50 friends so surely it's not that difficult to update it again.

mt1879d ago


I would add search button for the sake of that easy solution and easy to implement *winks winks*

GentlemenRUs1879d ago

My friends will be so jealous when they see the [PS4] mark when I'm online :D!

2,000 Friends is a lot which sadly I won't be able to fill up... Ever!

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