Top 5 Reasons We're Scared of PS4

GT, We said "Sony" three times in front of a mirror and were presented with five scary projections for the PS4 post launch

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gaffyh1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Just watched it, most of these reasons are really stupid, for example 5 is they'll not support the Vita. It doesn't even matter if the Vita stops being supported, because you are using a PS4. The Vita remote play is an extra feature that helps the Vita mainly and much less so the PS4.

Also, number 1 is really stupid. XBLG already charges for online and you happily pay for it for nothing in return., but when Sony charges for it and gives you hundreds of dollars of free games on top of your subscription, all of a sudden it's scary.

I understand the other points, they are valid worries.

UltimateMaster1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

You forgot the main reason why to be scared of the PS4.
It's going to win.

Xbox essentially killed itself off and committed suicide with DRM they can reverse back at any time and a kinect that collect your data regardless if you like it or not just to shove more adds down your throat.

Eonjay1877d ago

LOl, naw I'm getting a PS4.

indysurfn1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

85% of all tv news stories are pay for, and influence by the sponsor! It is becoming more and more like that on the internet. It is obvious Microsoft is paying for a lot of these news stories. And they do not have to announce it is paid for tv, or internet, or news paper.

I don't think this is a news site with a Microsoft bias.

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cleft51877d ago

I am more hyped than scared. Next-gen here we come.

TomShoe1877d ago

Some of these reasons...

1. You don't like Vita, then don't buy it. Oh wait, you have to, because you're a GAME COMPANY.

2 & 3. Wait. It's not hard. We've been waiting 7 years.

4. Keep your PS3.

5. I think you should be more worried about M$ in this aspect than Sony.

Kayant1877d ago

The number one reason was funny so all the years MS have charged for MP it was fine but now that Sony adds just MP to the paywall to make PSN a true premium service & get want they invested in building that service back it's now a problem.

So the fact MS are still putting apps & console features behind a paywall is fine.... Fair enough all MP games have dedicated servers now which is great it's ok for them to continue to charge for services that can be accessed for free on other platforms or than people will still have to pay to use something as simple as IE a MS product.

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ZBlacktt1877d ago

I'd be more worried about $500, 720p, lessor powerful console, batteries in my controller.

chrissx1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I'm cool,Not a single gram of worry is given

MotoDot1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

No worries

Unreal011877d ago

If these are good reasons to be scared of the PS4, one must be terrified of the Xbox One.

Goku7811877d ago

You are completely right!

TechMech21877d ago

The multiplayer of ps3 hasn't quite been the best though. Updates constantly, down for maintainance and what not. If ps4 requires maintainance like ps3, then I will probably be buying an Xbox one instead.

nugnugs1877d ago

Does not update constantly and is rarely down for maintenance.

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