Game Informer: Okami Wii Review

Game Informer writes:

"While I'd like to go on pointing more amazing things about Okami, I must say that the Wii is not my preferred console on which to play this game. While the motion controls seemed like a perfect fit, in practice it's much more imprecise than the PS2's analog stick, making many moves more difficult to perform accurately (this is especially frustrating during the scripted Susano events). I did manage to get used to it, and – in the end – it's a small blemish on what is otherwise a full-on masterpiece."

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Rikitatsu3836d ago

this game deserves 9.8/10 !

wiizy3835d ago

yes pick this game up and battle of the bands... they are both great games

PS360WII3835d ago

Yeah for sure this game is amazing. The controls are just not as forgiving that's all. This is like scoring a game lower because it's hard.