PlayTM: Dark Sector Review - No need to be gloomy

PlayTM writes: "For those who missed out on Gears of War, Dark Sector has been quite a talking point - a similar style of "hiding from and then shooting, monsters" gameplay, and some stylish graphics to boot. It is available on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, so this time the experience is open to all, but I have been spending time with the PS3 version in particular.

The story has more than a touch of Resident Evil about it - a virus that mutates humans has somehow found its way into the world. This time it is not an evil corporation to blame but our old friends from Soviet Russia. As the main protagonist, you find yourself infected and stranded after a mission to get the man behind it all goes wrong. This virus then mutates you, and gives you steadily increasing powers as the game goes on.

As discussed, the game is mostly Gears of War-style running to cover and shooting enemies from there. However, the main difference is the choice of weapons. The first mutation you receive means that the character (somewhat bizarrely) grows a "glaive" out of his right hand - a cross between a ninja's throwing star and a boomerang. This weapon soon becomes your best friend, and it is aimed and fired in a similar way to any gun by holding and releasing R2."

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